The Perfect Time To Start Exercising


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As a fitness expert, I have put many hours of research into discovering the perfect time to start an exercise program. I want to share this valuable research with you. The perfect time is:


Right now, today, this moment is the best time. Otherwise you will fall victim to The Law of Diminishing Intent.

The Law of Diminishing Intent says, “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.

I have seen this law live to be true several times in my life. Don’t overanalyze it, this is not a 50 step process.

What can you do today to start that momentum in right direction? Go for a walk, do a few pushups, get some sunshine, ride your bike.

Doesn’t matter how small you start, the point is to start. And if you’ve been exercising for awhile, but you have been in a rut the same rules apply.

Something needs to change TODAY to start the process of changing your body. Lift heavier weights, run faster, walk further.

It’s never too early to challenge yourself. Don’t let failure keep you from trying to better yourself.

What is the one thing you are going to do TODAY to either get started or get to that next level? E-mail me at info@HuntsvilleBootCamp.com and let me know.

I would love to help you accomplish your goals, so let me know how I can help.

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Inspiration at the pharmacy


CDPHP thewholeperson Inspiration at the pharmacy

I was at the pharmacy last week picking up a prescription for my son. That is a scary place.

Multiple people my age (late 30s) picking up 6 or 7 prescriptions for themselves. All the braces, incontinence products, quick fix nutrition items, etc…

Do you know that 75% of health care costs are from chronic disease? Chronic diseases can be: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis.

Chronic diseases are preventable! This is depressing, but also inspiring to me.

This is from the CDC: Four common, health-damaging, but modifiable behaviors—tobacco use, insufficient physical activity, poor eating habits, and excessive alcohol use—are responsible for much of the illness, disability, and premature death related to chronic diseases.

I had been going through one of those times where eating healthy just seemed like such a stinking hassle. Does that ever happen to you?

A person has limits with how much chicken and salad they can eat. But the trip to the pharmacy got me back on track.

My goal is to get older, but not to age like the majority of our population is right now. Some of it is out of my hands, but I control what goes into my body and I control my activity level.

And so do you.

Don’t accept that you have to be reliant on pills and potions to get through life. One of the greatest parts of my job is getting e-mails and texts from my clients excitedly telling me they are kicking blood pressure and cholesterol meds to the curb after a great report from their doctor.

Don’t accept the fate most Americans see as inevitable. You have the power to change your future, make your health a priority.

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For parents of teenagers


TeenFitness Stats Web 01 For parents of teenagers

If you are a parent of a teenager, first of all my condolences for what you are going through. I coached middle school football for 7 years and it was a very unique experience.

Mood swings, hormone changes, breaking down in tears at strange times. It actually did a great job of preparing me for what I’m doing now. Kidding! But not really…

I’m joking around, but if you have a teenager there is something serious you need to know. If your teen is overweight now, there is a good chance he or she will become overweight for the rest of their life.

Studies have shown that overweight teens have a 50-80% greater chance of becoming overweight adults.

It makes sense if you start thinking about why most teens are overweight. They have developed poor nutrition and exercise habits over the years and they take those habits into adulthood.

It is your job as a parent to prepare your child for life and that includes teaching them how to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can’t do that, if you aren’t living it yourself.

I know you would do anything for your children. So this is your chance to give your child something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

-Teach them about reading food labels.

-Let them know the dangers of processed food, fast food, and sodas.

-Help them find active hobbies that they enjoy.

-Teach them how to cook and prepare healthy, delicious meals on a budget for when they leave your house (hopefully).

-Help them discover that exercise is not confined to a treadmill and weight machines.

There are a hundred things you can teach them, but the main thing is to teach them something! If you don’t know these things, there is no better way to learn than teaching.

Educate yourself or get help, but make sure you do something because this is a very important topic that is often overlooked. Today is always the right day to start and now is always the right time.

PS-if you have younger kids, it is never too early to start teaching them.

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Diamonds are a boot camper’s best friend


 Diamonds are a boot campers best friend

I think we can all agree that diamonds are pretty awesome, right? Just nod your head yes. No one is looking.

And saving money on boot camp is pretty awesome too, right? Nod again.

So let’s say you put diamonds together with discounted boot camp. That would be a nearly unstoppable combination wouldn’t it?

So let’s make it happen! We have worked out a deal with JV Diamond Center. If you sign up for our VIBC program (unlimited workouts for 1 year or 6 months at nearly half off regular price), JV Diamond Center will give you a $200 gift certificate to their store.

