Your stilettos are trying to kill you

I would just like to first state that I understand the importance of fashion. Anybody that has seen my gold pants knows that. But sometimes fashion can be costly. A study in the Journal of Experimental Biology found that women who wore high heels 5 days a week for 2 years had much shorter calf muscles and Achilles tendons than women who did not wear the high heels.   Why do you care? If you're a guy who doesn't wear stilettos you probably don't. But for those that do (men and women) it means when you shorten those muscles you can't move your feet up and down like a normal person. This leads to more low back and knee injuries.   Most injuries are not caused by a weakness in the muscle that gets injured, they are caused by a weakness in another muscle. Ever had a "bad" knee or ankle? Did you end up eventually hurting the other one as well from overcompensating for the injury? It is very common.   This was about high heels, but I mainly want you to just think about tuning into your body. Listen to the body when it gives you warning signs that you are doing something wrong. When you are exercising, be in tune with proper form and proper joint support at all times. Don't get a pair of athletic shoes just based on how they look. Get some based on the activities you will be performing in them. And most important of all, use your stilettos sparingly.

Tax Day Workout

  Happy Buy An Accountant A Massage Day! Anybody else feeling the pinch from paying taxes? I thought it was rough before, but paying taxes from a small business owners perspective is rough!   If you are in a similar boat and looking to work off some stress, here is a circuit you can do. Just click the link to access the PDF. There will be pictures, descriptions, and videos of each exercise and exactly how to do the circuit.   Tax Day Workout

27 Things You Don’t Know About Me


In the fitness industry a lot of fitness professionals like to act like they never eat cake, enjoy a beer, or skip a workout. I enjoy doing all of those things! And sometimes I will skip a workout to have a beer with cake.

I am far from perfect, just like everybody else. It is a struggle to eat right and there are even times when I don't feel like exercising.

In the spirit of that theme I present to you 27 Things You Don't Know About Me. Some good, some bad, all played a part in making me who I am today.

1. I split a 40 ounce beer with a nun in Nicaragua.

2. I got a C in the first nutrition class I took. Very odd considering I had eaten a Pop Tart with jelly on it right before I took the final. Proof that anyone can come  long way if they just stick to something.

3. I've split 3 pairs of pants in my life. Two in the seat of the pants and one in the thigh (see below).

4. I have the calves of a 3rd grader and my thighs are the size of a third graders waist. Frog legs is what I call them. My thighs are one of the many reasons you will never see me in skinny jeans.


5. I lived in a trailer park for 3 years when I was in college.

6. I lived in Dublin, Ireland and worked in a pub while I was there. To this day I am good at doing an exercise called cleans because I got really good at learning how to stack full kegs 3 high. Not an easy task.

7. I still feel like I am going to throw up before I do any kind of public speaking, TV appearance, etc... I even get a little nervous when I teach my boot camp classes. It has taken a huge amount of effort to become the center of attention, but I will do whatever it takes to be successful.

8. My right arm (I'm right handed) from above my elbow to the tip of my thumb was in a cast for 6 months. This was when I was overweight and was a turning point in my life when I decided to start losing weight and getting healthy. Dropped a lot of extra baggage and decided I would spend the rest of my life helping others do the same.

9. My absolute lowest moment ever was waking up in a jail cell. Not recommended, but a major turning point in my life.

10. I ate 26 pieces of pizza in a pizza eating contest. Also not recommended.

11. At one time I thought I wanted to fight mixed martial arts. There is a big difference between people who fight in bars and people who know what they are doing. That is not the sport to be bad at, 6 month of training was enough for me. Only slightly influenced by the black eye I got right before my wedding.

12. In high school, I fouled out of a basketball game in just over 2 minutes. Pretty sure it is a record. Sadly it was probably the longest I played all year.


Soak it in ladies. Hair parted in the middle=hotness

13. One of my college roommates is in the CIA, while the other is a veterinarian on the island of Grenada and an expert in dog neurosurgery. There was no evidence I witnessed that these two positions would ever be reached.

