How do people go to work after this???

Awesome place to train

Awesome place to train

On Monday I started taking jiu-jitsu again. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, since it has been so long and I didn’t know anyone that would be in the class.


I had all these excuses built up in my head for why I shouldn’t go.


-It’s too hard.


-I won’t be any good at it.


-The people in the class will be so much better at it than me.


-I’ve got too much work to do.


-Too many old injuries to risk it.


-My feet are too pale.


Then it all hit me at once. These are the exact reason why people don’t come to boot camp! Except for maybe that last one.


That was a huge motivator for me to start back. How could I expect other people to overcome those objections and not be willing to do it myself?


I detest a hypocrite. This was a great opportunity to put myself in the shoes of someone who is new to our classes.


Here is a full report of my first day back: How do people go back to work after this?


The class was at 11:00am and by 12:15pm I felt like I needed a chiropractor, massage therapist, an IV, and some crutches.


I would like to formally apologize to my current clients if you feel like this. Feeling your pain.


Everyone was really accepting, helpful, and friendly. Plus, I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would.


If you are on the fence about trying something new, I would encourage you to step out and give it a try. You will find that most of those things you’ve been telling yourself are lies.


PS-any time you want to come try out boot camp, feel free to come as our guest. Any class time or location is open for you to try out.

Adventure Hiking Classes Are Back!

Another benefit of hiking. Selfies.

Another benefit of hiking. Selfies.

I've always wanted to do a back by popular demand announcement. So back by popular demand it is our:


Adventure Hiking Classes!


We did these awhile back and everyone had a blast.


The very first hike will be on Saturday January 23th at 9am.


What to expect:


-Gain strength and endurance


-Learn the basics of hiking


-See the most beautiful locations in north Alabama


-Sweat, smiles, and laughter


-Improved mood


Hiking is an excellent way to get an effective, low impact workout in. It is also great for your mood and attitude to get out and explore nature.


This class is open to women, men, and children who can handle the hiking. If mom and/or dad join, children can come free.


There will be 6 different hikes (1 every week) over the 6 week period. Each hike will be different and will last anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours hours per hike.


This is going to be an awesome class, sign up today!


Adventure Hiking sign up link

Don’t pop that!

Just don't

Just don't

Picture yourself happily driving down the road, letting your mind wander, and thinking about all the many things going on in your life.


That's when it happens. Bang!


You hit a curb REALLY hard. When you get out to inspect your car, you find out you popped a tire.


So then you go around and pop every single tire!


Why would you do that? Because you screwed up! Since you messed up, forget the whole thing.


That sounds like something a crazy person would do right?


But we all have done pretty much the same thing.


Have you ever been doing really good on a nutrition or exercise program, have a slip up, and then just go NUTS on a binge? Go completely sedentary, and just give up?


"Well I already blew it with the pizza on Friday, might as well get a keg of maple syrup and call it a life."


Don't blow it all based on one slip up! It is only January. You are going to go through slumps, you will hit plates, and you will feel like a failure at some point or another this year. It will happen and that's ok.


Build some cheat meals into your plan, practice portion control, just go for a walk, show up at an exercise class, eat a little healthier every day, stop expecting perfection from yourself. Do one little thing to get you back in the groove.


The main thing is to stop beating yourself up about food. Stop beating yourself up because you missed a week of working out.


Start thinking big picture. A week of "bad" eating and a week off from working out will not ruin your results. Just like working out and eating right for one week will not get you results.


You will be fine, you just need to get back on track. You do that by staying positive, not by berating yourself and getting down on yourself.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”



Have you ever heard that quote before? It's from American poet Mike Tyson.


This quote applies to this time of year because it is New Year's Resolution time! I have a painful question for you.


How did your resolutions end up last year?


If you're like most of us, your answer is, "Awesome! For the first 2 weeks..."


Most of us are really good about setting the resolutions and getting all fired up about them. The problem is, we plan these resolutions in a vacuum.


We don't take into account the stresses of life. Losing jobs, sick kids, car breaking down, floods, swine flus, and other nasty life events.


This year come up with your If This, Then That plan to go along with your resolutions. I like to call it having a back-up plan to back up, your back-up plan.


A couple examples might be:


I will work out 3 times every week- have workouts you can do at home (sick kids, car won't start) or on the road (unplanned work trip or family emergency).


I will cook dinner at home 4 days this week- have pre-made, healthy Crock Pot meals in the freezer or spend time on the weekends cooking/prepping meals for the week.


I would also encourage you to focus on habits (like I did above), rather than the usual "Lose weight" and "Start working out" goals. Habits are what get you the results you want. Plus you can adjust them up or down based on your success at achieving them.


What habits are you looking to set this year? Respond to this e-mail, let me know what you are wanting to do, and how I can help.


2016 is going to be awesome!


PS- I will send you out TBT post tomorrow that has some different ways to make the New Year your best year.

