I didn’t listen to my own advice and I paid for it



On Monday I talked about using the CRAP acronym to avoid eating things that might hurt your chances of losing weight. I feel like a bit of an expert because I ate most of the things on that list this past weekend.

My son had a basketball tournament is Winchester, Tennessee that lasted all day Saturday and half of Sunday. I didn’t prepare ahead of time and I paid for it.

My son getting the jump ball. His team won the tournament, I ate a lot of junk.

My son getting the jump ball. His team won the tournament, I ate a lot of junk.


After eating out for breakfast, lunch, and the traditional 4 o’clock ice cream hour we hit the road to come back home. We got home around 6 and I decided to get a quick workout in before dinner. The workout was miserable! No energy, constantly out of breath, feeling stiff and weak.

The combination of drinking very little water, eating junk, and sitting all day added up me feeling awful. Is that how you feel when you workout?

If so, I would encourage you to take care of your body before you take on an exercise program. Give yourself a fighting chance!

Properly fueling your body, taking care of your muscles (with stretching, foam rolling, or massages), and avoiding sitting down for extended periods of time will make everything better. It will still not be easy and you will still need to work at it, but you will greatly increase your chances of success.

Where do you need to start today? Better nutrition? Taking care of your muscles? Stop sitting so much? Pick one, make it a habit, and then start adding the other steps into your life.

How to run pain free



Have you ever started a running program only to have to stop due to an injury? Or maybe you are still a runner, but you have lots of aches and pains you work through. Tendinitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, IT band trouble, knee pain, and the list goes on and on.


What if you could actually run pain free?


That is the goal of our upcoming workshop series on May 7th and 14th. Here is what you can expect to learn at this workshop:


-how to run further

-how to run faster

-how to run more efficiently

-do all three of those things above AND stay injury free.


How awesome would that be?

Physical therapist Dr. Nancy Harden will be leading a Run Pain Free workshop. I could say a million things about Dr. Harden, but the main thing she does is help people take care of themselves in a way that makes them more efficient and effective at the things they want to do. I call her the Muscle Whisper.


Session 1 (May 7, 8-10am) is based on the phrase “when the foot hits the ground everything changes.” The focus will be on feet, ankles, knees, and hips. You will learn why they do what they do and how they can help or harm your running.


Session 2 (May 14, 8-10am) gets more into your specific needs. Each person will be assessed on how they run and will be offered specific ways to fix their posture, stride length, mobility, weight transfer, etc… You have to attend Session 1 to attend Session 2.


With Session 1 you will walk away with things you can do right away to improve your running and avoid injury. When you attend Session 1 and 2 it will be an absolute game changer and that is what I would recommend you do.


The cost is $30 for Session 1 and only $50 for Session 1 and 2. A great value for all the hands on information you will be getting from these workshops. To make sure that everybody gets the attention they deserve, we only have 15 spots available.


Save your spot today --->Run Pain Free

Frisbee Fitness (Your homework)



One of the best ways to get in shape and change your body is sprinting. The only negative for sprints are the fact that they are pretty tough.


Sprints are tough but they are worth it. Some benefits you get from sprinting are: accelerated fat loss, increase in HGH and testosterone that will help you restore muscle tissue and build lean muscle, better race times for runners and bikers, and the workouts are shorter.


You can definitely go out and run sprints, hill sprints are even better. But the main purpose of my message today is to trick yourself into doing a sprint workout.


One way you can do this is a Frisbee workout. On Easter afternoon my son and I went to the park with our fancy Aerobie Pro AKA The Astonishing Flying Ring. This thing is awesome! You can easily throw it 100 yards with minimal effort.


We were just looking for something different to do, but it ended up being a fun and effective workout. With sprinting for fat loss, a good rule of thumb is to rest twice as long as you sprinted (ex sprint 20 seconds, rest 40 seconds). Which ended up about the rest intervals we were doing since every other throw would be way over the other person’s head.


That is just one example, but there could be 100s of ways you could trick yourself into sprinting. And sprints can be done on foot, a bike, swimming, in a wheelchair, skateboard, etc…


Your homework this weekend is to find a fun way to work sprints into your workouts. The Frisbee Fitness come highly recommended, but here are a few more options:


-Play tag, capture the flag, or even red light/green light


-Get up the stairs as fast you can


-Play a sport like basketball, flag football, lacrosse, or soccer


-Go roller skating (if you know how to stop without running into video games or small children)


Get creative and go have some fun!

7 Important Habits for Women



Stephen Covey famously wrote about 7 habits people should adopt to become highly effective people. I want to totally rip off his idea and share with you my 7 Habits of Highly Buff Women.

Tips that aren't complicated, but will guarantee your success if you put them to the test.


1. Develop mental muscles

People that get the most out of their workouts are enthusiastic; they actually want to be there! Excuses don’t apply to them. Why are you working out? Find a compelling reason that will drag you back into the fight when things get tough.


2. Have a game plan

Have you ever gone into a gym and found that you wandered around, puttering from machine to machine? Stop wasting your time! Always come with a plan of action for when you get to your workout.