14. I have a blue belt in Combat Jujitsu as well as a blue belt in Combat Judo.

15. One of my proudest accomplishments was training Wounded Warriors to get back their health as well as their lives. Amazing resiliency and more evidence of the power of a positive attitude.


16. I originally went to college to be a physical therapist. Turns out there is a lot of chemistry and math in there that did not agree with my brain. Majored in Health Promotion/Exercise Physiology with a Minor in Business instead.

17. One of the most embarrassing things that happened to me in college was when my 2 roommates and I were all gathered around the TV eating Ramen noodles and watching Blossom when a maintenance guy walked in and busted us. That along should have kept my roommate out of the CIA.


18. I have busted my chin pretty seriously, twice in my life. Both self inflicted. One was when I tried to do The Worm at a club in Ireland and hit my chin on the ground. The second was when I was trying to adjust a hand truck when I broke it loose and hit myself in the chin. Had health insurance this time, got stitches.

Slide accident for the little man, hand truck for me


19. I still have scars on my feet from getting really sunburned when I was in high school. Sunscreen kids, it is important.

20. I spelled the word business "buisness" until I was 18 years old. Darn you public schools! For the young people out there, make fun all you want. Paper and pencil do not come with spellcheck.

21. I tried to join the Army Reserves a few years ago. Aced the tests they gave me, had a slot reserved in Birmingham, they kept losing my paperwork. Took it as a sign I needed to go a different direction.

22. My vision is terrible. Literally every time I go to a new eye doctor, they have to bring in most of the staff to gaze at my blindness. Look at the freak! I'm near sighted, far sighted, and I have a stigmatism. The lenses for my glasses were made from the same stuff the Hubble telescope was made of. (that part might not be true)

23. My fourth toe on my left foot is longer than the third toe on my left foot. It's like they were put in the wrong toe slot. I refer to them as my mutant toes.

24. My right wrist does not hardly bend. When I do pushups it is basically like I am doing pushups on my finger tips on that side. That is what happens when your wrist is broken and you do not get it fixed. You will end up having surgery, they will take a bone out of your hip to fix it, it will still not work right, and you will end up in a cast for 6 months (see above).

25. I found out my wrist was broken when repeatedly mashing dough to make pizza crusts hurt way worse than it should have. Two years of football with a broken wrist? No worries. Two weeks at Mr. Gatti's pizza? Couldn't handle it.

26. I smoked a pack of menthols one night. Had never smoked before that and have never smoked since.

27. The only thing that freaks me out is something getting in my ears. I had a lot of medical issues with my ears growing up so I guess it stems from that. Those stories of bugs getting in people's ears and laying eggs? Can't handle them.

  I think that is enough for now. Hope it gives you a little insight into who I am and why I do what I do.

Quick Workouts For Spring Break


Fast workouts=more time for napping

For many people, it is Spring Break time! Great family time, but with the kids around full time you can't always get your workouts in.   I put together a couple of short, intense workouts that you can do anywhere to help solve that problem. You can even get the kids involved in the workout!   15 Minute Gut Buster   Cardio Circuit   As an alternative, we are doing a kid friendly camp from 830-930am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Huntsville. If you join, your kids get to come for free.   We have a few slots left if you would like to join us. Get registered ----> HERE   Have fun and be safe!

