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“Fat is saving our lives”



That was not a quote I expected to read in a study about how sugar is so harmful to our bodies. The quote "Fat is saving our lives" comes from Dr. Robert Young.

Our bodies were not meant to ingest the large amounts of refined sugar we eat (average of 152 pounds per year in America). Because the typical Western diet has so much sugar in it, our eating habits are making us obese. Sounds familiar, but the reason why was interesting to me.

Sugar is considered an acid, if you remember your chemistry classes. I got a D and an F in the two chemistry classes I took, so I'm a bit of an expert here.  



When your body has too much acid in your body, your body begins to break down. You start to develop chronic diseases and conditions. To help protect you from the high acid levels, the body grows fat around the acid!   

That is great that your body is protecting you, but it also means that you are holding onto unwanted fat. Your sugar intake could be the reason that you can't get results.

This is where The Sugar Addiction Answer comes in. When you cut down on the sugar you eat, inflammation and acidity go way down, and then you can begin healing and losing fat at a normal rate.

It is $13.99, you can get started right away since it is an e-book, and it is 100% guaranteed. If it doesn't work, I will gladly give you your money back.

This has worked for a lot of other people, why not you?

Follow this link to learn more:

The Sugar Addiction Answer

We've all been there

We've all been there

Is your effort to lose weight sabotaged by your sugar cravings?

Are your energy, focus and productivity suffering because of the blood sugar roller coaster?

Do you want to stop the mood swings and feel calm, cool and collected?

Does it seem like you or your kids catch whatever that is “going around”, every time?

If any of that resonates with you, then you need the Sugar Addiction Answer!

What if I tell you that you can lose weight, have more energy, boost your concentration, increase your productivity, strengthen your immunity, improve your mood, and more by doing just ONE thing?

Yes, if you just KICK YOUR SUGAR HABIT, you can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing.

Sugar can suppress the immune system, weaken eyesight, cause hypoglycemia, cause weigh gain, exacerbate arthritis, contribute to osteoporosis, increase cholesterol, lead to prostate and ovarian cancer, contribute to diabetes, speed up skin aging, increase fluid retention, cause poor concentration, mood swings, and depression.

There are many ways to reduce sugar in your diet without feeling deprived or going cold turkey. Understanding the reasons behind your cravings is half the battle to unlocking the solution that works for you, as an individual.

Particularly in the holidays season, with “temptation” at every corner, you can use all the help and support you can get to avoid getting sucked into the sugar-addiction vicious cycle.

This year your kids might even get to eat some of their own candy!

In this home study program, you will uncover the underlying reasons of sugar addiction, and:

  • Learn about physical and emotional causes behind sugar cravings and ways to counter them - so that you can control your cravings without going cold turkey

  • Learn ways to get sustained energy without the ups and downs caused by sugar

  • Learn to use food to curb sugar cravings

  • Learn how to identify hidden sources of sugar

  • Learn about sugar substitutes, and their pros and cons

This program also includes a step-by-step "sugar cleanse" if you are ready want to take what you learn one step further and experience dramatic results.


This program will help you:

  • Cut your sugar intake

  • Lose weight

  • Gain more energy

  • Improve concentration

  • Reduce mood problems

    If you are ready to finally kick your sugar habit to the curb  for good, then pick up your copy below:

  • The Sugar Addiction Answer

10 Magical Steps To Fat Loss

Warning-no magic pills are included in this list.

Warning-no magic pills are included in this list.

Here is my suggestion for this list. Take a look at what you are doing now and add in one thing from this list at a time. Start with the one that would be easiest for you to make a habit, then go from there.

1. Just Eat Real Food

If you did nothing else on this list, you could cure a lot of problems if you just followed this one thing. Cutting processed and fast food out of your diet and eating things that come from the Earth is exactly what your body needs.

Crazy stat from Dr. Mark Hyman- There 600,000 processed food items in our environment. 80% of them contain added sugar.

More on sugar later.

2. Don't fear fat

Fat has a bad reputation because it is high in calories, but it is also very beneficial too. Food like fish, nuts, avocado, and coconut oil are all excellent examples of beneficial fats to have in your food plan.

Trans fats (man made fats) should be avoided at all opportunities. Shortening, fried foods, canned biscuits, margarine are all chock full of trans fats that will lower your good cholesterol and raise your bad cholesterol.

3. Shake the sugar habit

Sugar is absolutely killing America, especially our children. It is extremely addictive and has a vicious cycle that is very destructive to our bodies.

