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Wrecking a Lexus in your flag pants (embarrassing story)



Have you ever wrecked a Lexus?


Have you ever wrecked someone else's Lexus?


How about have you ever wrecked your parent's Lexus while pulling into a parking place to eat at the City Cafe? I might know someone that happened to one time...


My wife and I had just got back from a trip to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary. We stayed at an all inclusive resort for a week. It was amazing!

Coffee in paradise

Coffee in paradise


But we had terrible timing because right after we got back we were signed up to do the Cotton Row 10k. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to run the race in the hot and humid weather wearing flag pants.


Side note- flag pants are hilarious for about 1 mile, every mile afterwards are pain and misery. In case you were considering this feat.


All of that would have been fine, but Mexico will sometimes do things to your digestive system that is not in the travel brochure. We both completed the race, but were feeling really dehydrated and loopy.


And where else should you go feeling like that, but to a place that serves massive amounts of food. I had borrowed my parents car (a Lexus) since the Boot Camp Mobile was in the shop. I went to go pull into a parking place and BAM nailed an innocent car that was just sitting there.


You haven't felt embarrassment until you have to explain to an irate man that you indeed it his car while you were trying to pull into a space. And you are wearing flag pants. He probably thought I was drunk and I don't blame him.


I was 36 when this happened, so I had been pulling into parking places for a long time without incident. You know what happened afterwards? I was rattled! I got nervous pulling into parking places, thinking I was going to do it again.


I let one incident make me think I was no longer capable of doing something.


Has this ever happened to you? Not the flag pants wearing, car crashing stuff, but where you let one incident define reality for you?


Tried to eat healthy and it didn't work out, so you think you can't.


Tried to start a regular exercise program, but failed.


Tried to become a runner and it didn't work out.


Tried to get up early and work out one time, but you told yourself you couldn't.


Chances are you fit in somewhere along those lines. Are you letting past failures keep you from attempting to reach your goals?


You are capable of so much more than what you are doing now. Don't be afraid to attempt new things. You are not the same person you used to be.


Be brave, believe you can do it, and watch out for parked cars.

What is a Keystone Habit?

Not this keystone

Not this keystone

The great thing and the terrible thing about habits are that they can make drastic changes in our life.




Think about the things that you really like about yourself. Now think about the things you wish you could change. How many of them could be altered by your habits?


Money, weight, social life, giving to others. Any number of things can all be changed by habits.


The key to massive change is in keystone habits. A few of you quit reading and immediately popped a few Keystone Lights and are sitting back waiting on success to come too. I feel you.


In his book "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business", Charles Duhigg talks about these keystone habits being the key to all change. It is basically a habit that causes a chain reaction of other habits to occur.


Here is an example that was in the book:


“When people start habitually exercising, even as infrequently as once a week, they start changing other, unrelated patterns in their lives, often unknowingly. Typically people who exercise start eating better and becoming more productive at work. They smoke less and show more patience with colleagues and family. They use their credit cards less frequently and say they feel less stressed. It’s not completely clear why…‘Exercise spills over,’ said James Prochaska, a University of Rhode Island researcher. ‘There’s something about it that makes other good habits easier.’”


I have seen this in my clients as well. First they start exercising, feel like eating healthier foods, drinking more water, sleeping better, become more active outside of boot camp, becoming more open to others, laughing more, and stressing less. It is very common and it is awesome to see.


What could your keystone habit be?


-Waking up a little early

-Keeping a food journal

-Daily prayer

-Adding more vegetables to your diet

-Putting 10% of your paycheck into savings

-Doing something active every day


It needs to be something you can be successful at right away. So start small and work your way up, one habit at a time.

Negativity Detox Challenge #3- Got Crabs?

The Fresh Prince speaks the truth

The Fresh Prince speaks the truth

How are you doing on the challenges so far? The first two challenges were:


1. Take some time in absolute quiet 2. Positively reinforce your body image

Hopefully it has started you on the right path. This week's challenge will be one that can have a huge impact in your life.


This week your challenge is to start getting the negative influences out of your life. Let me explain that before your mind goes too far with that concept.


If you put one crab in a bucket, that crab will escape. But if you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, none of them will escape.


Do you know why? Because each time one gets to the top, the others will pull him back down.


Do have someone like that in your life?


It's time to get rid of them.


Why are you keeping someone in your life that keeps holding you back?


Do you have people in your life that always tell you that you can't do something?


Any time you start a new exercise program, nutrition program, job, etc... that person that says you will fail before you have even started. They are doing you no good.