The problem most moms have, but never talk about

  In my fitness business I train a lot of moms. Including my own mom. It is one of the things I really love about what I do. Moms continue to amaze me with what that they are able to accomplish. I mean think where we would be without the patented "mom licking her thumb to get something off your face" move? We would be living like savages.     Giving birth is not a pretty scene, let's just put that out there. The beauty of childbirth is a myth along the lines of Bigfoot. It is a miracle for sure, but an ugly miracle. There are also many changes that occur with childbirth, but there is one that continually crops up pertaining to exercise.   The peeing problem.   Yep, I'm going there. Because it is a real thing! Hardly a day goes by when I don't see a jumping jack turn into a flapping of the arms with no jump. I don't even ask any more, I know. There is about to be trouble up in here if she keeps jumping.   So my purpose is to offer a fix for this problem in the form of a little something called Kegels. What are Kegels? They are exercises for the muscles of your pelvic floor that get their name from a doctor named Arnold Kegel. I’m working on getting an exercise named after me one day. Hopefully a totally different muscle group will be involved.   The purpose of Kegels is to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. Just like any other muscle if you exercise it, the muscle will improve. On the flip side though, if that muscle is not exercised or gets damaged it will not function like it used to.   Why so you need to do Kegels?   Besides, the main reason I mentioned earlier, there are several reason why you should do kegels. Lately I have talked to several people who have older parents suffering from incontinence. It has been a horrible experience for both the parent as well as the child, as you can imagine.   It is not just age that can cause incontinence; the pelvic floor can be adversely affected by giving birth, a sedentary lifestyle, and being overweight. Along with incontinence (of the bladder and bowels if you really want to know), weak pelvic floor muscles can cause prolapse of pelvic organs and decreased sexual enjoyment.   How do you perform Kegels?   Like all heartwarming stories, this one starts in the restroom. Next time you are urinating, contract the muscles that stop the flow of urine. These are the muscles you are looking to work. Chances are you have done Kegels before and didn’t even know it.   Have you ever been peeing, heard a suspicious noise, and cut the stream off? If so, then you have gotten your Kegel on! That looks much worse in writing than I imagined, but I’m still going with it.   Once you figure out the correct muscles to contract, don’t do it any more while urinating. You can actually weaken these muscles by continuing to contract the pelvic floor muscles while urinating.   Start off by contracting these muscles for 10 seconds at a time, then build up as your muscles get stronger. You can do these every day and at just about any time of the day. You might get a funny look on your face, but who cares?   This is a simple, but effective technique that can really improve your quality of life. If you know of anyone this article can help, why not pass it on to them? Anyone can do them and they can help everybody.  

The 12th Challenge-How fast can you do this workout?


Last week our challenge was to cut down on the amount of times you eat out. With a little planning and extra effort, you can save yourself a lot of money and weight gain by cooking your own meals.

This week we will be doing something a little more "fun". As part of our boot camps we do what we call personal challenges. They are different every time, but the main idea is to prove to every participant just how far they have come in 4 weeks.

I would highly recommend doing challenge workouts for yourself. A funny thing happens when you flip your mindset around into focusing on your fitness and just weight loss or inches lost. You will look at yourself one day and realize that by focusing on your fitness, you also lost inches and pounds along with it.

This challenge will be piggy backing on the Pick it up a notch! challenge from a few weeks ago. A challenge workout you can

Time yourself doing this workout and then re-test yourself a few weeks later.

You can modify each exercise as needed (example-pushups on your knees), just make sure to do the same the next time you test it. Want to know how fast I can do it? Tell me your time and I will tell you mine :)

Easy Crock Pot Recipe and the Harlem Shake

Easy Crock Pot Chicken This is probably the easiest recipe you will ever come across. Next time you are in a rush, try this one right before bed.   Throw one bag of frozen chicken breasts in the Crock Pot, season it with salt and pepper (or however you roll), cook on low overnight. By the time you wake up it will be ready. No need to thaw the chicken either, it will thaw as it cooks and provide enough moisture to keep the chicken from drying out.   The Harlem Shake is harder than I thought  
The Harlem Shake is harder than I thought
The Harlem Shake is harder than I thought

