I would like to give you a peek into what life is like for someone who owns a boot camp business. Overall it is extremely awesome, but meeting new people can be a bit of a challenge.

For instance, I was at a networking event recently in Huntsville. I met a lady, we shook hands, I asked her what she did, she asked what I did, I told her and she said, "Aw hell no!" and walked away. Never to be seen again. That is a true story and I've got a lot more examples along those lines as well.

So I undertand that the term Boot Camp has pretty negative connotations for a lot of people. I make every effort just to get people to come try what we do, so they can find out for themselves that is actually fun and not a yelling, screaming intimidation festival.

For that reason, we offer all of our new clients a new member special where they can get their first month of boot camp at special price of up to nearly 70% off. We have a few open spots for our class that starts in January, reserve yours today at the link below:

Total Body Toning Boot Camp

I have an exciting announcement about the boot camp in our Madison location, that I will share with you on Monday.

Have a great weekend!