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How to WIN



There is a high school rugby coach by the name of Larry Gelwix who lives in California. In 35 years his team won 418 times and only lost 10 times. He also added 20 national rugby championships in that time span.


He was well known for his focus on WIN (Lou Holtz and Pat Riley were known to have used it too). It's something he would drill into his players and it is something we can all benefit from. WIN stands for:





This was his way of keeping his players focused and to be successful in sports, as well as their personal life. I think it is something you can use to stay focused on your goals.


When you are trying to lose weight, the fact that you splurged at a buffet yesterday is not important today. What's important now is the next meal you eat.


When you are training for a race, wasting time and energy worrying about not being able to finish is not helping. What's important now is your next training session.


Worrying about how your friends look or what they do is not energy well spent. Staying focused on what works for you is what's important now.


Being present and actively focused on your present life (not on what happened in the past or what anyone else is doing) will make a huge impact on your success. We are all very busy nowadays. This simple, but effective principle can help keep you laser focused on your goals rather than getting caught up in all the little things that are holding you back.


When you feel yourself getting lost and confused, ask yourself "What's important now?"

Avoid this type of workout before going to the dentist



With the popularity of activity and food tracking apps, I get asked a lot how many calories does an hour of boot camp burn.


We have had people track their calories burned with monitors and depending on the workout it is anywhere from 350-800 calories per hour for an average size woman. Not every workout will be that high or that low.


Your size, the type of workout, and how hard you are working will all factor in as well.


The main benefit of the type of workouts we do is not just what happens during the workout, it is what happens afterwards.



There is something known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and rhymes with Tupac), sometimes called the Afterburn effect, that occurs after a tough workout.


Basically it is continued calorie burn that happens as the body tries to put itself back together like Humpty Dumpty. Returning heart rate back to normal, repairing muscles, getting oxygen levels back to normal, and replacing energy stores (glycogen) all take calories to get the body back to its normal resting state (homeostasis).


That's fancy talk for, it revs up your metabolism like crazy. I also have an explanation in the form of a dental warning.


I had a client one time who had a dentist appointment a few hours after a 530am workout. She was having a procedure done that required the dentist to numb her mouth.


There was only one problem. Shortly after they numbed her mouth, it would go away quickly and she could feel things you don't want to feel at the dentist.


The dentist was at a loss until he figured out my client had been at boot camp that morning. Her metabolism was up so high that it would get rid of the numbing medication in no time.


Awesome for burning calories, not so much for being pain free at the dentist's office.


You can not get this afterburn effect from walking or low intensity exercise. You have to work hard and you will be out of breath, but it will pay off.


We do a lot of interval training at Huntsville and Madison Adventure Boot Camp to maximize the EPOC effect. Here are a few tips to add into your interval training to increase fat loss:


1. Use full body exercises 2. Shorter rest breaks (30 seconds or less) 3. Strength training mixed with cardio exercise 4. Always challenge yourself to lift heavier and go harder


It does not make for an easy workout, but it makes for an effective and interesting one. Give it a try, but don't go to the dentist afterwards.

Meet Marcus Avies from Madison Adventure Boot Camp


Little known fact-Marcus actually teaches class in a tuxedo every day

Welcome Marcus Avies the the Adventure Boot Camp team! He will be leading the Madison location starting on Monday.

Marcus is from Eufaula, Al originally but relocated to Huntsville, AL where his beautiful wife and two step-sons live. He grew up playing football and even played for a semi-pro team. People love to train with him because of his positivity, constant smile, and he brings the energy to every workout! He is known for his ability to empower and encourage you to keep going further than you thought you could. For fun he likes to spent time with his family, play basketball, and lift weights.

He got his undergraduate degree in Fitness Management and his M.A. in Health and Human Performance, both from the University of North Alabama. He is also a certified personal trainer, Performance Exercise Specialist (PES), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Certified Youth Speed And Agility Specialist, Certified Youth Nutriton Specialist, and a Certified Youth Fitness Specialist. Marcus loves helping people of all fitness levels achieve their best, while keeping them injury free and having fun.

One of his favorite sayings is:

"Never sell yourself short or give up. We all have greatness in us we just have tap into it."

Admit failure to begin success: The dangers of sunken costs in fitness



I few years ago I was involved in a business that I really thought would be perfect for me. Great product, went along with what I already do, and I could help even more people reach their goals.


I put a lot of time, money, and effort into this business. The business was doing ok, but then I woke up one day and realized I did not have the passion for it.


Teaching fitness classes, writing, speaking to groups about health and fitness, etc... are the things that I wake up every morning excited about. What I was not excited about was the other business I had started. That should have been the first sign to get out of it immediately, but I stayed in it.


The effort and time I put in dwindled, but I was still putting money into the business. Not a good combo. I saw other people in the industry become very successful, so I hung on even longer.


