How to exercise in your car

Planking not recommended

Planking not recommended

Just so nobody tries to sue me, this workout is to be done either from the passenger's seat or while the car is safely stopped. We good? I'm no lawyer, but I am VERY sure that statement is legally binding.   My friend and Boot Camper Larissa asked to me to come up with a workout you can do in the car. Since a lot of people are traveling this time of year, I thought you might find this interesting as well.   Whether you are driving or sitting in the car for extended periods of time, it can make you sluggish, sleepy, and stiff. This workout should help make you feel more alert and loose. This does not replace a real workout, but every little bit helps.   Steering wheel exercises:   All of these exercises are for 5 seconds, rest 5 seconds, repeat that sequence for 60 seconds. If you are a beast, might not want to do these.   Pushes- hands at 3 and 9 o'clock, push as hard as you can. Flyes- Same hand position, keep your arms bent, elbows up, and try to crush the steering wheel. Pull aparts- same positioning as above, but pull out. This will train you to be awesome at opening cereal bags. Scap pulls- same hand position, arms stay straight, pinch your shoulder blades together. Imagine someone has their finger in between your shoulder blades and you are trying to pinch their finger. Curls- hands at 5 and 7 o'clock lift up on the wheel.   Toe to head squeeze:   5 second holds, rest 5 seconds then move on to the next body part. Repeat as much as needed. Car is in park or you are riding shotgun.   1. Pull your toes back towards your shins 2. Push your toes into the ground 3. Flex your calves 4. Heels in the ground, toes off the ground, pull your heels back towards you without actually moving to work your hamstrings 5. Flex your thighs. Or if you are in a large vehicle or you are a small person, extend your legs out and flex at the top 6. Flex your butt cheeks, also look at yourself in the mirror and/or at your fellow passengers while doing so. Just trust me. 7. Pull your belly button in as tight as you can and hold it like you are putting on a pair of pants that doesn't fit. 8. Palms up, arms bent, flex your biceps upwards without actually moving 9. Arms straight, palms facing in toward your body, push your arm backwards. Make sure to focus on squeezing your triceps (back part of your upper arm) 10. Shrug your shoulders   Try it out some time and let me know what you think!

Get that good sleep! Tips to improve the quality of your sleep


Always good to have a sleep routine

1. The single most important thing you will need is a good bed. In my opinion a great bed and mattress are well worth the amount of money they cost. Think about how much time you spend in that bed over the next 10-20 years. A very worthwhile investment.

2. Create a good sleep environment. Keep the noise level down as low as possible, as dark as possible, and keep your room a little bit cool (to my wife this means 87 degrees, for me it is 48 degrees). The research shows around 68 degrees is optimal.

3. Get a routine. You know the basketball players that dribble twice, kiss their cross medallion, wipe the sweat off their forehead, do 4 clap jacks, and then shoot a free throw? No? Okay, just know that you need a routine to help you wind down and relax before you go to sleep. This can be reading, listening to soft music, taking a bath. Just find something you do every night that will be your body's signal to shut it down for the night.

4. What about when you have to get up in the middle of the night? The number one thing is to relax. If you have been trying for more than 15 minutes, get out of bed and do some sort of light activity (eat a light snack, drink a glass of milk, read) with the lights dimmed. If your mind starts working a hundred miles per hour on things you need to do, keep a notepad next to your bed and write down the things on your mind. All of these are to take your mind off things and not be so frustrated at yourself for being awake.

5. Stay away from pills! They are the absolute last resort. There are times when you need them, but research has shown that using a good sleep routine is more effective than pills.

6. Some foods that can mess with your sleepy time:

* Too much food, especially fatty, rich food. These take a lot of work for your stomach to digest and may keep you up. Spicy or acidic foods in the evening can cause stomach trouble and heartburn.

* Too much liquid. Drinking lots of fluid may result in frequent bathroom trips throughout the night.

* Alcohol. Many people think that a nightcap before bed will help them sleep. While it may make you fall asleep faster, alcohol reduces your sleep quality, waking you up later in the night. To avoid this effect, stay away from alcohol in the hours before bed.