The Feel Good Workout

Dogs-Feeling-Good     https://youtu.be/1rQVdgn38Uw

Some days you just don't feel like working out. There have been times in my life when that day was every day.


Maybe you are sore, or tired, or stiff, or short on time. That is where The Feel Good Workout comes in.

The workout consists of 4 different parts: 1. Cardio 2. Mobility 3. Foam rolling 4. Core

For this particular workout I chose jumping rope, third world squat, foam rolling my thighs, and a plank hold. Each exercise was for 30 seconds, with no rest in between.


The beauty of this workout is that there are infinite combinations you can use. You can go hard to make it more of a workout. Slow it down a little if you are looking to just loosen up your body and get some physical activity in that day. You can also change up the exercises every round. I used this as a warmup for my workout yesterday.


Choose whatever combination works best for you, give this workout a try, and let me know what you think!

Then I went and TOTALLY redeemed myself!



I have a confession for you. These blogs are extremely painful to write sometimes.


I'm not the greatest writer in the world and sometimes I am flat out of ideas to write about.


Yesterday was one of those days.


So instead I decided to take a hike and skip writing my post for a day. And not just any hike, I decided to take on a mountain that defeated me a few years ago.


That was an experience I wrote about 2 weeks ago.

It got me last time

It got me last time

It was a pretty tough workout, but totally worth the view at the top.


Anyway, thought I would share a few lessons I took from this whole deal.


1. Don't let past experiences effect future actions


The last time I tried this, it was a complete disaster and I refused to even try it again. Has that ever happened to you?


Maybe you tried a class, attempted to start running, started lifting weights, tried a new diet, etc... and it was a terrible experience. Then you decided to never try anything like that again.


Don't give up! It's so much sweeter when you do something you thought you couldn't.


2. Be around encouragers


Lots of my friends read the story about my failure and told me not to give up, that the trail was cleared off more, and that I could do it. Call me gullible, but I believed them and they were right.


3. When you reach the top you are only half way


Sounds pretty silly to have to say it, but it's true! I thought that once I got to the top the hard work was over. I could just coast down.


Not so fast. It was almost tougher on the way down because it was so slippery. That combined with tired legs made for an interesting descent. I fell flat on my back 3 times. Not slipped a little, I was laid out. Good times.


Once you get in shape, it's not over! You need to continue the fight. Don't just coast and stay there. Find new and exciting ways to challenge yourself. Your body is capable of more than you give it credit for, go find out what that is.

There are a few other things I could share with you, but I don't want to bore you any more with my misadventures. Hope you enjoyed this story, it's much better than the one I wasn't going to write...

10 Steps To Fat Loss Success


Not one of the steps

Not one of the steps

Here is my suggestion for this list. Take a look at what you are doing now and add in one thing from this list at a time. Start with the one that would be easiest for you to make a habit, then go from there.


1. Just Eat Real Food


If you did nothing else on this list, you could cure a lot of problems if you just followed this one thing. Cutting processed and fast food out of your diet and eating things that come from the Earth is exactly what your body needs.

Crazy stat from Dr. Mark Hyman- There 600,000 processed food items in our environment. 80% of them contain added sugar.

More on sugar later.


2. Don't fear fat


Fat has a bad reputation because it is high in calories, but it is also very beneficial too. Food like fish, nuts, avocado, and coconut oil are all excellent examples of beneficial fats to have in your food plan.


Trans fats (man made fats) should be avoided at all opportunities. Shortening, fried foods, canned biscuits, margarine are all chock full of trans fats that will lower your good cholesterol and raise your bad cholesterol.


3. Shake the sugar habit


Sugar is absolutely killing America, especially our children. It is extremely addictive and has a vicious cycle that is very destructive to our bodies.


The end result? Your hormones get out of wack, you gain weight (among other side effects), and then you crave even more sugar!


Because of this threat, I even wrote a book about how to kick the the sugar habit. There was even research and stuff involved, it was like being back in school. I was proud of the end result though.


Fun fact- Having 1 soda per day increases a child's chances of becoming obese by 60%. And 90% of kids have at least 1 soda per day. That is a big reason experts are predicting that be 2050 obesity rates will sky rocket from 36% where we are now, to 50%.


4. Read the articles


If you read nothing else today, start reading your food labels. The package on the outside, is 100% marketing. The true story is told in the food label.


If nothing else, look at the first 3 ingredients (they are listed from the largest amount to the smallest). And if it has a bunch of stuff you don't recognize or can't pronounce, don't eat it.


5. Upgrade your carbs


Carbs have been demonized over the past few years. Carbs are not the devil. The simple starches (chips, fries, aka junk food) are the real problem and should be avoided for sure.


Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are all excellent sources of carbohydrates. It all gets back to the first step we discussed. Eat carbs that are not processed.


6. Move more, sit less


Energy is a weird thing. You have to have the energy to at least get out and move a little bit, but then that little bit of moving can give you back more energy than you had before. You just need to start.