Either get a trainer or get an effective workout program on paper/in your phone for you to follow. That will prevent you from skipping out on those hard exercises, keep you from wandering around with a blank stare like most guys in Victoria’s Secret, and will maximize the time you spend in your workout.


3. Use proper nutrition

You can’t outrun your mouth. The oldest mistake around is assuming what you do during your workout gives you free will to eat whatever you want. You absolutely HAVE to eat properly to get results. Your workout is one hour a day, what you do in the other 23 hours will determine your success.


4. Always use proper form

Form is everything when it comes to exercise. Always know what muscles you are supposed to be working, so you can concentrate on using them the whole time as opposed to just trying to go through a movement. Proper from leads to fewer injuries and better results.


5. Keep showing up

Consistency is the key. You have to make exercise and nutrition a habit and a part of your everyday routine. Working out really hard for one month and then taking the next month off will not get the job done.


6. Be well rounded

Your body is used to that strict routine of 100 Thighmaster squeezes, 12 minutes on your Shake Weights, and 10 minutes on your machine that you strap the belt around your waist and it shakes the pounds off. You have to change it up because your body needs different stimuli to change.

The body can adapt really quick, so change something in your program at least once every six weeks. Lift heavier, rest less, go further, go faster, etc...

Your body needs strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training. Make sure your program incorporates all three.


7. Bring the intensity

Take a look at someone’s body you admire and want to look like. Chances are they work extremely hard to look like that. Going through the motions and having an “I don’t like to sweat” attitude will not get you the results you want.

You’re stronger than you think, don’t be scared of pushing yourself!

Get a jump start on your results


jump-start Are you in a rut? Are you overwhelmed?

Does it seem like you have so far to go, what's the use in even trying?

I've been there my friend, it is a hard place to be in.You know how you get out of that place?

One action step at a time.

Below are 20 examples of what that one thing could be.

1. Get the junk food out of your house

2. Stand up for 5 minutes every hour

3. Avoid fast food this week

4. Eat one healthy meal today

5. Take a 10 minute walk

6. Use a foam roller for 10 minutes

7. Floss (it adds 6 years to your life)

8. Stretch for 10 minutes

9. No liquid calories today (soft drinks, alcohol, coffees, etc…)

10. Commit to one workout (I know a great boot camp if you need it)

11. Turn the TV off and go to bed on time

12. Take 10 minutes of absolute quiet by yourself to de-stress

13. Find someone who will keep you accountable (friend, trainer, group)

14. Go buy some new workout clothes or shoes

15. Write down your goals where you will see them daily

16. Rather than creating excuses for not getting healthy, create a plan

17. Start a sleep routine you will do every night

18. Eat a vegetable you've never tried this week

19. Do your measurements so you can see how far you are about to go

20. Get negative people (AKA energy vampires) out of your life

Pick out one thing from this list (or come up with one that resonates with you) and do it today. Sometimes all it takes is a little positive momentum to start something great.

The Danger of Facebook


danger facebook

If you are looking for a new book to read, I would recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.


Really interesting book and it makes me feel like I should be wearing cool glasses and wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches.


One of the stories was about the smartest of the smart kids and what happens to them at the top Ivy League type schools like Brown University.


Kids that have scored higher on the math and science portion of the SATs drop out of Science and Math majors at a higher rate at the top schools, than kids that go to other lesser known schools even though these kids scored lower on the math and science portion of the SATs.


What went wrong? These kids clearly have the smarts to get through these classes. It has to be something else right? It is something else.


They compared themselves to others.


These were kids who were at the top of their classes in high school and were really smart. Then they get to the high level schools and they aren’t surrounded by smart any more, they are surrounded by brilliant.


It makes them feel dumb by comparison and they drop out. Even though they are really smart kids!


More and more studies are coming out that Facebook makes people more depressed and less satisfied with life.


"Comparison is the thief of joy." Theodore Roosevelt


This also happens in fitness all the time. It is one of the main reasons I started a fitness class for women only.


I worked in gyms for a long time and I would see women walk in all the time that I knew would never come back. I knew they would never come back when I saw “The Look”.


The look of “I don’t belong here”


The look of “I can never look like her”


The look of “I am not as pretty/fit/strong/skinny as her”


The look of Comparison


Our boot camps in Huntsville, Harvest, and Madison provide a safe place where women can come be their best at any shape, size, or ability.


No matter what shape, size, or ability you are exercise is for you. You do belong, you do matter!


The only person you need to compare yourself to is you. No one else matters.


Are you doing your best? Do you keep showing up? Are you doing what you can to maximize your results?


Those are the things you need to worry about because those are the things you can control. And those are the things that will get you results.


Do your thing, you're pretty awesome if you think about it.

Change the batteries, change your life


I am suspicious of warning lights. This latest warning light started with the not so threatening "Keyboard Batteries Low". It is now trying to convince me that this is an extremely desperate situation.


It takes, what about 1 minute to put batteries into something? But will I be getting up and changing them? No.


This has happened to me before and then I got all mad at myself because I was in the middle of writing something and then my keyboard was useless. By the time I got things taken changed out, my creative thoughts were all gone.


We all have things that like. My wife, for example, is a planner and not a risk taker at all except for one thing.