Do more housework or you might get fat

Did you happen to read the study that came out recently claiming that women are overweight these days because they do less housework? Before you ask, this study was done by a man. Apparently a man who has bodyguards, is incredibly brave, or has a death wish.
While the premise of the study may seem insulting, you have to dig down a little deeper to get an important lesson from it. Th study found that women in 1965 did 25.7 hours per week of housework, and in 2010 that number had dropped to 13.3 hours per week.
Or in another form, they went from burning 3486 calories per week doing housework to burning 2518 per week. At nearly 1000 calories fewer burned per week, you can imagine where that would contribute to weight gain.
That would be true no matter how you had an extra 1000 calories per week in your life. If you kept that up over a year's time it would put nearly 15 extra pounds of fat on you.
What is the most effective way to combat this?
Move more!
Housework is already covered under a sneaky way to burn calories called NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. So you need to make your life NEATer.
Here are a few other examples how:
•Calf raises at your chair
•Take the stairs
•Stand more
•Ball chair instead of an office chair
•Drink more water (you'll be on the "go" more)
•Walk and talk rather than sitting in your office all day
There are hundreds of ways you can work more movement into your day without actually taking time to go to an actual workout.
These aren't structured exercise programs, but they are ways to get more movement into your day. You will not only burn more calories, you will also feel more energized and your muscles will not be as stiff.
Or you could always spend nearly 30 hours a week doing housework...

The 10th Challenge- Try Something New


Time to change what circle you are in

  It is hard to believe we are already on our 10th challenge in this challenge series. How did you last week trying your affirmations challenge? For some it may be a little touchy feely, but that stuff works!   This next challenge is a little more on the fun side. Your challenge for this week is to try 3 new physical activities this week.   Examples would be: -trying an exercise you've never done -trying out a new fitness class -going on your first hike -Using a kettlebell for the first time -trying a rock climbing wall -doing burpees for the first time (life changing)   The purpose is to stay out of the exercise rut and to continue to challenge your body in new ways. There are so many awesome ways out there to stay in shape, go try them all!   If you would like to come try one of me boot camp classes, you can come as my guest any time this week. Or if you need suggestions on classes that fit your needs, I can help you with that as well. Send me an e-mail  at info@HuntsvilleBootCamp.com and I will set you up.   Thanks again to all of you for participating in this challenge, keep up the good work!

Is running making you fat?

  It sounds like a simple enough plan. Go run for several miles and the fat will melt off no problem. It does work for a while, but you eventually get to a point where it will slow to a halt.   For instance, you have been running 5 miles a day but not losing any weight. What in the world is going on? There are probably several things going on.  I knew a guy when I used to work in the gym who would run at least an hour every day, did several marathons, and still carried about 50 extra pounds in his belly. Crazy right?   One major factor is that the more you run, the more efficient you become at it. Great for running, but not so great for fat loss. Your body will get to a point where it burns less calories to do the same amount of work it used to.   Getting to the point where you can run 5 miles was probably a great milestone at one time, but if you keep doing the same mileage in the same amount of time you're not making progress. You need to run farther or run faster. This goes for any exercise you do. If you are doing the same speed, reps, weight, etc... every time you are spinning your wheels. That's the bad part about exercise, you have to keep trying! I know that's tough.   This also leads to another factor and that is overeating. Some runners will assume they can eat and drink whatever they want because they have put in so many miles. If you are still taking in junk calories it will catch up to you. Think about how hard it is to burn off 500 calories running and how quick you can eat or drink 500 calories.   Another contributing factor can be skipping out on your strength training workouts to focus solely on your cardiovascular training.  Strength training will not only help keep you injury free, but it will also help tremendously with fat loss.   Strength training workouts will not burn the same amount of calories DURING the exercise session as cardiovascular training, but you will continue to burn calories for hours AFTER your workout is completed. This effect is called the afterburn and there are documented cases of subjects burning calories up to 36 hours after the workout was completed.   Also, the more lean muscle mass your body has on it, the more calories you can burn sitting around watching people on The Biggest Loser be put in coffins. Did you see that by the way? Dude...   While it is possible to lose muscle from doing too much cardio, it has to be an excessive amount to do so.  You just  need to pick a lane. Are you training to look good or training to be a better runner? You have to be careful if all you are doing is cardio. I speak from experience. I tried it and it made me skinny fat.   When I was running a lot, I got to where I weighed about 185 pounds, which is a good weight but I was a soft 185 pounds. I weigh around 195 now, hardly ever do long distance running, and my body fat is much lower. So I would encourage you to pick a lane!
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