In the end, I had fallen victim to what is called the sunken cost fallacy. I had put so much into this thing that I was very reluctant to give up on it, even though I knew it was what I should do.


Have you ever fallen victim to that? Found yourself so invested in an exercise program, membership, a nutrition plan, or even a piece of expensive equipment that you refuse to change?


You have to admit failure to begin success.


Take a good, hard look at what you are doing now. Is it working? Is it positively effecting your physical and emotional well being?


I know from experience it is hard to change once you are so ingrained in something, but to move forward you have to do something different to get a different result. There are hundreds of ways to get in shape, lose weight, and feel great. There is no reason to continue something that you don't enjoy, doesn't give you results, and is not improving your life.


Best of luck beginning your path to success!

Try these 3 core exercises at home (video)



In honor of our Glutes, Guts, and Guns Boot Camp that starts next week, I wanted to share 3 effective core exercises that you probably aren't doing right now. These can be done at home, or on the road but do require some minimal equipment. The 3 exercises are the Paloff press, resistance band torso twists, and suspension trainer hip drop.


Studies show that most people won't watch a video longer than 2 minutes. This video is 1:54, go watch it! That also means I could not fit in as much info as I like into the video. So here are a few further tips for these exercises.


1. Paloff press with resistance band

This what is known as an anti-rotation exercise. When you press out, you will really feel your love handles and butt muscles working hard. Start with the handles in the center of your chest, press out, hold for a couple of seconds, let it come back towards your chest, and repeat this sequence.


2. Torso twist with resistance band

Wrap the band around something that won't move, grab both handles with your hands, keep your arms straight, and rotate to your left. Make sure your arms are just holding on and not pulling the band, that is the core's job. Repeat on the other side. To make it more challenging, stand on one foot.

3. Suspension trainer hip drop

This requires a suspension trainer (TRX Jungle Gym, etc...) but could also be done with a rope if you were in a pinch. I am using a suspension trainer with a door attachment. The door attachment just rests on top of the door, you close the door (hopefully no one opens the door mid-exercise) and you can loop the suspension trainer through.


Then you will stand with one foot forward, one foot back, the lead foot will be the one closest to the door attachment. Place both handles over your head, elbows up high, lead with your ribs, drop your hip away from the attachment, and then stand back up. Repeat on both sides and then have really sore love handles the next day.

What Sam Walton, Walmart, and a panty hose rack have to do with your body

Son, you've got a panty on your head

Son, you've got a panty on your head

There is a famous story about the founder of WalMart, Sam Walton, and a trip he took to little old Huntsville, Alabama.


Whenever Mr. Walton would go into a new town, he liked to check out the competition.


He went into one of our local establishments with one of his assistants. The assistant was blown away with how terrible the place was. Junk everywhere, terrible employees, poor store layout, etc…


Sam and the assistant met back up later to compare notes. The assistant laid out all the things that were so bad about the store.


Sam did not say one thing about the negative. He said "Did you see that panty hose rack? I wrote down the manufacturer, we have to get those for our stores! Also, did you see the ethnic hair care section? They have 12 feet of shelf space, we only have 4! We are missing out on this, we need to correct it."


What's the moral of this story? You can focus on the negative or you can accentuate the positive.


This week I have talked a lot about niching things down to one focused thing at a time. A good place to start for a lot of women is with their poor body image.


Do you constantly comment on the things you don't like about your body? How often do you talk about how awesome your body is?


The times you talk bad about your body, does it motivate you to work harder or does it just depress you more? I'm guessing the latter is true.


Here is your homework. I want you to come up with 2 things you absolutely love about your body.


It can be as simple as "I really like how my shoulders look." Or as hard hitting as "I love that my body was able to carry and deliver 3 children and allows me the energy to care for them every day."


Whenever you are tempted to talk negatively, flip it around and think about the positive. Whenever you are focused on the negative, that is all you see. It gives you tunnel vision and makes you miserable.


Stick with the positive message and it will open your mind up to the possibility that the other things you dislike about your body might not be so bad after all.

“I Hate Vegetables!”



On Monday I talked about an interview I did with the multi-talented Arky Shea. Arky is getting married in 6 months and is starting to get serious about shaping up for his wedding.


We sat down and talked about a variety of subjects. Traffic, giant panties, exercise, simplicity, what is the best diet, and the one thing I want him to do. Here is a hint, it has something to do with the title of this post.


I'm excited to be working with Arky because I see a lot of myself in him and he is a great guy. You can listen to the full podcast free at the link below.




Simplicity. It's a pretty cool word isn't it? That word has been on my mind a lot lately.


The biggest reason the word is top of mind with me is because we sold our house. I am really wishing I had embraced simplicity earlier in my life. We have been in this house almost 10 years, so the amount of junk is pretty substantial.