The end result? Your hormones get out of wack, you gain weight (among other side effects), and then you crave even more sugar!

Because of this threat, I've been working on a book on how to sugar addiction for good. It should be ready by next week and I can't wait for you to read it!

Fun fact- Having 1 soda per day increases a child's chances of becoming obese by 60%. And 90% of kids have at least 1 soda per day. That is a big reason experts are predicting that be 2050 obesity rates will sky rocket from 36% where we are now, to 50%.

4. Read the articles

If you read nothing else today, start reading your food labels. The package on the outside, is 100% marketing. The true story is told in the food label.

If nothing else, look at the first 3 ingredients (they are listed from the largest amount to the smallest). And if it has a bunch of stuff you don't recognize or can't pronounce, don't eat it.

5. Upgrade your carbs

Carbs have been demonized over the past few years. Carbs are not the devil. The simple starches (chips, fries, aka junk food) are the real problem and should be avoided for sure.

Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are all excellent sources of carbohydrates. It all gets back to the first step we discussed. Eat carbs that are nor processed.

6. Move more, sit less

Energy is a weird thing. You have to have the energy to at least get out and move a little bit, but then that little bit of moving can give you back more energy than you had before. You just need to start.

More and more studies are showing that sitting is worse than smoking and can actually undo all of the exercise you have been doing. Get up at the very least, once and hour and walk around a little bit.

7. Do you even lift bro?

Strength training is the fountain of youth. It can be weights, bands, bodyweight, milk jugs, or whatever you have that provides resistance but you need to get strong and stay strong.

You will build muscle, which will help you get rid of fat, which will make you more mobile, which will make you have better quality of life. Everything get better when you get stronger.

8. Never settle

You have to continue to challenge yourself. The workout you did 6 months ago does not get you the results it did then. You need to always try to get more reps, more distance, more weight, etc... in everything that you do if you want to keep getting results.

9. H2O you didn't!

I hate you can't see me say this with my attitude face on. It is beautiful. I have talked about the importance of water a lot lately because it is that important.

Try getting up and drinking a tall glass of room temperature, filtered, water every morning for a week and see if you notice any changes.

10. Eliminate the negative self talk

I have an experiment for you. Start talking about or thinking about someone you have not seen in awhile. An old roommate, a friend you haven't see in awhile something like that.More times than not, you will hear from that person shortly after that.

It's almost a little spooky but it work. It's called the Law of Attraction. Some might call it a self fulfilling prophesy.

Whatever you call it, you want to avoid negative thoughts about yourself. Constantly calling yourself fat, old, tired, and other insults does you absolutely no good. On the other hand, it actually cements those thoughts in your head and bleeds over into your behaviors.

Cut it out. Today.

Four Exercises To Strengthen and Tone Your Inner Thighs

Forget everything you read below and just get you a Thighmaster.

Forget everything you read below and just get you a Thighmaster.

Have you ever ridden a horse? A few days ago I went on a horseback ride with my family and I realized two things.

1. A whole new respect for cowboys

2. My inner thighs are not as strong as they used to be. It was a lot of fun, but I was hurting for a few days afterwards.

Starbright loves carrots, apples, and chafing humans.

Starbright loves carrots, apples, and chafing humans.

The inner thigh muscles are also known as the adductors. You can remember that because they pull your leg back towards your body, like you are ADDing it back to your body. You just got 75% of what I remember from my college degree right there.

The adductor muscles are not only important because toned inner thighs look good, but they can also help you prevent injuries and increase your performance in physical activities.

So if you want to look better, prevent nagging injuries, and/or you would like to squeeze the life out of someone Bond Girl style I got your back.  

Here are 4 exercises you can do at home to strengthen and tone your inner thighs:

1. Band Adduction

Connect a band to a stable object and then attach it to your right ankle. Stand up tall with tension on the band before you start. Move your foot to the left like you are sweeping just above the floor. Control the movement as it goes back to your right. Repeat on your other leg, hold on for balance as needed.    

2. Skaters

A great exercise for cardio, as well as working several lower body muscles. Start with knees bent, hips pushed back and upper body leaning forward with a flat back. Push off of your left foot and jump to your right, then do the same pushing off of your right foot. For low impact, you can step instead of jump.

3. Wall Squat Squeeze

You will need a wall and a ball for this one. Place a ball (exercise ball, medicine ball, basketball) between your knees, back against the wall, and slide down until your knees are bent at a 45 degree angle. While holding the squat, squeeze your knees as hard as you can against the ball.