You can sign up for the discounted boot camps here —>VIBC program


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Neon Vibe 5K Coming to Huntsville (Discount Code Inside)


get attachment.aspx  Neon Vibe 5K Coming to Huntsville (Discount Code Inside)

I’ve always had a theory that if you are going to run, you might as well be glowing while you do so. Preferably a non-nuclear explosion type glowing.

I am in luck! The Neon Vibe 5K is coming to Huntsville on September 20th.

It is a rare, night time 5K. It was created after the Vampire Equality Act was passed in 2009. They can finally participate in a 5K. We all have Twilight to thank.

There is music playing, you are given glow in the dark chalk to wear, and there are special UV backlight glow zones.

What sold me, was the part on their page that said, ”THIS IS NOT A RAVE”. They emphasize the fun aspect over anything else and I like that spirit.

Also, providing my peeps and I with a discount code helped sway my decision as well. If this sounds like fun to you, sign up today with coupon code VIBEBOOT, and get a discount.

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10 Tips for Warrior Dashes

warrior dash 10 Tips for Warrior Dashes

Tip 1, wear hat with horns

On Wednesday, I told you about our new Warrior Dash Training class. Today I want to offer you some tips that will help you as well.

Some of these may sound obvious, but people neglect many of these because they are so focused on things like mud and fire. Use these simple tips on race day to avoid mistakes that have caused me unnecessary pain.

1. Dress the part

Dress like it is 15-20 degrees warmer than it actually is because once you get going that is what it will feel like. A shirt that wicks moisture is ideal if you have one.

2. Staying hydrated 

Make sure you are well hydrated starting the day before the race. You don’t want to have to wake up and chug a bunch of water to get right. Slow and steady wins the hydration race. The day of the race, make sure to drink some water before, take advantage of the water stations during the race, and then rehydrate afterwards.

3. Avoid this

Use the bathroom at home, your hotel, or somewhere close to the race if at all possible! Unless you are a fan of long lines and stanking Port O Potties, then by all means wait until you get there.

4. Secure the perimeter

For the Warrior Dash wear some clothes you don’t care about, but also you might need something tight underneath to keep the mud from getting in hard to reach areas. You live and learn…

5. Don’t miss your wave

Get there earlier than you think you need to be there. Traffic is usually crazy, so it may take awhile to get to the starting line. Give yourself an hour more than you think you need and you will probably be right on time.

6. Know thy pre-race meal

Whatever you typically eat and can stomach before a workout, stick with it. This is not the time to try new foods, supplements, and drinks.

7. Footwear

Not the time to try different shoes either, not that you plan on getting your new kicks all muddy and dirty. This also means not bringing those shoes you haven’t worn in 10 years with the holes all in them. You are still doing at least a 5K, wear shoes that won’t lead to injury.

8. Make sure you warm up!

One year, I was too busy gathering people together for the run, answering questions, watching some guy drink and smoke in line for the race (seriously), and I neglected to warm up. Not good. Makes for a much rougher race.

9. Don’t start too fast

I combined the no warm up thing, with starting off really fast. Also, not good. Your adrenaline will be going, tons of people around, and the way they start the race will pump you up. Run your race. Get in the back if you need to. You will end up passing knuckleheads like me who sprint at the beginning and then are sucking wind shortly after.

10. Cool down afterwards

Most people know to warm-up, but many neglect to cool down. Instead of sprinting straight through the finish line to the beer tent, do some walking and light stretching afterwards along with rehydrating to avoid cramping up.


If you are worried about the training leading up to the race, sign up for the class here —->Warrior Dash Training

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Dominating the Warrior Dash

321393 10150439537188496 556658081 n Dominating the Warrior Dash

The Holmes dominated the Warrior Dash!

One of the funnest races I have ever done have been Warrior Dashes. It is basically a 5K with obstacles, mud, and fire.

That may sound awful, but they are actually a lot of fun. But you do have to train for them.

That is why we are offering a Warrior Dash Training class. It is an 8-week prep class that will begin Saturday August 9th and run until September 27th. The Warrior Dash in Pulaski, TN will be the following weekend on October 4th.

If you’ve never done one before, make it your goal to try one! If you are nervous about doing one, let me help you with that. You will be ready and it will feel like a huge accomplishment, I guarantee it.

This class is actually co-ed too, so this is a rare chance to do a class with your significant other as well. The class will make you stronger, give you more endurance, and increase your confidence in yourself.

Sign up for the class here —->Warrior Dash Training

On Friday, I will post 10 Warrior Dash Training tips to help you as well.

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I feel terrible

pickup I feel terrible

I am easily amused, but this orange is awesome

I went to Chattanooga for a couple of days to celebrate Fourth of July and to meet up with friends who run a boot camp there. It was an awesome trip, but I overdid it.