I have a lot of faults (just ask my poor wife) but one thing I do have going for me is relentless positivity. Having that attitude has carried me through a lot of bad times and allowed me to have an awesome life.


One of the ways I keep a positive attitude is by dropping the dead weight relationships in my life. This is one of my favorite quotes because I have personally seen the truth in it:



Who are you around the most? Who do you want shaping your life?


Think about the 5 people you hang out with the most and think about what they are doing for you.


Your challenge this week is to avoid and get rid of the people, places, and things that are negatively impacting you.


Block that person on Facebook that is always whining, complaining, and dragging drama into your life. It is oddly satisfying.


Don't let that knucklehead sibling of yours make you feel bad about yourself.


Ignore the co-worker who makes petty comments all day long just to get under your skin.


Think about that person who consistently makes you feel bad about yourself. Who immediately popped in your mind? Start there. Let them know things are about to change and they can change with you or they can not be around you.


Moving is hard on the gut

Someone took a picture of me moving. Palm trees are harder to move than you think.

Someone took a picture of me moving. Palm trees are harder to move than you think.

Thank you to everybody who participated in the survey I sent out on Wednesday. Very informative and I feel like I can better help you reach your goals.


Especially whoever asked me to wear my gold pants more often. You can count on that one.


Not so sure about the person who requested that I sew their mouth shut, so they would stop eating so much junk. That's just crazy, I don't know how to sew.


Anonymous surveys are great.


So I've moved twice in the past couple of months. I don't recommend that. I have an apartment, a new house, and a bunch of stuff in storage. I have no idea where half of my stuff is.


One thing I do know is that my nutrition has really fallen off. Eating sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is no way to live. For awhile all we had at our house was a blow up mattress and a K Cup coffee machine. Priorities.


I've used the excuse of not having a fridge to keep healthy food in. That we are too busy trying to get everything in the new house set up. There is no room in the mini-fridge! That (insert another lame excuse here).


When you get thrown off of your routine it is easy to slip into convenience eating over healthy eating. Have you ever got into that routine? Lots of grab and go foods, not feeling satisfied, and then eating more of those same foods to feel full?


I'm with you. First thing I decided to do is stop my excuses. It's where change has to start. Then I got a game plan.


Got 2 pounds of chicken breasts ($2.99/pound at Fresh Market on Tuesdays), marinated it overnight, and then started grilling when I got home from teaching my 530am boot camp in Huntsville. The key is getting back to eating whole, nutrient dense foods and staying away from the processed junk.


Things like: fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts, etc... that my body can use, get rid of, and not store as fat. It improves exercise, sleep, energy levels, concentration, and a hundred other things when you are properly fueling your body.


What step do YOU need to take? Do you make excuses for the groceries you bought that end up in your house? I did, it's ok to admit.


Do you have a plan to start eating healthier or just a "I would like to one day" dream? Make your plan today.

Negativity Detox Challenge #2- Your Body



How did your first week go on the Negativity Detox Program? If you missed it, the first challenge was to go without talking on your phone, listening to the radio, etc… while you were in the car this week.


Or as an alternative, you could try to find 30 minutes in the day of silence. I did a combination of the two. Some days I would sit in the car in silence and some days I would do 30 minutes a day of silence.


It was easier for me last week because my son was out of town. So, if you have children I understand there is an added degree of difficulty for you.


I discovered a few things:

-I am a terrible singer, but an awesome steering wheel drummer

-It really spurred my creativity and help me figure out some issues I had to workout with the Adventures in Fitness Kid's Class

-I felt more relaxed overall

-It’s a great way to clear your head and think clearer


Here is your challenge this week: I want you to spend some time each day this week thinking about all your body has been able to accomplish and all that it will accomplish in the future.

I know so many women that consider themselves a failure because they are overweight or have certain body parts they are not happy with. Women that have accomplished so much in their life, but still consider themselves a failure because of their body. If you look back at all your body has been able to do it is truly amazing.


Are you a mom? Do you realize the trauma your body was able to make it through?


This is not the time to think about all the things you can’t do any more or that your stomach doesn’t look like you want it to. I’m sure you think about that enough.


Your body is an amazing thing and you should learn to appreciate it. Stop beating yourself up!


-Think you’re too far out of shape to even start working out? Then you are exactly who needs to workout!

-Think you’re so overweight, what’s the use in even trying? You can make it happen.

-Think you can’t even walk a mile, how would you ever run a 5K? People just like you do it every day.


