This is an absolutely true story. Unless you are a lawyer, then disregard what you are about to hear.

One fall afternoon I managed to lose 15 pounds. Are you on the edge of your seat to learn my million dollar method of how I did it? It was pretty simple actually.

I just left the tailgate of my truck down.

Somewhere in the Five Points area of Huntsville, some lucky person was the proud new owner of 15 pounds of metal. Unless it landed on said person and they are looking to sue someone. Then I got nothing.

The main reason I bring up this ridiculousness is because The Biggest Loser is about to start back. I'm all for people getting healthier and getting inspired by others, but that show also gives people unrealistic expectations.


They see people dropping 15 pounds in a week, being upset about "only" getting rid of 8 pounds/week, and other ludicrous numbers. And yes I have been looking for an excuse to use the word ludicrous.

I've been looking for an excuse to use Ludacris too

I've been looking for an excuse to use Ludacris too

This creates a barrier to success for a lot of people. Because unrealistic expectations is one of the main reason people stop exercising.

"Well I didn't lose ______ in _______weeks, I might as well not be working out."

Sound  familiar?

I would encourage you to do 3 things to help yourself succeed.

1. Don't rely on the scale for success

The scale is just a piece of the puzzle.

How many inches have you lost?

How much body fat?

Do you have more energy?

Are you in a better mood?

Do your clothes fit better?

Is your blood pressure down?

Are you stronger?

Do you not get winded taking the stairs any more?

There are so many other ways to gauge your success with exercise, don't let one part of it drag you down.

2. If you do rely on the scale, be realistic

1-2 pounds per week (3 if you are a large person) is the ideal rate to drop the weight and most importantly keep it off. Never be discouraged when only lost 1 pound. That is progress, keep at it.

3. Pick up a healthy habit, rather than focusing on what you have to give up

It gets pretty draining to always focus on giving things up. No more donuts, sodas, wine, cigarettes,etc...

Instead try adding healthy habits to your life like:

-eating more vegetables

-drinking 20 ounces of water first thing in the morning

-walking on your lunch break

-stretch for 10 minutes a day

-get 30 more minutes of sleep per night

These are just a few examples, but pick one that works best for you. Make that part of your life and then add more as you go.

Stay away from gimmicky, too good to be true plans that do not have your long term health in mind.

Be smart, be consistent, and be relentless.