More and more studies are showing that sitting is worse than smoking and can actually undo all of the exercise you have been doing. Get up at the very least, once and hour and walk around a little bit.


7. Do you even lift bro?


Strength training is the fountain of youth. It can be weights, bands, bodyweight, milk jugs, or whatever you have that provides resistance but you need to get strong and stay strong.


You will build muscle, which will help you get rid of fat, which will make you more mobile, which will make you have better quality of life. Everything gets better when you get stronger.


8. Never settle


You have to continue to challenge yourself. The workout you did 6 months ago does not get you the results it did then. You need to always try to get more reps, more distance, more weight, etc... in everything that you do if you want to keep getting results.


9. H2O you didn't!


Just picture me saying this one really sassy like and you will get the full impact of what I named this step. I have talked about the importance of water a lot lately because it is that important.


Try getting up and drinking a tall glass Magical 3F Water every morning for a week and see if you notice any changes.



10. Eliminate the negative self talk


I have an experiment for you. Start talking about or thinking about someone you have not seen in awhile. An old roommate, a friend you haven't see in awhile something like that. More times than not, you will hear from that person within the next week.


It's crazy! But it works. It's called the Law of Attraction. Some people call it a self fulfilling prophesy.


Whatever you call it, you want to avoid negative thoughts about yourself. Constantly calling yourself fat, old, tired, and other insults does you absolutely no good. On the other hand, it actually cements those thoughts in your head and bleeds over into your behaviors.


Instead, do the opposite. Work on constantly encouraging and inspiring yourself. Words have power, let them work to your advantage.


Where do you need to start? Pick one you can start making a habit today.

How to create your own effective workouts



Exercise is really pretty simple when you break it down. There are really only 7 movements that you can do.


There are hundreds of variations on these 7 movements, but they all get back to this basic format. We use these movements as a template to create our workouts in boot camp.


So many of the magazines and articles you see on fitness make it so complicated! To create a well balanced workout (where all the muscles get worked) you just need 7 movements. No fancy equipment needed.


These 7 movements are:



2. Pull

3. Squat

4. Lunge

5. Bend

6. Twist

7. Step (walk, run, jump)


You can easily build an efficient workout for the gym, home, or on the road.


Here is an example:


Do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, then move on to the next exercise. Go through the list 3 times total.


1. Pushups

2. Rows

3. Squats

4. Walking lunges

5. Deadlifts

6. Torso twists

7. High knees run in place


In 21 minutes you have worked muscles in your body from head to toe, burned calories, and built strength.

Use this template, get creative, and you can workout any time, anywhere. Or just come to our classes and we will do all the workout design for you.

3 + 1 For Better Pushups

These pushups are pretty awesome too

These pushups are pretty awesome too

Let's all just agree. Pushups are awesome. They work muscles from your head to your toes.


Whether you are doing pushups on your toes, your knees, on an incline, or a wall these tips can help you get more out of your pushups.


1. Don't let your elbows flare out

It all starts with proper hand placement. Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders (or slightly wider) at the top of the pushup. As you lower yourself down, think about keeping your elbows lined up with the middle finger on your hand. When the elbows flare out, you place more stress on the shoulders.


2. Push through your pits

Focus on pushing with your armpits. This sounds weird, but will help you better recruit the muscles in your chest and triceps, gets the lats (the muscles on the side of your back) involved, and helps to protect your shoulders.


3. Never let your butt go over your head

This is just good life advice in general, so there's that. It will also help you avoid a common problem of "piking" your hips up. Keep your butt muscles tight, your chin off your chest, and lower yourself down chest first. This will give you a better range of motion and a more effective pushup.


Bonus Tip- Hand Release Pushups

If you find you are having trouble going all the way down, try hand release pushups. Lower yourself all the way down to the floor, when you are all the way flat reach your arms out to the side like you are an airplane, bring your hands back to just outside your chest, and then push up.

This will help you not only get lower in your pushups, but also helps you keep your elbows from flaring out. Plus any time you can go airplane it's a good thing.

Been sitting in a car or desk all day? This will fix you up (video)


It was fall break last week for my son's school, so we took a vacation. Great experience, but I hate sitting in the car for so many hours.


Not sure why it is so exhausting to sit in the same spot for hours on end, but it wears me out. I also get sore and stiff from having my shoulders, neck, and back hold that same position.


Do you ever get that or am I special? Don't answer that.


If you sit at a desk or in a car for several hours a day, there is a good chance you have back, shoulder, and/or neck pain. Check out this video for the circuit I do after a long car trip to help limber up.


It takes 10 minutes or less to get through, but it will make you feel so much better. Give it a try some time!


1. 10 Band pull aparts (knuckles up)

2. 10 Band pull aparts (palms up)

3. 10 Dislocators (back to front is one rep)

4. 10 Rolls on upper back

5. 10 Rolls on each shoulder blade

6. Repeat the whole circuit 2 more times

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