I found some floppy disks from when I was in grad school. What am I doing with these? There is no computer in my house that can use them. It was good for confusing people younger than 30 years old though.


Another reason is a book I am reading now told the history of the word priority. It was never meant to be plural. Have you ever thought about your top priorities? Most of us have.


The original meaning was- the very first thing. If you had to simplify everything in your life down to one priority what would it be?


The third reason simplicity keeps popping up is the interview I did with my friend Arky Shea yesterday. Arky is a sports radio producer, comedian, all around good dude who also hosts his own podcast.


We were talking on his show yesterday and Arky confided with me (and what I am sure are the billions of people who listen to his podcast) that he needs to lose over 100 pounds. He is getting married in 6 months and it is sinking in that this wedding pictures will be around forever.

The multi-talented Arky Shea a few years ago

The multi-talented Arky Shea a few years ago

His struggles are very similar to ones I hear a lot. There is so much information out there about diet and exercise that people get paralyzed!

How many calories do I need? Is Paleo for me? How many times a week do I need to workout? Are eggs good or bad? Should I lift weights or do cardio?


We talked about a lot of things, but my one piece of advice you would be the same thing I want to share with you. What is one thing you can start today and make a habit the easiest?

That's it. When that becomes a habit, pick out your next thing. Don't get overthink things, avoid getting overwhelmed, and keep taking a long term approach.


When you commit to a lifestyle change, you are committing to a life long journey of improvement. When you commit to sacrificing short results with long term gains, you are setting yourself up for failure.


What can you start doing today that will become your next healthy habit?


PS-I will send you a link to listen to the full podcast on Wednesday.

8 Minute Weight Loss Plan



Meal planning may seem monotonous (because it is), but the pay off is worth it. Think about what happens when you do not have anything planned a meal, time gets short, and you are hungry?


Fast food, pizza deliveries (that was me last night), microwave salt licks. (No, Lean Cuisines are not a health food).


What if instead of spending 8 minutes a week looking into a fridge hoping healthy food would magically appear, you spent that time productively? Take some advice from dietitian Keri Glassman's article "Change Your Life in 8 Minutes".


Here is what she suggests doing with your 8 minutes:

-Write out your challenges for the week (birthday celebration, Mexican food, girls' night out, etc.) and then write down a plan to overcome the challenges.

-Plan your dinners at home around your schedule for the week and then create a grocery list to go with them.

-Write a list for work snacks, and add them to your grocery list.

-Schedule exactly when you are going to go to the grocery store and then follow through.


If you notice, not one of those is the actual food prep or cooking we all dread so much. This is formulating a food game plan for the week. It will save you time, money, and calories just by having some kind of plan.

If you do have time left in your 8 minutes, you Glassman suggests you could:

-Make a pitcher of iced lemon water to store in the fridge. -Chop the veggies you have around. -Mix a healthy salad dressing to keep in your fridge. -Portion out healthy snacks, like nuts, into little bags.

Nutrition is just like working out. When you have a game plan of what you are going to do, you get much quicker results without wasting your time. Make that plan today!

20 Ways To Spark Your Flame. Choose one and let’s do this!



Sometimes all it takes is one little spark to ignite a flame. It's the same way with getting started on a healthy lifestyle.


One action step at a time. Picking out a specific action and making it a habit. Think about what you would like to change the most.


Your weight?

Your endurance?

Your strength?

Your eating habits?

Your energy level?


What is one thing you can do this week to ignite that fire and start conquering your struggles?


Here are 20 examples of what that one thing could be:

1. Get the junk food out of your house

2. Set an alarm and stand up for 5 minutes every hour

3. Avoid fast food this week

4. Eat one healthy meal today

5. Take a 10 minute walk

6. Use a foam roller for 10 minutes

7. Floss (it adds 6 years to your life)

8. Stretch for 10 minutes

9. No liquid calories today (soft drinks, alcohol, coffees, etc…)

10. Commit to one workout (I know a great boot camp if you need it)

11. Turn the TV off and go to bed on time

12. Take 10 minutes of absolute quiet by yourself to de-stress

13. Find someone who will keep you accountable (friend, trainer, group)

14. Go buy some new workout clothes or shoes

15. Write down your goals where you will see them daily

16. Rather than creating excuses for not getting healthy, create a plan

17. Start a sleep routine you will do every night

18. Eat a vegetable you've never tried this week

19. Take a picture of yourself and do your measurements so you can track the amazing results you are about to achieve

20. Get negative people (AKA energy vampires) out of your life


The list could be thousands of things, but I want you to think of one specific thing you will commit to TODAY to take action on. Pick something you know you can do, keep at it until it becomes a habit, and then target your next goal.

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