Do you use a FitBit?



My wife earned a free FitBit at work a few months ago. Her company is pretty awesome, they earn prizes and gifts with health enhancing activities.   She was obsessed with this thing when she first got it! The FitBit Flex that she has does a lot of cool things, but the main thing she uses it for are: step counting and sleep quality tracking.   When she first started counting her steps, she had no idea how inactive she was most days. Makes sense for someone who has a desk job right?   She now obsessively (don't worry, she won't read this) gets 10,000 steps a day in. Pacing during phone calls, parking further out when she goes to the hospital, marching while brushing teeth, or whatever it takes to get there.   Our house is not normal.   Why am I telling you all this? I want you to think about how active you are. Outside of your workouts especially. How much do you move?   Do you even know? Most people are like my wife and don't even think about it.  


  You have something you want to improve? Measure where you are now and then have a way to track improvements. This will also tell you when you are slipping backwards too.   It can be weight, inches, steps, number of pushups, how much weigh you lift. There are so many different things you can choose to improve, just make sure can measure how you get to where you want to be.   If step counting is one of your goals, you will get plenty at our Adventure Hiking Class that starts next Saturday, Jan 25th. We are almost out of slots if you still want to join.   Don't worry about tracking your steps for that class. Katie, who leads the class, is a FitBit fan too. She can tell you how many you get in 🙂

Go take a hike!



Glad you didn't take the title wrong. We are starting something new here in the Huntsville area.

Adventure Hiking Classes!

We will start the very first class on Saturday January 25th at 9am.

What to expect:

-Gain strength and endurance

-Learn the basics of hiking

-See the most beautiful locations in north Alabama

-Sweat, smiles, and laughter

-Improved mood

Hiking is an excellent way to get an effective, low impact workout in. It is also great for your mood and attitude to get out and explore nature.

This is open to women, men, and children who can handle 6-8 miles of hiking. If mom and/or dad join, children can come free.

There will be 5 different hikes (1 every other week) over a 10 week period. Every hike will be different and will last anywhere from 2-3 hours per hike.

And as a bonus, you will even learn plant identification.

This is going to be an awesome class, sign up today!

Adventure Hiking Class

3 ab exercises you aren’t doing, but should


Here are 3 effective core exercises that you probably aren't doing right now. These can be done at home, but do require some minimal equipment. the 3 exercises are the Paloff press, resistance band torso twists, and suspension trainer hip drop.

Studies show that most people won't watch a video longer than 2 minutes. This video is 1:54, go watch it! That also means I could not fit in as much info as I like into the video. So here are a few further tips for these exercises.

1. Paloff press with resistance band

This what is known as an anti-rotation exercise. When you press out, you will really feel your love handles and butt muscles working hard. Start with the handles in the center of your chest, press out, hold for a couple of seconds, let it come back towards your chest, and repeat this sequence.

2. Torso twist with resistance band

Wrap the band around something that won't move, grab both handles with your hands, keep your arms straight, and rotate to your left. Make sure your arms are just holding on and not pulling the band, that is the core's job. Repeat on the other side. To make it more challenging, stand on one foot.

3. Suspension trainer hip drop

This requires a suspension trainer (TRX Jungle Gym, etc...) but could also be done with a rope if you were in a pinch. I am using a suspension trainer with a door attachment. The door attachment just rests on top of the door, you close the door, hopefully no one opens the door mid-exercise, and you can loop the suspension trainer though.

Then you will stand with one foot forward, one foot back, the lead foot will be the one closest to the door attachment. Place both handles over your head, elbows up high, lead with your ribs, drop your hip away from the attachment, and then stand back up. Repeat on both sides and then have really sore love handles the next day.

3 Quick, Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do Anywhere



I've been working on putting together a new book of workouts you can do any time, anywhere. This book will be made up of the type of workouts we do in boot camp. These will be a great resource to have when you are too busy or if you are traveling.

Below are 3 workouts that we would do as part of boot camp. These are not easy workouts just because they are short. If you only have a short time period, you have to make it more intense.

Workout 1


You will do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, then move on to the next exercise. Go through the whole list 3 times with the following exercises.

