Super Star

Super Star


Here are a few of the highlights from my career:

-fouled out in 2 minutes

-played a total of 13 seconds one game

-scored 12 points against a team that was down to 4 players by the time I got in

Ok, so maybe football was more of the sport for me. My son is playing basketball now and I volunteered to help coach his team. I am a amazed at how much I don't know about basketball.

Despite not playing much, I practiced for so many hours and ran so many drills you would think I could retain a lot of that stuff.

Not so much. There is one thing that I remember.

Triple Threat


Anyone whoever played for Ronnie Stapler (here are a few other things I learned from Coach Stapler) knows all about Triple Threat. I went to school with his daughter and she would each lunch in the Triple Threat position.

Triple Threat is a position you get into when you get the ball so that you can easily dribble, shoot, or pass. To this day I get into Triple Threat whenever I catch a ball.

My point of all this b ball talk is to get you thinking about what Triple Threat could be for you in regards to fat loss and getting in shape. After you've been exercising and eating right for long period of time, you have the tendency to forget what worked for you.

The basics will always work, sometimes they just need tweaking. Think back to a time when you had success with losing weight, getting in shape, etc... What were you doing then?

Chances are you were exercising at least 3 days a week; you were cooking more, eating out less, and being conscious of what types of foods you were eating; you were doing the extra things that mattered like sleeping enough, being more active in every day life, and getting rid of harmful stress.

Bring back the Triple Threat. Exercise, Healthy Eating, and the Little Things That Matter.

You don't have to start doing all of them today, just pick out the easiest one for you to start and then start! If you are having trouble getting started, reach out to me and I will help get you going.