Warrior Dash 2014-2

How did you do on the workout I sent you last week? I was able to get through 4 total rounds and complete the pushups.

In case you missed it, you can find the workout here. It is a great workout to do every few months to test your fitness level.

It is also a great simulation of a mud run. It will test your cardio, strength, and flexibility.

This past weekend a group of ladies from boot camp, myself, and my wife all did the Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN. It was 3.6 miles of hills, mud, obstacles, and really cold water.

It sounds pretty crazy to say, but it was awesome! Why would running uphill, being frozen, and swimming in mud be fun?

I thought about it and here are the main reasons.

1. Healthy social activity

Most social activities are not getting you closer to your goals. Parties, tailgating, Girl's Night Out, etc... are usually affairs where there is high calorie food and drinks involved.

I have nothing against these things, I just think people are looking for other alternatives. It is a beautiful thing when you can sweat, smile, and laugh amongst friends.

2.Completing the mission

We had an eight week Warrior Training class to get ready for the Warrior Dash. It is always so cool to see people who did not think they could complete a race, put in the work, and then cross the finish line with a giant smile on their face.

3. Overcoming fear

We had people who are afraid of heights. We had people who were afraid of water. My ginger self is afraid of the sun.

You will never be prouder of yourself than when you fear something and do it any way. That is how you earn confidence.

Confidence is not something anyone can give to you and when you earn it, no one can take it away. Face your fears, overcome them, and you will become a much stronger and confident person.

4. Teamwork

A really cool part of the race for me was watching how everyone helped each other out. Pulling people up a mud wall, cheering people on, boosting each other over walls, etc...

Many times it was strangers helping strangers. In today's world it was great to see people helping people simply to be nice.

All of these things reminded me of why our boot camps have been so successful. We treat them like healthy social activities, people are really proud when they complete 4 weeks of class, signing up for a class that has BOOT CAMP in the title was a major leap of faith for many of my clients, and we do believe in teamwork.

 If you are looking to challenge yourself in a healthy and supportive environment, check out www.HuntsvilleBootCamp.com