-Kettlebell swings (or a dumbbell will work in a pinch)



-Jump squats

-Shoulder press

It will take you 15 minutes to do the whole workout.

Workout 2


You will go all out effort for 20 seconds and then rest 10 seconds. You will repeat this pattern for a total of 4 minutes per exercise (8 rounds total). Do this with squats, rest 2 minutes and then do the same pattern for pushups. 10 minutes and your workout is done.

Workout 3


This will be a sprint workout. A sprint doesn't necessarily have to be running. It can be on a bike, rowing machine, etc


Go as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest 60 seconds, and then repeat that a total of 10 times. My personal "favorite" is to find a hill that takes you 20 seconds to get up. Sprint up the hill, then walk down. Hill sprints are a lot easier on your joints than regular sprints.


Takes a little over 12 minutes to complete and you will be glad when the 12 minutes gets there.

Try these out and let me know if you have questions!

Ladies read this, before you join the gym again this year

GymInJanuary   It is that time of year again. The time when many people will get really excited about exercise, sign up for one of the year long gym membership specials this time of year, go hard for 2 weeks, slowly fizzle out, and eventually stop going all together.


  Is that you?   If so, you are not alone. According to the International Health Club Association 90% of people who join the gym in January will stop going within 90 days.   This year I want you to try something different. I want you to try Huntsville and Madison Adventure Boot Camp.   We aren't offering any discounts, there is no special deal. We do offer this though.   Life changing fitness or your money back.    money_back_guarantee   We make exercise fun, but still hold you accountable.   This not be easy, but every workout you will be able to do at your pace and on your level (no matter what your current fitness level is).   You will be pushed and challenged by the other women in your class, but you will also end up being their friends.   If you have tried another way in the past, let this year be different. We believe we offer the best program around, so we back it up with a money back guarantee you won't see at 99% of the fitness options out there.   Adventure Boot Camp For Women, change your life and have a blast along the way.  



5 minutes fixes for a more awesome you


 5 minute fix

This is a very busy time of year. When you get really busy, you become overwhelmed and a lot of things start eroding. Your health is usually the first thing to go, but is more important than anything else.   So I came up with 5 things you can do, that take 5 minutes but can improve your life. It can even add years onto your life!   1. Foam rolling Yeah I said it again. One thousand times I've said it and I will say it one thousand more. By spending just 5 minutes rolling around on this tube you will feel so much better I promise.   2. Toasty pants These aren't all scientific, this is just what I do. When it's cold like it is now, this can really help get you going. Throw your pants, socks, and the shirt you are going to wear in the dryer for 5 minutes.   By the time they are done, you pull out the clothes, get dressed and you get a warm jump start on your day. Great for having an excuse for walking around the house in your boxers too. If you're into that sort of thing   3. Get up This one is pretty simple. Every hour, get up and walk around and stretch for 5 minutes. If you are the type that gets tied up in their work and doesn't know what time it is, set an alarm to remind you. Every hour, do it. Your back, hips, neck, eyes, and energy levels will thank you.   4. Floss Seriously! This doesn't even take 5 minutes, unless you have teeth like Gary Busey. Studies have shown that you can add 6 years onto your life by flossing. 6 years! Imagine the shuffle board domination you have to look forward to with all that extra time on the end of your life.   5. Quiet Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you had 5 solid minutes of complete silence? You probably can't even remember. Between TV's, radios, iPods, cell phones, and everything else silence is very rare. Take 5 minutes every day in complete silence. You will be amazed at what it can do for your stress levels.   Turn everything off, tune everything out, put the kids in their sound proof room, and just chill. You can plan out how you are going to attack a problem at work, pray, meditate, clear your mind of all the junk, or whatever you choose to do. Works wonders for improving thought clarity as well.   It probably only took you about 5 minutes to read this, so you have plenty of time to start putting these into your daily routine. You have the time for whatever you make a priority.

