On Wednesday I talked abut getting back to the basics. The basics are the building blocks for any successful program.

The problem with the basics is that it is not sexy. You will never see the basics featured in People magazine on how an actress used them to get ready for their latest role.

Because people do not get excited about the basics, people tend to get away from them. Even if the work!

If you are stuck and looking for a way to change your body I would recommend the Magic Fat Loss Formula by Dr. Chris Mohr. Since it has a catchy name maybe it will be popular.

Here are the steps to follow:

-Start each meal with a veggie or fruit

-Replace all liquid calories with water

-Eat breakfast daily

-Include a lean protein with each meal

-Enjoy healthy fats throughout the day

-Move more and ramp up the exercise intensity

-Sleep a minimum of 7 hours/day, ideally 8+

That’s it. Looks so simple on paper, but that falls into the category of “simple but not easy”. My suggestion to you is to start adding one of those steps into your lifestyle at a time. When it is a part of your daily routine, add another one. Keep that up until you are doing everything on the list.

When you can start doing all of these on a consistent basis, you will start to look, feel, and perform better than you have in years. Give it a shot!