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Don’t let it soak



One of my go-to moves in the kitchen is to cook something and then let the pan soak afterwards. You ever do that? Oh man, no way can I clean that right now it HAS to soak!


My wife just laughs and shakes her head. She knows the real reason is I’m being lazy and don’t feel like cleaning that thing right now.


I was listening to Eric Thomas (AKA ET or The Hip Hop Preacher) and he talked about when he tried to pull the soaking move on his grandmother. She told him, “Don’t put that off. If you put that off, you will start putting everything off.”


It makes sense to me. When you get into a certain mindset, it is easy to keep that mindset with everything. If you tend to do things right when the opportunity arises, you tend to do that with everything. If you tend to put things off, you do that with everything.


Your homework this week is to do one thing right away that you would normally put off. It is hard work overcoming your habits! But you can do it.


A few suggestions could be: -planning your meals for the week -get your workout clothes ready for tomorrow so you aren’t running behind in the morning -cutting up some vegetables and fruit for easy, grab-and-go snacks -planning your workouts or sign up for class and I will do it 🙂 -get on your foam roller that you have ignored for 3 months


A lot of times in life, the last thing you feel like doing is the first thing you really should be doing. Start making it a habit to do those hard things first.


Whether it is something on my list above or one that you know you need to do, do it today!

Please help with our scholarship giveaway!



I pride myself on giving back whenever I can. It is a blessing to wake up every morning and do what you love. Not very many people have that privilege and I don’t take it lightly.

One small thing we do is give scholarships to our classes to people that can not afford to come, but desperately want to. They get a month of unlimited sessions to any of our locations and times. We have seen some extraordinary results from past scholarship winners.

We saw tremendous physical results, but the coolest part is what happened from there. Every single person who has won in the past has ended up getting a job shortly after completing their 4 weeks with us. Man of these winners had been out of work for several months too.

It is amazing the confidence boost you can get when you begin exercising and feeling better about yourself.

I need your help finding the next applicant. Maybe it’s even you! Please spread the word to someone you know who might be interested in a scholarship.

To apply, all they need to do is send a short e-mail (200 words or less) to and simply say why they would like to be awarded a scholarship. Thanks for the help and thank you for being a part of helping me live my dreams!

The small print stuff:

Scholarship will be awarded on Sunday, July 3rd. The scholarship will be for the Tight and Toned Camp that starts on July 5th. You can choose Huntsville or Harvest. Huntsville has 530am, 830am, and 530pm classes. Harvest has 530am (although we will be adding an evening class soon).

Personal Excellence on your fitness journey



In Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson, he shared a story about how he developed an appreciation for craftsmanship. His adoptive father Paul Jobs was a mechanic and overall handy guy who would build anything they needed.


Paul Jobs refused to use cheap wood in the back of a cabinet he was building, even though no one would ever see it. When Steve was helping him build a fence his father told him:


“You got to make the back of the fence that nobody will see just as good looking as the front of the fence. Even though nobody will see it, you will know, and that will show you’re dedicated to making something perfect.”


I share this story with you not to get you to try and be perfect, that would be an awesome way to feel like a failure. I share this story with you to encourage you to take pride in your fitness journey.


Do the things it takes to be successful that only you know about. Only you truly know when you gave your best effort. You are the only one who knows how much you sleep, what you are eating/drinking, how active you are outside of your workout, etc…


You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent. Every day do something mentally or physically that gets you closer to where you want to be. Don’t worry about impressing others, make yourself proud first!


Action Step- Write down what you are going to do today to get better. First thing that pops in your head, no matter how big or small. And then do it. Simple as that. Only you will know.

The people who impress me have one thing in common



The other day I saw a video of a 75 year old man squatting well over 400 pounds with perfect form. Then I went to jiu-jitsu class and saw a guy in his 50s roughing up a guy in his 20s. And then I saw a video of a 60 year old woman doing a head spin.


