I'm reading a book by Colin Powell on leadership called It Worked For Me that is about some of the lessons he has learned over his long career. One story stood out to me and I think it would have a lot of meaning to you as well.

He talked about a TV show he saw one time about an inner city high school in Colorado where all 72 kids from the graduating class were going to go to college. A huge accomplishment for that neighborhood.

The interviewer focused on one high school senior named Jose in particular. Jose was the first member in his entire family's history to graduate college. He was asked how this was possible. He answered:

"I was never given the opportunity to fail. People kept pushing me, they believed in me. If they felt that way about me, I had to feel that way about me."

Then he added:

"I've changed the history of my family."

It doesn't matter what background you came from. It doesn't matter where you are at this moment right now. You can change your life and the future for your family, starting right now.

If you can't do it alone, find someone or a group of someones that will not give you the opportunity to fail. People that believe in you, lift you up, and lend you the belief that you can do it until you get your own.

We have a group like that at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp. Let's change your future together.