Today is an exciting day. I'm very pleased to announce that Dr. R S Porter will begin leading the boot camp classes in Madison, starting on January 5th. Doc Porter (you can either call him Doc or Porter, but never Doc Porter) is the owner and operator of Functional Chiropractic an upper cervical clinic.


Porter holds several fitness certifications including personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Sports Performance Specialist to name a few. He is still an active trainer and has a passion for helping people get better every day.


He is very qualified, outgoing, and professional but I have to tell you I knew he was right for the job when I saw the above picture of him.


A sense of humor will get you pretty far in this life. During his free time Porter practices yoga, works on cars, does mud runs, plays soccer, and is an experienced snowboarder.


While living in Seattle, he obtained multiple certifications and worked as a Sommelier (wine expert). He has since informed me that Boone's Farm is not the high quality wine I once though it was.


Can't wait for everyone to get the opportunity to train with Porter, he is going to change lives. The Total Body Toning class starts on January 5th and will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30-6:15am at Horizon Elementary School in Madison.