Words have a lot of power. Do you doubt me? Go watch old episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse when the word of the day came up. Madness!


The words you choose to use can often be the difference between success and failure. I've choses a few phrases for you to eliminate from your vocabulary.


You can use words to tear yourself down or build yourself up. Why would you choose to tear down? 

You can use words to help you become successful or you can use them as stumbling blocks and excuses. 

When I hear people say things like "I will try to eat better/exercise more/not to eat out tonight." I know that they will not being doing it because they are not committed yet.

Now if someone says "I am determined to eat better/exercise/not to eat out tonight", then I am confident they will be taking care of business. Just changing two words in that sentence makes a world of difference.

It is a little mental trick that you can use. Using the right words can cement your commitment and help you get things done.