If you’re still breathing you have a chance to reach your goals. Negative self talk only sets you back. All you have to do is put it in your mind that it is POSSIBLE.


Don't worry about how you are going to make it happen, just that it is something that is possible. This week your challenge is to take at least 5 minutes every day to think nothing but positive thoughts about your body.

Adventures in Fitness Kid’s Camp is coming to Huntsville!



75% of kids younger than 13 are considered sedentary.


Obesity in children has TRIPLED since the 1980s and does not appear to be slowing down. Whatever the reason for this is (too much screen time, poor nutrition habits, etc...), I think the one thing we can all agree on is that kids need to move more.


Do you want to get your child active, but you just don't know where to start? That is why we are starting Adventures in Fitness Kid's Camp.


This is NOT a boot camp. This is a fun movement class that accommodates all fitness levels. Your child can expect to experience:


-the power of a positive attitude


-respect for parents and authority figures in their life


-increased self confidence and self respect


-the importance of teamwork


-fun movement on their level


-simple nutrition information


Our mission is to help children develop a life long love of physical activity.


Your child will be coached by certified and experienced trainers who have a passion for working with kids. The nutrition information will be provided by a registered dietitian, as well as a certified Youth Nutrition Specialist. So the kids will get the information on their level that they can absorb.


You will see improvements in their fitness level, strength, flexibility, and coordination but that is a side benefit. We are looking at having a long-term effect on their attitude and outlook on life.


Here are the specifics: -June 18- July 14 -9-10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays -Vortex Performance 3070 Leeman Ferry Road -$99/child or $169 for 2 children -Ages 6-13 years old

Space is limited, so please reseve your spot today. Call 256.468.7146.

We look forward to working with your child!

What to use instead of mayo



I've been on mission trips to Nicaragua and have learned a lot each time. Here are a few things I've learned:

-my Spanish is terrible -the people of Nicaragua are awesome

My buddies

My buddies

-you politely ignore the eyeballs that are still on the fish that you are served

The eyes followed me wherever I went

The eyes followed me wherever I went

-if you sleep outside, rats may run through what little hair you have at night -people aren't whipping handkerchiefs around like a helicopter for fun, it keeps the bugs off of them -in recipes that call for mayo, you can use avocados instead


You may have already knowns that, but it was new to me. Avocados are a great way to get in some healthy fat, protein, and fiber.


Here is a great recipe I have been using lately that you can test this theory with. It may have a different name, but that's what I'm going with.


Nicaragua Egg Salad

Combine together in a large bowl: -6 diced hard boiled eggs -2 diced avocados -2 diced roma tomatoes -1/2 diced onion -Handful of jalapenos Sprinkle the whole mixture with lime juice Then add garlic salt and pepper to taste.


Really simple to make, tastes great, and is a healthy alternative to regular egg salad. Try substituting avocados in the dishes you normally use mayo and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Dave Ramsey, Pokemon, and Hypocrites



My wife is a huge Dave Ramsey fan. So much so, that when I asked my son what he would do with a million dollars, he said "Well, first thing I would do is pay off my student loans." He was 6 at the time...


So since Dave Ramsey thinks kids should get an allowance, my son started getting an allowance recently for doing different chores around the house. Taking out trash, emptying the recycling bin, etc...


Yesterday we found that he had not being doing his job, so told him he were taking a quarter off of his allowance for the week. Not a quarter of his allowance, 25 cents. Not a big deal we thought.

I have no idea what all this is

I have no idea what all this is

But he was distraught! Turns out he needs the exact amount of his allowance this week to get some kind of Pokemon something or other. Pretty sure they are cards, but I know for a fact they are a plague I don't understand what to do with. Probably explains why I lose every time we "play".

I was giving him my best dad speech.


Me- "Is crying helping you get that money back?" B- "No." Me- "Well you can cry about it or you can do something about it. Which one do you want to do?" B-"Do something about it."


Good answer by him. And he has since done everything in his power to get his full allowance back. You ever notice how the best advice you give someone else is advice you need to hear yourself?


That same day the Pokemon tragedy occurred I had launched a project I was really excited about. This project that had tremendous potential for everyone involved. Then after one day the other parties decided it wasn't for them and the deal was off.


It put me in a funk for a few hours. Then after talking with my son and realizing what a hypocrite I was being, I decided I wasn't going to cry about the project any more I was going to do something about it. Now I can put my energy into other things I have planned.


My question to you is the same I asked my son and myself.


Are you going to cry about it or are you going to do something about it?