* Caffeine. You might be surprised to know that caffeine can cause sleep problems up to ten to twelve hours after drinking it! Consider eliminating caffeine after lunch or cutting back your overall intake.

* Smoking. Smoking causes sleep troubles in numerous ways. Nicotine is a stimulant, which disrupts sleep. Additionally, smokers actually experience nicotine withdrawal as the night progresses, making it hard to sleep.


Group TRX Certification

7. And of course, the best thing you can do is exercise! I spent 8 hours on Saturday getting certified to teach group TRX classes. The majority of that class was spent exercising. I slept like a champ Saturday night.


Changes to Madison Adventure Boot Camp

fresh-start1 After nearly 2 years of leading the 530am Madison Adventure Boot Camp program, Keisha has decided to leave for some different opportunities in life. We wish her the best and we appreciate all she did to help get the program off the ground. But the show must go on! So Katie Burrus will take over the next 530am class in Madison starting at the Drop a Dress Size class that starts on July 1st. Not only will Katie be taking over the class, but we will also be moving the class to Horizon Elementary School. And as a way of introducing Katie to you, we are offering a full month of boot camp for $99. Sign up for the deal here -->Katie special We are looking to inject some new life and a fresh start into the class. Come join be a part of it!

Turn it off! Watching TV is making you fat

Cat couch potato   Watching TV. We all do it, whether we admit it or not. We watch too much TV. Does this routine look familiar? Get home from work, change clothes, eat dinner, settle down on the couch for a few hours of TV. It happens right? You're exhausted from the day and all you want to do is relax. Unfortunately, I have a few disturbing stats for you.
-People eat 71% more while watching TV. Mindless TV watching, leads to mindless eating. Focus on enjoying your food, not the TV.   -That ties into this stat. People who watch more than 19 hours of TV a week increase their odds of being overweight by 97%. That is just crazy! -This last one is the most troubling to me though. For every hour of TV beyond 80 minutes that you watch daily, your chances of developing Alzheimer's increases by 30%! The brain, just like your muscles, needs to be exercised. If you are turning your brain off for hours at a time during TV viewing, you will not be as mentally sharp. We got rid of our cable several months ago and have not missed it one bit. Yeah, I'm "that guy". Hundreds of channels and nothing to watch. It is amazing how you can fill your time  with more worthwhile activities when flipping through channels or catching up on DVR'd shows is not an option. And an extra $100 in the bank every month doesn't hurt either.   If you are watching too much TV, try this. Take 30 minutes out of your TV routine and go for a 30 minute walk.  It takes burning a little energy to have energy. The more active you are, the more energy you will have. Break out of the couch potato cycle!

Rocket City Yoga Week



Have you ever wanted to try yoga? This is the first year I've started doing yoga and I have really enjoyed it. I'm not counting the awful experiences I had with P90X yoga back in the day. To me that yoga was boring AND painful. I can take one or the other, but I can't take both in one workout. And it lasts an hour and a half! Sorry, I was scarred by that DVD. Mitzi Connell, my yoga instructor, is organizing Rocket City Yoga Week as part of Healthy Huntsville 2013. It is a week of all sorts of different styles, instructors, and settings for yoga. The best part is that it is completely free. All you need to bring is a yoga mat and it starts next week, June 17-23. There is yoga for beginners, yoga for teens, hot yoga, flow yoga, restorative yoga. There is even a night of yoga and chocolate. Just putting that out there. These are all classes taught by Huntsville's best yoga instructors, so this is a great opportunity. If nothing else, you should plan on attending the finale of Rocket City Yoga Week.  Yoga underneath the Saturn V Rocket at the Space and Rocket Center. How many times do you get to do that? Should be pretty cool.

