There is a pretty depressing technique for training elephants that might apply to your life as well. After the story, I want to offer you some help.

When elephants are young, they are chained to a heavy stake with an unbreakable chain. The young elephant will strain and pull with all of its might, but they won't be able to get free.

Can you imagine what they have to use to restrain the enormous adult elephants?  That must be some kind of space age, heavy duty stuff to hold those beasts in place. So, do you know what they use?

A rope.

A simple rope that is tied just tight enough so that the elephant feels some pressure. How in the heck does that work?

It works because the elephant remembers all the times it has failed trying to get loose in the past, so it has given up. Fancy people call that self limiting beliefs.

Do you have self limiting beliefs with exercise? Are you letting failures from your past keep you from even trying now?

It doesn't have to be like that. I work with women every day who at one time in their lives had given up, but then they found the strength and courage to get back in the game.

Where are you now? Are you tired of being scared to try? Have you given up on yourself?


You can make enormous changes in your life and body, no matter what shape you are in now. The first step is that hardest, but now is the time to start.

You have nothing to lose, but your self limiting beliefs.