Carrot cake is practically a health food

Carrot cake is practically a health food

All my life I had thought of carrot cake as a subpar dessert choice. Why would you eat that, when brownies are an option?


My world was changed after I tried Publix carrot cake. It was unreal how good it was!

Our classes are like that for a lot of people. They've tried other classes, even other boot camps, but thought it just wasn't the right fit.


When they finally came and experienced what we do in our classes, they were blown away. Offering 3 options for every exercise (low impact, regular, and a way to make it harder, encouraging without belittling, making exercise fun, treating people like family, building a community of people who lift each other up, etc... are just a few of the things that set us apart from how other people do things.


There is an exercise program out there that works best for you. Human bodies were meant to move! That is why you feel so good after a workout, even if it seemed rough during the workout.


Another year starts tomorrow. Don't just set goals this year, have an action plan of how to accomplish those goals too.


A big part of your success in reaching your fitness goals is finding the plan that works best for YOU. If you were miserable doing the gym workout of treadmills and machines last year, you will be just as miserable this year. Find something that you could see yourself doing long term, not just for January.


If you are looking for something different, effective, and fun then consider giving Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp a try. We are the Publix carrot cake of fitness.