Bare Bones Boot Camp

mr-bones-7-300x300 Your wishes have been granted! We have had several requests to have another Saturday morning class. We will be starting a brand new class on June 15th called Bare Bones Boot Camp. No weights, no mat, just bring some water and be ready to work. This class will be high energy and fast paced, so you will be burning a ton of calories and having a great time doing so. This class is for people looking to: -burn some fat; -get in better shape for a 5k or other races -just looking to get your Saturday started in a healthy way Here are the details: Where- Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville When- Saturdays 8-9am for 8 weeks starting June 15 and ending Aug 3. How to sign up- go here --->Bare Bones Also, don't forget about our Healthy Body Image Teen Camp starting on Tuesday June 11th. Really looking to change some lives with that one. We design our programs and services around what you want. So if there is something you need help with or would like to see, please let us know!

“We can’t all be successful”

images   I was speaking to a group not too long ago and I came to the potentially dangerous "Are there any questions?" part of the talk. I have had some blush inducing moments there, so I always get a little nervous. But this time, it was not blush inducing. It was more anger/frustration inducing. He actually had a comment and he said "Well we can't all be successful." What? Why not? It drives me crazy when people say stuff like that. You may not be able to have 6 pack abs when you are 60 years old or run a 5k in 15 minutes, but you can do better than you are now. If you start with that attitude, then I guess you are right. You won't be successful, walking around with a self defeatist attitude all the time. Things are not that bad! My wife is a nurse and she mainly deals with older patients. She met a patient yesterday that has let herself go to the point that she will probably be bed ridden for the rest of her life. This person is not that old, but she is facing what I would consider a nightmare because she neglected her health for so long. Don't you think she trade anything she has to be in a body that could move? A body where she can take care of herself? I'm sure she wishes she would have taken a few more walks and made better food choices, while she still had it in her to do so. Don't let that be you. Are you healthy enough to move? Then you can be successful and you can reach your goal. Someone in a hospital bed is wishing they could do the things that you take for granted. Stop doubting yourself and start helping yourself. Here is your action step. Do one thing today that gets you closer to your goals. Whether it is big or small, do something to move towards your goals. Repeat this process every day and imagine where you could be in a month, a year, ten years. If you need help coming up with your action step, please let me know how I can help.

Raising Healthy Teenage Girls

Teenage Girl Body Image   The teenage years are an extremely hard time for girls. We want to make them a little easier. We are offering a Teenage Girls Boot Camp this summer starting on June 11th. They will not only learn about exercise, but also about proper body image, the dangers of fad diets, proper nutrition without restriction, and much more.   Our goal is to stress the importance of being healthy, over the unrealistic and unhealthy images they are bombarded with through TV, the internet, and magazines. This will be an accepting environment, free from judgment and ridicule.   The class is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville for 8 weeks. Registration is open now to the first 15 who sign up.   Teenage Girl Camp   We have had a few donors sponsor teens who could otherwise not afford it. If you are also willing to sponsor a teen, please let me know.

What we do at boot camp, as demonstrated by my dog


One of the most common questions people ask me is, "What do you do at your boot camps?" They are asking what types of exercises we do. But deep down I know they truly don't care. They don't!   What they really want to know is, "Can you get me results?" The answer to that is yes of course! I could tell you about all the fancy, awesome exercises we do. The equipment we use, the variety of workouts, etc... In the end, what we do is get you unstuck.   Here is a video starring my dog, that demonstrates that.  
Getting Unstuck, starring Shug the dog
Getting Unstuck, starring Shug the dog
  That is what we do. We coach you, make adjustments, encourage you, and make sure you reach your potential. You have everything you need right now to be successful, we just help you bring it out.

Fighting breast cancer, one burpee at a time

If any of you watched the video I posted about my core values or have ever heard me talk about our boot camps, I talk about how we are more than just an exercise class. This is my opportunity to back that up.
With over 200,000 women being diagnosed with breast cancer per year, chances are breast cancer has already touched your life in some way. For anyone who joins our boot camps that start on May 28th, we will be donating $50 to the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund at Huntsville Hospital Foundation.
This offer is good for the Huntsville, as well as the Madison location. Any help you can provide in getting the word out would be most appreciated. This is a cause that is very important to me, so I am really excited to get an opportunity to help.
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