Last week I was co-race director for a local race. Since it was a trail run, we had to be extra careful with the weather. The weather would be beautiful one minute, raining the next, and repeat.


One day the race was on, yeah! Next day, race was off, boo! It was a maddening experience to be in limbo like that. Not knowing what was going to happen and having it be out of your hands.


We eventually had to cancel because when we checked the trials that morning it was an obvious decision to cancel. Despite that not being what anyone wanted, it felt good to have closure.


Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever thought:


"I should lose a few pounds...Who brought these stinking donuts into the office?"


"I'm going to train for that race... No way they are having a Blossom marathon on FX!"


"I'm going to get up early and go workout tomorrow... This pillow has me in a headlock, I better stay here and see if he loses strength."


These things can derail you if you truly have not decided to make the change. If it is just something you think would "be nice" or "I would like to (insert goal)."


Don't put yourself in limbo! Decide TODAY that you are going to make this happen. Whatever your THIS happens to be. Write it down right now, stick it on your steering wheel, fridge, computer, or whatever you will see it every day.


Stop putting yourself half in. That is a miserable place to be because you are constantly having to start over. Seriously think about it and if the goal you are going after is not something you truly want, stop trying to go after it.


I sound like an anti-motivational speaker guru, but I'm serious. If you are going to reach a lofty goal, it has to be something that you are excited about and that you will persevere to each. Don't make yourself feel bad all the time about something you don't truly care about.


Take 15 minutes this week to think about it. If you decide you are in, write that goal down on the places I suggested earlier. Then list the action steps you will take to get there. If you aren't in, trash that goal and move onto something that gets you excited.