“The Get Happy Workout”. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

ElfSmiling   This can be a tough time of year for a lot of people. For many of us, the stress of presents, family, and finances all come together for one Stress Ball Holiday.   It shouldn't be like that! This should be a joyous time of year. You need to be smiling and laughing. Somebody should do something!   That somebody is me. (just picture me standing with my hands on my hips and a cape flapping behind me)   I've come up with The Get Happy Workout (Trademark pending). One of my strong points as a fitness instructor is my ability to make people laugh and smile. It is part of my formula for making a happier and healthier person.   Sweat + Laughter= Magic Mood Lifter   Don't you just feel great after you exercise? And after you have a good laugh? Try this 10 minute workout to get into a better mood, while also breaking a sweat.   Warning-do not take yourself too seriously. If you are a very serious person, there is no need to read any further.   Bonus points if you make family members do this with you.   Each exercise is for 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds, then move onto the next exercise. Go through the whole list twice.   1. Wacky Jacks- hands behind your head, then try to make your knees and your elbows meet on the side of your body jumping jack style. Ridiculous.   2. Plank- the whole time I want you to think of something hilarious while you hold your plank. I find everything funny, but others might struggle here. Let me know if you need me.   When in doubt, flex and relax your butt cheeks as you hold your plank. You will get in some extra glute work and try not to at least smile while you do this.   3. Pushups- think about pushing through your armpits while you do these. This will make you stronger on your pushups.   But I also want you to make up benefits for pushing through your pits. For instance, did you know hair grows slower under your arms if you push hard enough while doing pushups? Less shaving=win. Feel free to make up your own.   4. Hip bridge talking- Lay on the ground, knees bent, feet near your butt. Push through your heels and make your hips go up in the air. I want you to contract and relax your butt without letting your hips drop down.   Also, I want you imagine that those contractions and relaxations are your bum muscles talking to you. What could they possibly be saying? I need to know, so pass it on.   Great, low impact exercise that will also teach you how to get your glute muscles activated if you sit down a lot.   5. Chicken Squats- Push your hips back, pin your elbows back so your shoulder blades pinch together, keep your knees out, and sit away from your knees on the way down. Push through your heels to stand back up. You will look like a chicken, while also strengthening your upper and lower body.   It's 10 minutes of your time and if you embrace the goofiness properly I guarantee it will make you feel better.  

Don’t wait, the time is now



  Are you at a point in your life when it seems like you will never get back in shape? You weigh too much, you’re too old, you’re too injured, you’re too whatever.   You may have adopted the attitude of, “Why even try?”   I mean you are so far gone, what’s the use?   I will tell you what the use is. It’s time to suck it up, get over yourself, and get to work! Feeling sorry for yourself only makes it worse. I know because I've been there myself.   Take a look at people who made incredible changes in their lives. The ones who have completely transformed themselves.   Whether it is someone on The Biggest Loser or the person at work who you barely recognize now. They have the same thing in common.   At one point in their lives they decided they were absolutely fed up and disgusted with how their bodies looked, how they felt, how depressed they were, etc… and did something about it other than worry.   Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to climb back up. I had a client once who had her wake up call when she realized she was ordering two drinks at the drive thru so the people wouldn’t think all that food she had ordered was just for her.   I had another client who was one year away from turning the age his dad was when he died of a heart attack. Like his dad, he was 50 pounds overweight, stressed out, and in terrible health. He refused to leave his own kids to grow up like a father like he did.   My own turning point came when I was 50 pounds overweight, football career was over, and my arm was going to be in a cast for 6 months. It was time to either give into the depression and do nothing. Or change the way I lived and get myself right.   When are you going to get fed up?   When are you going to say “No more!”   It doesn't have to be like that though. You can start today and not go through the painful experiences.   Don’t wait until after the heart attack. Don’t wait until your spouse leaves you. Don’t wait for something terrible to happen.   You won’t fix it over night, you may not even fix it in a year. But you have to keep going. Do you worry about your weight or your body every day, but do nothing about it?   That makes it worse! It eats you alive. Remember this simple phrase.   Action. Alleviates. Anxiety.   You will feel so much better if you just do something about the problem!   Start with a short walk, 5 pushups, 1 healthy meal. Just start. And once you start, refuse to ever go back. Never again will you be that person. The new you starts now.   No matter how small, take some action today to get better.  

