Son, you've got a panty on your head

Son, you've got a panty on your head

There is a famous story about the founder of WalMart, Sam Walton, and a trip he took to little old Huntsville, Alabama.


Whenever Mr. Walton would go into a new town, he liked to check out the competition.


He went into one of our local establishments with one of his assistants. The assistant was blown away with how terrible the place was. Junk everywhere, terrible employees, poor store layout, etc…


Sam and the assistant met back up later to compare notes. The assistant laid out all the things that were so bad about the store.


Sam did not say one thing about the negative. He said "Did you see that panty hose rack? I wrote down the manufacturer, we have to get those for our stores! Also, did you see the ethnic hair care section? They have 12 feet of shelf space, we only have 4! We are missing out on this, we need to correct it."


What's the moral of this story? You can focus on the negative or you can accentuate the positive.


This week I have talked a lot about niching things down to one focused thing at a time. A good place to start for a lot of women is with their poor body image.


Do you constantly comment on the things you don't like about your body? How often do you talk about how awesome your body is?


The times you talk bad about your body, does it motivate you to work harder or does it just depress you more? I'm guessing the latter is true.


Here is your homework. I want you to come up with 2 things you absolutely love about your body.


It can be as simple as "I really like how my shoulders look." Or as hard hitting as "I love that my body was able to carry and deliver 3 children and allows me the energy to care for them every day."


Whenever you are tempted to talk negatively, flip it around and think about the positive. Whenever you are focused on the negative, that is all you see. It gives you tunnel vision and makes you miserable.


Stick with the positive message and it will open your mind up to the possibility that the other things you dislike about your body might not be so bad after all.