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Try a playground workout today



The kids are out for summer and you probably have the day off today due to the face that we have young women and men who are living to lay down their lives for us. This is the perfect time to try a playground workout.


I love working out at playgrounds. You can work your body in unique and effective ways, it is a lot of fun, and people stare at you with what has to be awe. Plus if you have kids, you can exercise while they play rather than staying on your phone the whole time.


You can try this sample workout I put together for Our Valley Events or just go invent your own. Give yourself the freedom to fail when you try exercises and never be afraid to look like a fool.


People are starting at their Instagram accounts anyway, they won't even see you. Give that workout a try and let me know what you think.

Finding Your Cornerstone Why (challenge)



You have probably heard the term cornerstone before, but have you ever thought about what it meant? The cornerstone is the first stone put in during construction. It is vitally important because every other stone will be placed according to where the cornerstone is put in.

When you place the cornerstone correctly, everything else falls into place.


There is a cornerstone for your health and fitness goals and it is also vitally important. For your health and fitness goals, your cornerstone is your Why.


Why do you want to reach your goals?


It is a critical question that drives everything you do. Simon Sinek did an excellent TED Talk about the finding your Why and using the Golden Circle. First you figure out your Why, that will lead to your How, and then eventually to your what.


“I want to lose 10 pounds is not enough.” Will that get you up in the morning to go to your workout when you are sore, tired, and just plain don’t feel like it? Will it help you prep and cook your meals instead of going through the drive thru when your life gets hectic?


My challenge to you is to find that cornerstone Why, write it down, and look at it every day. Make several copies and put them on your computer, your mirror, your fridge, and in your car so you see them multiple times a day.


Here is a compelling Why that led to success. Jim was a client who would come in and train for a few weeks, then disappear for a few weeks. This pattern kept up for a few months until one day he came in and paid for a year of sessions up front (a big amount of money).


When he was asked what was going to be different this time, his answer gave me chills. He said, “I just turned 49, my dad died when he was 50 years old. There is no way I am going to do that to my kids.” Jim completely changed his life and the lives of his kids in that year he committed to.


What changed? Just one thing, his Why.


Find that cornerstone and let it guide everything else into place.

Exercise is not punishment


You’ve been told a lie. You’ve been made to believe if you are not exhausted, covered in sweat in, and barely alive after a workout you are doing it wrong.

Fitness ads show oiled up, impossibly fit men and women doing things you could never dream of doing. They make you think you have to kill yourself every time, eat broccoli and chicken every meal, and then maybe you could look half as good.

Meanwhile, you dread going to the gym. You hate exercise and all the people who claim to like that torturous activity.

Here is a secret I will let you in on- exercise is a reward, not a punishment.


You were born to move. Your body requires movement to be at its best.

You should feel good after a workout! It is great to push yourself, break through plateaus, and test your limits. But here is the test- if you dread your workouts and don’t enjoy them, you will not stick to it long-term.

There is a mode of exercise out there that works for you. One that you enjoy and gets you results. It is your job to find out what that is.

If you are looking for something different, we are declaring June to be Adventure Month. Every Saturday in June, we will be offering a new adventure. These are open to men, women, and children.

June 4- Hike the Green Mountain Power Line

June 11- 1st annual HABC Adventure Race (partner 5K with tasks along the way like The Amazing Race)

June 18- Hiking/Biking beautiful Elkmont, AL

June- 25- Canoe/kayak trip

Registration is now open if want to join us. It is $15/adventure or $50 to take part in all 4.


Reserve your spot here --->Adventures

Looking forward to having some fun adventures with you!

Teachers get 75% off this summer!



Teachers have always held a special place in my heart. Many of my family members are teachers, including my mom.

At one time in my life I was going to become a middle school PE teacher. Then I had an epiphany one day that I was going to have to teach kids ALL DAY LONG! I knew I wasn't tough enough to handle all that.

Teachers have played a special part in my son's life as well. Shout out to Mrs. Reside from Chaffee Elementary, you made a huge difference!

As a way of giving back to our teachers, we are doing a Teacher Special this summer. Teachers can train all summer at 75% off.

If you have a special teacher in your life, I would really appreciate if you could share this special deal with them. They can access the special at this link --->Teacher Special

When did Play become wrong?


You know what is missing in most people from ages 8-80? I will give you 3 guesses. What did you come up with?



Did you know that many kids today have forgotten how to play? Seriously. You can put them outside and they will now know what to do. Our children are constantly guided by teachers, coaches, and electronics on what to do so they need to be guided during play as well. We don’t allow them to play, so they don’t know how.

How about you? When was the last time you just played? Hide and go seek, kickball, four square, capture the flag, etc… And it doesn’t have to be physical play. Founder of the National Institute for Play, Dr. Stuart Brown, includes art, books, movies, music, comedy, flirting, and daydreaming under the play umbrella.

Dr. Brown did an excellent TED Talk called Play is more than just fun. Very interesting the correlation of play and mass murderers.  

As adults we get away from the things we used to love as a kid. We have to pay taxes, climb the corporate ladder, and keep up with the Joneses. No time for silly things that don’t make money. We have to have a purpose in everything we do.

There is a reason we add aspects of play into our boot camps. Because it is sorely needed! Play can:

-relieve stress

-improve brain function

-boosts creativity

-improve relationships

-increase resistance to disease

- increases energy levels

One day I am going to offer an Adult Recess class on Saturday mornings. I will let you know when that starts, it will be epic.

Until then, I have some homework for you. Find 3 times this week to play. Play with your spouse, your child, your pet, or some unsuspecting stranger at the office. Be silly, use your imagination, and stop taking yourself so seriously!

We are only on this Earth for a short time, don’t spend all of those precious moments being unhappy.

4 Exercises you can do with furniture sliders


Furniture sliders are a fun and inexpensive way to switch up your workout. You can also use paper plates or socks on hardwood floors if you are a risk taker. Below is a circuit you can try that will get your heart rate up, hit muscles all over your body, and is a lot of fun.

PS- thank you again YouTube for choosing the most awkward screen shot possible. Appreciate that.

Should you eat plums or pecans?


Well that made the choice easy...

Heard an interesting story from my pastor about plums versus pecans. I know it sounds like a riveting story, but just stay with me.

It was a story of a homesteader who had the choice to plant plum trees or pecan trees. Those were the only two trees that could really survive in that climate.

He was asked how one would decide which one to choose. The old homesteader said, “If you are growing the trees for yourself choose the plum tree. If you are planting for your children, choose the pecan tree.”

The plum tree was the quick fix. It would grow faster and produce fruit much faster, but then fizzle out. While the pecan was the opposite, it would take a very long time to get going but once it did you were set.

In my world, the plum tree is those quick fix diets you see all the time. “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days” or “Lose 10 pounds in one week” types of diets. You get short-term success, but very rarely does it lead to lasting success.

While the pecan tree is a lifestyle change. This is where you slowly establish one healthy habit at a time, keep at it consistently, and then one day it all falls into place. It is not easy, you do not get that immediate gratification that we are all programmed to expect these days, and it is HARD.

But it is the right path to take. How many times have you lost what feels like the same exact 20 pounds only to gain it back? Instead of focusing on short-term weight loss goals, think about the big picture. Don’t be in such a rush, you have a life time!

When you are thinking short term, one slip feels like disaster! When you are planning for the long run, it is just a small bump along the way. Establish those short term goals, plan them in conjunction with your big picture, and don’t give into the short term temptation.

Plus pecans are delicious, always go pecan.

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