Too much food and drink that is not conducive to helping me reach my goals. Translation- I ate cheeseburgers and fries as often as possible.

And I was really feeling it yesterday. Sluggish, not motivated, stomach not quite right.

Are you feeling somewhat similar? Did you overdo it for a few days?

Then I want you to join me in recommitting to your goals. Think about when you wrote down your New Year’s Resolutions so long ago.

How are you progressing on those? You should be about halfway to your goal because we are at the halfway point in the year.

Even if you’re not, it’s not too late! It is time to go to work though.

What do you need to start doing today to start getting back on track? Two things that I have let slip are drinking enough water and prepping meals ahead of time.

And if I’m honest, my workouts have not been as stellar as they could be. I used to think it was crazy that a lot of top trainers hire trainers to keep them in shape. I get it now.

So I am starting to put a 24 ounce water bottle next to my bed, so when I wake up first thing I do is drink that thing down. And I have my meals ready to roll tomorrow.

For my workouts, I just needed a little attitude adjustment. I got a little reminder of what life could be like if I ever go back to being overweight. Everything is harder and I refuse to go back.

Where do you need to start? Shoot for small things that you can do to get back on track.

Do you need help?  We are running a new member special right now. $99 for a mont of unlimited boot camp.

If yo unwed accountability, if you need the extra push, and if you are ready to re-commit to reaching your goals sign up today.

You can register here —>New member special

6 months left in the year, let’s do this!

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4th of July Baseball Workout


381 4th of July Baseball Workout

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and burpees. America’s favorite past times.

Get a quick workout in before the gluttony starts. Won’t take up much time and then you can get on with the festivities.

You can do this workout anywhere you like and it actually works great as a group. Set up 4 objects in a diamond pattern, then designate which object is first base, second, third, and home. Next pick out 4 exercises that correspond with each base. For example:

First base-15 pushups

Second base-15 burpees

Third base-15 shoulder presses

Home-15 jump squats

You can use whatever exercises you prefer and you don’t necessarily need equipment.

Don’t be turning this into a drinking game! I’m watching you.

Every time you go all the way around the “bases” it counts as a run. Set a time limit and try to score as many “runs” as possible.

You can go for 15 minutes, take a rest break, and then change the exercises up. Perfect chance to teach grandma what a burpee is. If you are doing it as a group, try to outscore the other team or individual.

Hope you have a great holiday and remember all the members of our armed forces who are fighting to keep our great country free.

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The dangers of being a night owl


d7583481acde789d2c5331fef10224563c38443edc93875e1d061b2f0c7ce354 The dangers of being a night owl

Are you a night owl? Do you feel like you function best when you can stay up late and sleep late?

Do you exercise on a regular basis?

Research from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine tells me that the chances of you being a night owl and a regular exerciser are not good.

People who consider themselves night owls tend to sit more and have more perceived barriers to exercise. Do you know what the real term for a perceived lack of exercise is? It is an excuse.

So what do you do if you are a night owl and can’t get into the exercise groove?

Why do you stay up so late every night? Is it so you can watch TV, read, etc…?

If you are staying up to do those things, start giving yourself a time limit. Hey I know that when Forrest Gump is on it is tough to turn off, but it must be done. Set a time that you will stop and stick with it.

As an added bonus, research has shown this cuts down on 78% of late night infomercial purchases.

 The dangers of being a night owl

Start getting up a little earlier each day. When you have the going to bed at a decent hour part down, this makes this part much easier.

Now getting up earlier is not that great at first. I’m not gonna lie to you. I used to work in a gym and I was on a shift where I closed the gym every night.

I got a rude awakening (pun intended) when I switched to opening the gym. When you are used to going to bed at midnight, then you turn around and start getting up at 330am your body hates you. And you hate everything in return.

Start by getting up just 15 minutes earlier each day. You will find yourself being more productive and having more time in the day.

You might even find yourself becoming one of those annoying morning people. It happened to me.

Most of important of all, STOP USING EXCUSES.

This is the most important thing you can ever do for yourself. Excuses are crutches. You start to believe your own excuses and feel helpless.

What is really holding you back from exercising and taking care of your health?

Picture 39 The dangers of being a night owl

What it feels like to get rid of excuses

People busier than you are exercising every day. You have time in your schedule if you make exercise a priority.

There are some days I only have 5 minutes to workout. So that’s what I do. A little bit of something beats a whole lot of nothing.

People sicker, older, and with more health problems than you are working to get healthy every day. Why can’t you?

You absolutely can, you just have to give yourself permission. Give yourself permission, by ridding yourself of the excuses and replacing them with reasons to be healthier.

Need help or maybe just a little encouragement? That’s what I’m here for, reach out and I will help however I can.

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