I am on vacation in Florida right now for my son's fall break. If you really like the beach and you aren't there now, do not go on Facebook. Jealousy will ensue because it seems like everyone is at the beach.

My goal is to do something active every day, whether I'm on vacation or not.  I did a fun workout with my family yesterday that you can try on your own or in a group.

All you need is a band or TRX, a sturdy railing, a timer, and some steps. There will be 3 areas set up: bodyweight (A), steps (B), and the band or TRX attached to the railing (C).

Each exercise will be for 30 seconds, then you have 10 seconds to get to the next exercise and get going. You will do each circuit twice and there will be 3 circuits total with a finisher at the end.

Here are the circuits:

A. Squats

B. Step ups (right leg first round, left leg second round)

C. Rows

A. Pushups

B. Bulgarian split squats (right leg first round, left leg second round)

C. Jump squats

A. Plank

B. Lateral lunge (face in towards the hand rail on the steps, step your right foot up two stairs, push your hips back, and sit away from your knee while keeping your left leg straight)

C. Chest press

For your finisher, run/jog/or walk as many flights of stairs as you can do in 5 minutes.

Fair warning, people will be looking at you like you are crazy, wondering why you are forcing your wife and son to do these weird exercises, and it is almost guaranteed someone will be cooking bacon.

Stay strong, complete the workout, and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day feeling good about yourself.