4. Chair Adduction

Lay on your left side, place the inside of your right foot on top of a chair or coffee table. Raise your left leg up and touch the bottom of the chair or table, pause at the top for a count, and then slowly lower your leg down. Repeat on the other side. 

Save your starfish!



There was a huge storm that caused tremendous waves to throw thousands and thousands of starfish onto the beach. Jim ran to the beach and started throwing starfish back into the water. 

George watched him for awhile and then came up to him and said, "What are you doing?"

Jim replied, "I'm throwing these starfish back into the water, otherwise they will die."  

George then said, "Why are you wasting your time?  You can't possibly save them all! You could do this all day and not make a difference."

Jim calmly picked up another starfish, threw it into the ocean and said, "I made a difference for that one."

I love this story for two reasons. One, because it demonstrates that you truly can make a difference in the world by helping one person at a time. But also, because it applies to losing weight/getting in shape.

So many times we get overwhelmed by the huge amount of weight you have to get rid of or by the fact that walking up stairs feels like a marathon. So many people see that journey and give up without taking a single step.

"What's the use? I'll never get there, so why start?" 

The people that are successful know that everything matters. Every single healthy thing that you do is a part of getting you to your goal.

That 5 minute walk around the block matters!

Drinking a glass of water instead of a Coke matters!

Eating the first vegetable you've had in 10 years matters!

You know why? Because one day soon that 5 minute walk becomes 10, then 30, then 45 minutes.

On down the road, you've kicked the soft drink habit.

That single vegetable leads to you totally revamping how you eat.

So don't discount anything that you do. Keep at it! Make one healthy choice, make that a habit, and then keep pushing to the next level.

You're worth saving, don't give up on yourself.

PS-We all have people in our lives that need to hear this message. Please do me a favor and share this with them. And if they need help, someone to answer a few questions, or just someone willing to list then I am at their service.

Desperation creates hustle



Have you ever heard about the motivational tactic used by 16th century Aztec conqueror Hernando Cortez?

Upon landing on the coast of modern-day Mexico in 1519, he ordered all the ships to be burned before they started their attack.

This was a way to get his guys completely focused and ready to do whatever it took to win.

Retreat was not an option, there was no going home. They were either going to win or die trying.

Imagine what you could do, if you HAD to do it?

There is very little you couldn't accomplish.

What I want you to do right now is completely commit to whatever exercise and fitness goals you have.

Imagine if you had to do a swimsuit photo shoot by summer time. Or you had to run a marathon.

How hard do you think you would work out? How disciplined would your eating be?

When I first started my business I was still working another job. It was my safety net in case things didn't work out.

My business didn't really take off until I quit that job and my business was the only way I could support my family. It was put up or shut up time and I refused to fail. Desperation creates hustle.

Whatever it takes, burn your ship and stop being half in on your goals. If it's something you really want, you will get there.

Let me know how I can help.

The Condo Workout



I am on vacation in Florida right now for my son's fall break. If you really like the beach and you aren't there now, do not go on Facebook. Jealousy will ensue because it seems like everyone is at the beach.

My goal is to do something active every day, whether I'm on vacation or not.  I did a fun workout with my family yesterday that you can try on your own or in a group.

All you need is a band or TRX, a sturdy railing, a timer, and some steps. There will be 3 areas set up: bodyweight (A), steps (B), and the band or TRX attached to the railing (C).

Each exercise will be for 30 seconds, then you have 10 seconds to get to the next exercise and get going. You will do each circuit twice and there will be 3 circuits total with a finisher at the end.

Here are the circuits:

A. Squats

B. Step ups (right leg first round, left leg second round)

C. Rows

A. Pushups

B. Bulgarian split squats (right leg first round, left leg second round)

C. Jump squats

A. Plank

B. Lateral lunge (face in towards the hand rail on the steps, step your right foot up two stairs, push your hips back, and sit away from your knee while keeping your left leg straight)

C. Chest press

For your finisher, run/jog/or walk as many flights of stairs as you can do in 5 minutes.

Fair warning, people will be looking at you like you are crazy, wondering why you are forcing your wife and son to do these weird exercises, and it is almost guaranteed someone will be cooking bacon.

Stay strong, complete the workout, and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day feeling good about yourself.

The Peeing Problem (Awkward)



In my fitness business I train a lot of moms. Including my own mom. It is one of the things I really  love about what I do. Moms continue to amaze me with what that they are able to accomplish.


I mean think where we would be without the patented "mom licking her thumb to get something off your face" move? We would be living like savages. 