The gas level in her car.


When that light comes on it is just another pretty decoration for her car dash, not a reason to stop.


The beginning of almost every car trip for us:


-"Hey did you know your gas light is on?"

-"Oh yeah that has been on for awhile, we should probably go get gas."


How about you? What is your thing you avoid even though you know you will pay for it later?


With many people it is starting an exercise program. They get motivated by moments in life that you don't want to have to go through.


The doctor tells you it is time to exercise.


For years you have put on a few pounds here and there now you are 40 pounds overweight and have terrible self esteem.


You have no energy to play with your kids or engage with your spouse.


Don't let it get to that point! Take that first step today.


You know you need to do something, it is just really hard to take that first step. But I promise you that once you take that first one, you will feel so much better.


Do one thing today to get you headed in the right direction.

What happens when you quit exercising?



I sat down to do research for this great article idea I had. I was curious to know what are the actual numbers on what happens when you quit exercising?


Why does it feel like I've never exercised in my life when I take 2 weeks off?


Am I really weaker now or is it all in my head?


Sounds like a really interesting premise right? Well LiveStrong.com thought so too.


So rather than trying to reinvent the wheel here is a link to their very interesting article:


9 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Abandon Your Workout Routine


Spoiler alert! Not all of them are things that are unexpected. But I can tell you that #7 encouraged me and then #9 depressed me.


Either way a cool article and a quick read. What number was most intriguing for you?

Hanger Danger in New Orleans



My wife and I took the train down to New Orleans for a wedding a few years ago. The train is a pretty awesome way to travel if you aren't in a hurry by the way.


We get there pretty late, by my standards any way. It was about 10pm, so it was pretty dark out.


The place we were staying was one of those deals where you pay on-line, the person sends you a code, and then you get the key to your place out of a lock box when you get there. I put the code in this stinking thing about 10 times and nothing!


I was a little tired and admittedly a lot hangry, so my mind was not right. It is always good when you have to preface things like that, isn't it?


I gave the code one more time and then I kind of blacked out. Next thing I know I am holding a lock box that was at one time bolted into a concrete wall. I should have kept a Snickers bar handy...


In the middle of my Hulk Lock Box Smash I am wandering around I see another lock box a little bit down from where I was standing. You can probably guess that the code worked perfectly on that one. That made for a slightly awkward moment for me and the other lock box owner.


How scary would a ginger Hulk be by the way?


Do you ever feel like you are just beating your head against the wall with your exercise and nutrition plans? Giving it everything you have and all you get out of it is a smashed lock box of results. Just go with me on this.


I will let you in on a little secret. Not everything works for everybody.


Sounds pretty obvious, but that truth evades many people. Just because someone you know lost 50 pounds and kept it off doing Workout XYZ and eating ABC does not mean it will work the same for you.


There are several facts that go into, but when you are choosing what workout to do or how you are going to start eating healthier consider a few things.


Consistency- Can I see myself doing this on a regular basis for at least 1 month


Lifestyle- Will this fit into my work/family/home life? If it conflicts with more than one area of your life, it is going to be tougher to establish a routine.


Enjoyment- Are you going to be miserable the ENTIRE time you are doing this plan? If so, don't do it! There are hundreds of ways to get in shape and eat healthier without having to hate your life the rest of your time on Earth.


Be willing to try multiple things before you can find the plan that can give you long term results and that you will actually look forward to doing. There is a plan out there for everyone, it is your job to keep searching until you find it.

This makes you 97% more likely to be obese



We all do it, whether we admit it or not. Watch too much TV.


Does this routine look familiar? Get home from work, change clothes, eat dinner, settle down on the couch for a few hours of TV. It happens right? You're exhausted from the day and all you want to do is relax. Unfortunately, I have a few disturbing stats for you.


-People eat 71% more while watching TV

Mindless TV watching, leads to mindless eating. Focus on enjoying your food, not the TV.


-People who watch more than 19 hours of TV a week increase their odds of being overweight by 97%.

If you are eating 71% more and being sedentary for at least 19 hours a week, that is a recipe for disaster.


-For every hour of TV beyond 80 minutes that you watch daily, your chances of developing Alzheimer's increases by 30%!

The brain, just like your muscles, needs to be exercised. If you are turning your brain off for hours at a time during TV viewing, you will not be as mentally sharp.

We got rid of our cable and have not missed it one bit. Yeah, I'm "that guy". Hundreds of channels and nothing to watch. It is amazing how you can fill your time with more worthwhile activities when flipping through channels or catching up on DVR'd shows is not an option. And an extra $100 in the bank every month doesn't hurt either.


If you are in this routine, try something new this week. I'm not asking you to quit TV cold turkey. Take 30 minutes out of your TV routine and go for a 30 minute walk.


Start there and work your way up. One 30 minute walk per week becomes 2 walks per week, then you could add in 15 minutes of stretching. 15 minutes of foam rolling, etc...


It takes burning a little energy to have energy. The more active you are, the more energy you will have. You will notice that you are much more energized and no longer feel like collapsing into the couch at the end of the day. Break out of the couch potato cycle!

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