Jerry Seinfeld was asked his advice on how someone could become a great comedian. He told them that the first thing they should do is get a big, wall calendar and hang it up.


Next thing you do is write jokes every day. Every day that you write jokes and get better at your craft, put a big, red X on that day. The idea is to start making a chain of these red Xs.


The secret to success is not breaking the chain.


Flip this around a little bit and you could do the same thing. Every day that you did something to move yourself closer to your goal, put the red X on the calendar. If you are like me and you love crossing items off your list, you will really love this technique.


Some examples could be:

-You prepped a couple of meals for the week on Sunday

-You worked out that day

-You got on your foam roller for 10 minutes

-You brought a healthy snack to work instead of going to the vending machine


There are hundreds of things you could include in there and they don't all have to be huge accomplishments. The goal is to do at least ONE THING per day to get you closer to your goal. Remember this: