It's crunch time! Also, Nestle's Crunch time. We have 2 months left in the year and they are crucial.

Think about how most of your years have gone from this point. Your workouts slowly start to fall off. Your eating habits start to backslide. Stress levels go up, weight goes up, and sleep goes down. A bad combination.

Then the New Year starts and you just don't feel like exercising to eating right. You feel sluggish, out of shape, and just blah. Pretty sure that is a word.

What is your plan to not let that happen this year?

You need a plan! Something to help you maintain your fitness level and maintain your healthy eating throughout the holidays. The plan will only work if it takes into account that you are still going to be enjoying yourself.

The good news is, I have a plan you can use and it won't cost you a thing. Just another gift for continuing to read these e-mails.

Make sure you open the e-mail I send you on Friday to get your copy of the Holiday Survival Guide. Tips, recipes, workouts, and more to help you figure out a game plan to get through the next two months.

2018 is the year you crush your goals and it all starts now!