That was not a quote I expected to read in a study about how sugar is so harmful to our bodies. The quote "Fat is saving our lives" comes from Dr. Robert Young.

Our bodies were not meant to ingest the large amounts of refined sugar we eat (average of 152 pounds per year in America). Because the typical Western diet has so much sugar in it, our eating habits are making us obese. Sounds familiar, but the reason why was interesting to me.

Sugar is considered an acid, if you remember your chemistry classes. I got a D and an F in the two chemistry classes I took, so I'm a bit of an expert here.  



When your body has too much acid in your body, your body begins to break down. You start to develop chronic diseases and conditions. To help protect you from the high acid levels, the body grows fat around the acid!   

That is great that your body is protecting you, but it also means that you are holding onto unwanted fat. Your sugar intake could be the reason that you can't get results.

This is where The Sugar Addiction Answer comes in. When you cut down on the sugar you eat, inflammation and acidity go way down, and then you can begin healing and losing fat at a normal rate.

It is $13.99, you can get started right away since it is an e-book, and it is 100% guaranteed. If it doesn't work, I will gladly give you your money back.

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