I took this as a sign to write you this e-mail. Hey it gets tough to find inspiration for an e-mail some days.

lebron james block

I am impressed with lots of athletic feats. Watching Lebron James dominate some of the best athletes on the planet in the NBA finals or watching Usain Bolt run is very cool. But do you know what impresses me the most?


People who continue to accomplish athletic feats into their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. At an age where many people start to slow down, they are still getting after it. What makes them so special?


There are probably several right answers, but I think there is one thing they all have in common. Momentum.


They never stopped!


Remember when playgrounds used to have merry-go-rounds? Kids today are missing out on the fun, throwing up, and getting teeth knocked out that those things could bring.


What was the hardest part about those things? It was getting it going! Once you got that thing going it would go for a long time. You created the momentum and it was easier.


Working out and eating healthy are the same way. The starting and starting over are the hardest parts. So don’t ever stop!


This is a lifestyle change you are making. This is not a short term fix to get ready for the beach or a wedding. This is you setting yourself up for a lifetime of your body looking, feeling, and performing how you want it to.

Who’s your Belgian draft horse?


Belgian-draft-horseI was listening to the audio version of Dave Ramsey’s book Entreleadership last week and it was talking about how strong Belgian draft horses are. Have you ever seen them? They are massive!

By themselves, a Belgian draft horse can pull about 8,000 pounds. If you put them with another horse they have never met before they can pull up to 24,000 pounds. Three times as much!

But, if you put two horses that they have been raised and trained together they can pull up to 32,000 pounds. Four times as much as the single horse can pull alone.

Who is your Belgian draft horse?

You’ve probably never been asked that before. If you have, I want to know the circumstances.

One of the absolute keys to success in fitness, weight loss, running, cycling, etc… is accountability. Not just they person that makes sure you make it to the workout and do what you are supposed to do, but also the person that celebrates your victories and walks with you through your defeats.

We all need someone like that in our lives. Whether it is a training partner, a group, your coach, or your significant other you need someone to fill that role.

If you have someone like that in your life, make sure they know what a blessing they are to you. Consider yourself extremely lucky to have that person or people who have your back.

If you don’t have someone like that, make it your goal to find them. Of course I would love to be your coach and have you join our group of awesomely supportive women, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Think long and hard about who that person could be, they could absolutely change your life.


Creating the perfect meal



We are all creatures of habit. One of the habits I find myself falling into a lot is eating the same meals over and over.

They are healthy (most of the time) and taste good (most of the time), but we need variety in our lives. It's just so easy to keep making you go-to meals.

I found an excellent resource yesterday from our friends at Precision Nutrition. The experts at Precision Nutrition are who I consider to be the top of the food chain (no pun intended) in nutrition coaching.

They have put together an easy to use, but very effective guide to creating the perfect meal.

You mix and match these ingredients, flavor profiles, and cooking methods to create 1000's of healthy meals. It also has a few sample meals to get some ideas flowing for you. I want to try the Thai Three Ways. Looks good and it is fun to say too.

Go check out the link to see what I'm talking about. You can also download a printable copy too. Here is the link---> Precision Nutrition

With this, anything is possible



Like most people, I have gone through pretty dark times in my life. Times where just getting out of bed felt like a huge chore. Days where you ask yourself if you can even go on.

Then it happens.

You get that one little glimmer of hope. A small sign that things will eventually be ok. Isn’t that all you need sometimes? Just a little sign of hope.

The massacre in Orlando makes you think things are hopeless. Then you see people waiting for hours in the hot sun to donate blood to the victims.

You have a friend who gets diagnosed with cancer, but she immediately decides to stay positive and fight.

There is also something called borrowed hope, where someone sees the hope within you before you do. If you trust this person, you can borrow their hope until you have it for yourself.

Some days it seems like you are so far out of shape that you lose hope. You have gained so much weight, it seems impossible to lose so why should you even try? You’re not alone.

