My son and I were going to the library the other day to drop off some books. We tried to pull into the library parking lot, but there was not one space open.


Right across the street was a church with an empty parking lot. We parked our happy little sleeves over there and got ready to go to the library.


While were are gathering up the books we are going to return, a lady pulls up and parks right next to us. I didn't pay her much attention until she said, "Hey, you aren't supposed to park here."


I figured she was a church employee heading into work and maybe they were about to have an event, so I apologized and explained that I was just going to drop off some books and come right back. She just stared at me and did not answer.


So we start walking across the street and guess what? So does she! She heads into the library and starts looking at books. Wait, what just happened here?


Do you have that "friend" or family member in your life that is like that? They see that you doing your best to stay healthy and start giving you expert advice? And most of the time the person giving the advice is not following it! They are just trying to mess you up.


It is a fact of life that your friends and family will try to sabotage your weight loss plans. Has this ever happened to you?


Girlfriends who critique you for eating healthy so much or ask you why you workout so often. A husband or boyfriend who insists on huge meals of calorie laden foods every night (a sneakier approach).


Many people do not like to see the people close to them change. If you start looking better, it makes them look worse. Husbands fear they might lose their wives to another man if she starts toning up.


If you notice this, the first thing you need to do is talk to the person. Let them know how important your goals are to you and that you really need their support.


Next, invite them to join you on your journey. Eat healthy meals together, go for a walk together, workout with your group of friends, etc...


If this is someone that truly has your best interest in mind, they will help you any way they can and be your biggest cheerleader. Regardless of what they do and say, keep doing your thing.


You are worth it.