Are you overweight? What are you doing about it crying or working to get that weight off?


Are you out of shape? Are you complaining or are you working out?


You may seem think that seems kind of harsh, but it is the truth. You know the exact time you will lose weight?


When you say to yourself, "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!"


That is the moment when I started losing weight. It is a moment every client I've worked with in Huntsville and Madison through our fitness boot camps that lost a large number of pounds had too. They decided that enough was enough and they were tired of crying and ready to start acting.


Make the decision right here, right now and don't look back.


More _____ than you can shake a stick at (can you guess?)



I would love to know what your guesses were for what I was thinking. Particularly if you have a twisted mind like me.


The answer is...... yoga! This week Rocket City Yoga Week starts. I interviewed the mastermind behind this giant event, Mitzi Connell. Just like Mitzi the interview is informative and entertaining.




What is RCYW in a nutshell?

​RCYW is 7 days of free yoga all over the TN Valley. This year, we have almost 70 free events for people of all ages & stages, wherever they are. Events are taught by the diverse and talented yoga teachers North Alabama has to offer.


We partner with local ​small businesses and historic ​venues all over ​our region to host our events. Our intention is to bring like-minded people together to help improve our local economy and connect our community in a way that has never been done before. ​

It's all free, what's the catch?


​Everyone must RSVP for events. ​-(​No walk-ins!​)​ ​-We expect you to show up for what you RSVP for. -You must bring your own yoga mat. -It's helpful if you also bring a sense of humor. :)​


How do you find the teachers?

​I work diligently to stay connected to this area's yoga teachers. RCYW is a large event - if you do a Google search for yoga in Huntsville or Madison, chances are really good you will find RCYW in the search results.

When a new teacher moves into town, or anytime a local resident finishes a yoga teacher training program, they often reach out to me & offer to get involved! Yoga Teachers​ ​I love to teach and serve. RCYW is an amazing portal through which they can do both. ​


What are the top 5 most unique yoga classes being offered this week?

​ This year, I cannot simply list 5 - we have SO many new & unique events to offer! For the first time ever, we were able to offer:

-Tango, Yoga, Salsa, and Mimosas, sponsored by Kathleen Bernal Event Planning, and Rachel Granger - Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, and taught by Antonio Bernal at Southern Elegance ​Dance Studio​

​-Yoga Nidra with Anita Rodriguez, hosted at various locations (unbelievable relaxing and healing!)

-SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga, sponsored by Mountain High Outfitters.

-Yoga & Beer events, hosted at both The Brew Stooges and at Rocket Republic Brewing Company​

-Black Light Yoga, hosted by Studio 180 Fitness in Madison

-Yoga for Curvy Bodies with Rebekah Frank, hosted at 2 different locations including Nancy Harden's Flexibility for Life

-Baby & Me Yoga with Malisa McClure at Fitness Arts Center in Madison

-Bootcamp & Yoga, co-hosted by YOU, Joe Martin, and Jim Gunther! (I may have added this one myself, but you will never truly know)


If I've never done yoga, what classes would you recommend?

​ All of our classes are great for any level of yogis. Our teacher will work with anyone. These events below are wonderful for beginners and they still have spaces available!​


​Tuesday 12PM - Yoga for Beginners - Madison ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Tuesday 6PM - Strike a Pose - downtown Huntsville ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Tuesday 6:15PM - Yoga: Simple & Straighforward - Madison ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Wednesday 1:00PM - Gentle Yoga - South Huntsville ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Thursday 11:30AM - Gentle Yoga - Downtown Huntsville ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Thursday 5:30PM - Unwind Yoga for All-Levels - Huntsville ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Friday 1:00PM - Gentle Yoga - South Huntsville ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Saturday 10:00AM - Tango, Yoga, Salsa, & Mimosas - Huntsville ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Saturday 2:00PM - Ales & Asansa - Madison ​ - ​ RSVP here: ​ ​Sunday 2:00PM - Yoga at the Rocket ​ - US Space & Rocket Center - ​ RSVP here: ​


How do I sign up?

​ Start here: Read the Do's & Dont's Find events to RSVP for.

Final question. If I'm going to do just ONE class, which one should it be?

​ Sunday, 2PM - Yoga at the Rocket - our grand finale event at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

It's an unbelievable experience, practicing yoga with 399 other yogis, beneath the Saturn V Rocket!


Thank you Mitzi for setting this all up and for taking time out for the interview. Great opportunity to try some yoga, which one do you want to experience the most?

Keep up with Rocket City Yoga Week with the following links:

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