I have people ask me all the time if it is too late to (fill in the blank). It’s never too late to improve! If you have breath left in your body, you can get better.

What is one sign of hope you can cling onto today? Every little bit of progress is still progress.

If you took one more step today than you did yesterday you’re getting better.

You ate a vegetable this week and none last week? Awesome! Keep it up.

You worked out twice this week for the first time in a year? Success.

Look for those small glimmers of hope when progress seems slow and results seem far away. Choose hope, don’t choose despair.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” –Christopher Reeve

Huntsville Adventure Race


The world is in need of a race where more selfies are involved. That's right, somebody had to say it. That is where the HABC Adventure Race comes in.


If you are tired of regular 5ks, if your gym workouts are feeling stale, or if you are just ready for a new adventure we have the race for you. The race is a 5Kish distance course with 8 tasks you must complete along the way. You will need to test your brain as well as your brawn.

Grab a partner, use strategy, map reading, puzzle solving, strength, and endurance to complete the course. All fitness levels are welcome to attend. The main two goals are to finish and have fun. Register here --->HABC Adventure Race

Enjoy this cinematic masterpiece to get even more fired up:

5-5-5 Fat Burning Circuit


Summer is a busy time for a lot of people. More travel, kids are at home. When time gets tight, workouts can be the first thing to go.

Next time you are tight on time, give this circuit a try:

 555 Circuit

For the lower body circuit, you can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell. You will do 5 swings, 5 goblet squats, and 5 deadlifts. After the 5 deadlifts, you will start back with the 5 swings. Keep that up for 1 minute straight, rest 30 seconds, and then start the upper body circuit.

The upper body circuit is shoulder presses, bent over rows, and pushups on top of your weights. Same pattern as the lower body with the continual 555s.

Do each circuit for as long as you have time for. It won't take much time, it hits several muscles from head to toe, burns fat, and gets your heart rate going.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Coolio is making me desperate!


Testing my mental toughness. Trying to rack my brain for blog content while my wife blasts Coolio. She knows I love Coolio and I can’t focus! She’s getting pumped for the I Love the 90s concert, so I don’t blame her.

My desperation to come up with something for you, reminded me of a motivational tactic used by 16th century Aztec conqueror Hernando Cortez.   When he landed in modern-day Mexico in 1519, he ordered all the ships to be burned before they started their attack.   This was a way to get his army completely focused and ready to do whatever it took to be victorious.

Retreat was not an option, there was no going home. They were either going to win or die trying.

Have you ever burned your ship?

I have and it was one of the scariest, most exciting things I've ever done.   I started my fitness business on the side while working for the government. It was a tough decision to leave a job with benefits, steady income, and one I actually enjoyed. But if I wanted to take my business to the next level it was something I had to do.

There is a big difference in having extra income from a side business and having it be your sole income source. You go from "Hey that's nice." to "Hey I need to make this work or we will lose our house."

Have you ever been in a situation where you HAD to do something? There is very little you couldn't accomplish when you have to.

In school did you ever had to finish a huge research paper that you had the whole semester and you miraculously finish in one day? You need perspiration or desperation to get things done.

Change this over to fitness. Imagine if you had to do a swimsuit photo shoot in 6 months. (I saw you physically flinch when you read that 🙂   How hard would you work out? How disciplined would your eating be? You would be desperate to not embarrass yourself.

What if your doctor said you needed to lose 50 pounds or you were going to die? That is slightly more motivating than wanting to fit in some skinny jeans.

What if you signed up for a half marathon 6 months from now, You would probably start training for It right away.

I want you to do something right now. Write down your ship burning goal.

Not in your phone, not typed on the computer. Use actual pen and paper to write it down. It will connect you to that goal in a way electronics cannot.

Whatever it takes, burn your ship and stop being "half in" on your goals. If you don't have a goal that puts a fire in your belly every day to reach it and makes you a little nervous, then you need a new goal!

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