Basketball rookie, Valentine's Day card box toilet veteran

Basketball rookie, Valentine's Day card box toilet and funny face veteran

My son is playing basketball right now. This is his second year playing, but last year it was in a non-competitive league. This year is a whole different deal.


He is surrounded by kids who are really good athletes and have been playing for several years at this level. My son is a good athlete, but this is the first year he has really struggled at a sport.


He does not like not being good at something, so he has practiced almost every day to get better. Even in the freezing cold, he will go outside to play basketball.


He has shown tremendous improvement and it has been fun to watch. His team is in a post-season tournament and he has played really well. But his job on the team is not to score, so he rarely shoots.


But the last game they played he was wide open, got the ball, and made a great shot. On court he is normally pretty stoic, but he pump his fist and looked over at me with the biggest smile on his face. It was an awesome moment.


For most kids, two points is nothing. But for him it was huge moment worth celebrating because he had put in the work and sweat to get there.


Why aren't we like that as adults?


Especially when it comes to changing our bodies, we should celebrate the small victories along the way. When you put in all the necessary work and you reach a goal, pump your fist and grin all the way down the court. The struggles are what makes the victories so much sweeter.


So next time you get into that pair of jeans you haven't been able to wear since college, celebrate.


When you complete that race you thought you could never finish, celebrate.


When you knock out 10 pushups on your toes, when a few months ago you could barely do 1 on your knees I think you know what to do now.


I'm not telling you to settle and stop when you reach your goal. I am telling you to take it it, enjoy the moment, and then use it as the fuel that will get you through that next trouble spot along the way.