Giving birth is not a pretty scene, let's just put that out there. The beauty of childbirth is a myth along the lines of Bigfoot.


It is a miracle for sure, but an ugly miracle. There are also many changes that occur with childbirth, but there is one that continually crops up pertaining to exercise.


The peeing problem.


Yep, I'm going there. Because it is a real thing! Hardly a day goes by when I don't see a jumping jack turn into a flapping of the arms with no jump.


I don't even ask any more, I just know. There is about to be trouble up in here if she keeps jumping.


So I want to offer a fix for this problem in the form of a little something called Kegels. 


What are Kegels?


They are exercises for the muscles of your pelvic floor that get their name from a doctor named Arnold Kegel.


I'm working on getting an exercise named after me one day. Hopefully a totally different muscle group will be involved.


The purpose of Kegels is to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. Just like any other muscle if you exercise it, the muscle will improve.


On the flip side though, if that muscle is not exercised or gets damaged it will not function like it used to.


Why so you need to do Kegels?


Besides, the main reason I mentioned earlier, there are several reason why you should do kegels. Lately I have talked to several people who have older parents suffering from incontinence.


It has been a horrible experience for both the parent as well as the child, as you can imagine. They want to help their parents any way they can.


It is not just age that can cause incontinence; the pelvic floor can be adversely affected by giving birth, a sedentary lifestyle, and being overweight.


Along with incontinence (of the bladder and bowels if you really want to know), weak pelvic floor muscles can cause prolapse of pelvic organs and decreased sexual enjoyment.


How do you perform Kegels?


Like all heartwarming stories, this one starts in the restroom.


Next time you are urinating, contract the muscles that stop the flow of urine. These are the muscles you are looking to work. Chances are you have done Kegels before and didn't even know it.


Have you ever been peeing, heard a suspicious noise, and cut the stream off? If so, then you have gotten your Kegel on! That looks much worse in writing than I imagined, but I'm still going with it.


Once you figure out the correct muscles to contract, don't do it any more while urinating. You can actually weaken these muscles by continuing to contract the pelvic floor muscles while urinating.


Start off by contracting these muscles for 10 seconds at a time, then build up as your muscles get stronger. You can do these every day and at just about any time of the day. You might get a funny look on your face, but who cares? 


This is a simple, but effective technique that can really improve your quality of life. If you know of anyone this article can help, why not pass it on to them? Anyone can do them and they can help everybody

This past weekend at the Warrior Dash


Warrior Dash 2014-2

How did you do on the workout I sent you last week? I was able to get through 4 total rounds and complete the pushups.

In case you missed it, you can find the workout here. It is a great workout to do every few months to test your fitness level.

It is also a great simulation of a mud run. It will test your cardio, strength, and flexibility.

This past weekend a group of ladies from boot camp, myself, and my wife all did the Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN. It was 3.6 miles of hills, mud, obstacles, and really cold water.

It sounds pretty crazy to say, but it was awesome! Why would running uphill, being frozen, and swimming in mud be fun?

I thought about it and here are the main reasons.

1. Healthy social activity

Most social activities are not getting you closer to your goals. Parties, tailgating, Girl's Night Out, etc... are usually affairs where there is high calorie food and drinks involved.

I have nothing against these things, I just think people are looking for other alternatives. It is a beautiful thing when you can sweat, smile, and laugh amongst friends.

2.Completing the mission

We had an eight week Warrior Training class to get ready for the Warrior Dash. It is always so cool to see people who did not think they could complete a race, put in the work, and then cross the finish line with a giant smile on their face.

3. Overcoming fear

We had people who are afraid of heights. We had people who were afraid of water. My ginger self is afraid of the sun.

You will never be prouder of yourself than when you fear something and do it any way. That is how you earn confidence.

Confidence is not something anyone can give to you and when you earn it, no one can take it away. Face your fears, overcome them, and you will become a much stronger and confident person.

4. Teamwork

A really cool part of the race for me was watching how everyone helped each other out. Pulling people up a mud wall, cheering people on, boosting each other over walls, etc...

Many times it was strangers helping strangers. In today's world it was great to see people helping people simply to be nice.

All of these things reminded me of why our boot camps have been so successful. We treat them like healthy social activities, people are really proud when they complete 4 weeks of class, signing up for a class that has BOOT CAMP in the title was a major leap of faith for many of my clients, and we do believe in teamwork.

 If you are looking to challenge yourself in a healthy and supportive environment, check out

20 Minute Workout Challenge


20 Minute Workout Challenge

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