5 ways to defeat desk job posture



  Does that look familiar? It should because most of us look like that at work. What do we do about it? One of my clients, Lori, sent me a video of fancy move called the Thoracic Bridge. It's a great way to correct imbalances and tight muscles. You can check out the video here Thoracic Bridge Video   It got me thinking of a few other ways to help undo all the desk job posture that is so common.   1. Sound the alarm    Set an alarm so that you have a reminder to stand up at a minimum once an hour. Preferably every 15 minutes if possible. Or you could always rock the stand up desk.   2. Squeeze the Charmin   A side effect of too much sitting is your glut muscles going to waste. While you are standing up any way when the alarm goes off, why not add a little something to it? Put your feet shoulder width apart, feet pointed out at 45 degree angles, and pinch your butt cheeks together. Sounds weird (because it is), but it will really help you.   3. Pull it apart   You need a band for this one. Hold a band directly out in front of you, arms straight, wrists straight, knuckles up, and then extend your arms all the way out like you are demonstrating your awesome wing span. Make sure to pinch your shoulder blades together in the back. This one will you will feel a difference in by doing them for just a few days.   4. Tight hips don't lie   Sitting too much causes your hip flexors to tighten up. If you have trouble getting into a deep squat, the culprit can be tight hips. Try the 90/90 hip flexor stretch. Go into a kneeling position, with your right knee up and your left knee on the ground. Keeping your back straight, push your hips forward, and think about sinking your hips into the ground. Hold that for 15-20 seconds and then do the same on the other side.  

The Iron Bowl Workout

Iron-Bowl-2013   Happy Iron Bowl Eve to you! This game is always a big deal in Alabama, but there year it is even bigger. The #1 team in the nation versus the #4 team in the nation, championships on the line.   People will be no longer speaking to several friends and family members after this. If you are unfamiliar with this rivalry, I'm not exaggerating.   The game is so nerve racking for some people they can hardly stand it. Why not put all the pent up aggression, nervous energy, and anger towards something else?   Introducing the Official Iron Bowl Exercise Game! Clay Travis is a well known sports write who has a CBS football drinking game. I can't really sponsor that, so I'm totally stealing his idea and just using exercise instead.   Every time something from the following list happens, you will have an exercise to go with it. Since these games last 3.5 hours you could accumulate a serious workout here.   1. Every time the announcers mention "divided houses" (Auburn and Alabama fans who are married) do 5 pushups. iron_bowl_house_divided 2. Every time they mention AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb do 5 pushups. If they also mention she is an Auburn grad, add 5 more on to that.


3. Every time Verne Lundquist says "Oh. My." do 15 jumping jacks. This alone could kill you. Verne_Lundquist 4. Every time an old coach for either team is talked about (The Bear, Chizik, etc…) do 20 squats.
Sorry, this picture gets me every time

Sorry, this picture gets me every time

  5. Every time Aubie is shown do 5 pushups. Sorry, this will cost you probably 80 pushups. 220px-Aubie_Flag 6. Any time there is a turnover (by either team), do 10 burpees.   7. When Nick Saban is interviewed, do 5 squats every time he shrugs his shoulders.   8. Any time Gus Malzhan's high school coaching career is mentioned, do 30 mountain climbers.   9. Any time a fan is shown looking dejected/with his or her hands on their head, do 20 pushups. dejected fan 10. Every time they reference Tre Mason's dad being in De La Soul, hold a plank for 30 seconds. De-La-Soul-3-Feet-High-And-Rising 11. If your team is losing at half time, go for a long soul searching walk. Regroup.   12. If they mention an infamous interview with Gus Malzhan's wife, do 20 sprints in your yard if you are a Bama fan. If you are an Auburn fan, turn your TV off. 1322399231-malzahn 13. Every mention of Saban going to Texas will get you Auburn fans 5 sprints. Bama fans can angrily tweet at whichever announcer keeps mentioning it.


13. Any time Gary Danielson arrogantly talks about a bad decision by the quarterback on your team, do 10 pushups. images 14. Every time Verne seems like he is having way too much fun pronouncing names like CJ Uzomah or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, do 5 burpees.   15. If your team wins, sprint around the block as fast as you can. If your team loses, angrily chase the winning fans in your neighborhood.   Best of luck to your team today! Either way, it's just a game being played by giant teenagers. Enjoy it for what it is and have fun.  
Football capital of the United States

Football capital of the United States

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