dog watching TV

Watching TV. We all do it, whether we admit it or not. We watch too much TV and it is killing our minds and our mid-sections.


Does this routine look familiar? Get home from work, change clothes, eat dinner, settle down in front of the TV for the evening.


If so you are not alone. You know I love stats, so here a few disturbing ones for you.

-People eat 71% more while watching TV

-People who watch more than 19 hours of TV a week increase their odds of being overweight by 97%.

-This last one is the most troubling to me though. For every hour of TV beyond 80 minutes that you watch daily, you are 30% more like to develop Alzheimer's. That is scary.

So break out of the mindless TV habit. Your body and brain will thank you.


Try reading a book, talking to the dog, or you might even be forced to talk to people that live in your house. If you do watch TV, find a way to be more active so you aren't melted into the couch for 3 hours. Do some light stretching, stand up every 10-15 minutes or so, do a few jumping jacks, squats, or pushups.


Keep finding ways in your day to be more active and health conscious. The more healthy habits you add to you arsenal, the easier you will find it to reach your goals.