I don't know if you know this about me, but I don't have cable. It is no problem at all for me, except for a very important time of the year.


Football season.

It is a big deal at my house when there is a good game on one of the 4 channels I can pick up. So last weekend was awesome because there were TWO big games I could watch.

If you keep up with football, you probably know that I could start watching at 230pm and watch until almost midnight. I love college football, so this was going to be a great day.

I will break down what my activity level for that day looked like:


-Lots of it

-Eating junk

-Lots of it

Now I did do 500 squats and a bunch of pushups, while I watched Auburn play Texas A&M. Just enough exercise to tighten up my hamstrings and lower back, make myself walk funny, and then right back on the couch I went.

All was well (other than Auburn losing), until the next morning. I was rushing around getting ready for church, tried to put on my socks, and strained my lower back.

I couldn't believe it. Aren't I supposed to be in shape?

Then I looked at my day before. Too much sitting, too much crappy food in my system, dehydrated, tight and stiff muscles exercising and not cooling down properly.

Lifestyle choices. If you get hurt it is usually a combination of things that lead up to it and often times it is the things you do every day.

You can't expect your body to jump from couch potato straight into exercise, right back into couch potato mode, and not suffer the consequences.

I workout almost every day. Lift a lot of heavy weights, flip tires, run sprints, etc... Do I hurt myself doing that? Nope. Dang couch does me in.

So don't be like me this weekend. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, don't be trapped in the couch, and get out and move.