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The 90 Workout Challenge



Happy Half A New Year! Can you believe we are halfway through 2017? I have to be honest, I’m a little bummed I’m not typing this from my flying car that steers itself.


But the beauty of today is that it can be the start of something great. Look back to what your goals were at the beginning of this year. How are you progressing on them? Are you halfway there?


If so, awesome! If not, it’s not too late!


Just think of this as your reset button. This will be a way to either stay motivated or to get you back on track.


Your goal is to get in at least 90 workouts in the time we have left this year. That is a little more than 3 workouts per week, so it is completely doable. You have to be intentional about it though.


We all know that there will be stretches where you won’t be as active as other times. School starting back, football season, holidays, fall break, etc... That is all coming up on the horizon, so you need to have a plan in place ahead of time.


If you have an exercise class, group, or partner that you already meet with, that is ideal. The added accountability will come in handy. But what about on those days when your car breaks down, the kids are sick, you are working overtime, you go on a work trip, or any other scenario that is trying to mess your groove up?


I got your back my friend! On Wednesday I will send you a few options that you can do any time and any where. These will not require fancy equipment, a gym membership, or tons of space.


Hope you have an awesome 4th of July!


PS- If you want to get a jump start on those 90 workouts, Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp is hosting a charity boot camp to benefit Operation Stand Down. They support local, homeless veterans. Check out their needs list, bring a donation, and let's have some fun!

Men, women, and children of all ages and fitness levels are invited to attend. It will be from 8-9am on July 4th at Weatherly Elementary School at 1307 Cannstatt in Huntsville.

Make the world a better place


One of the best ways to rid yourself of negativity is to create something positive yourself. Here is your challenge this week.


Do something for someone who has no hope of paying you back.


If you have ever done something like this before, you know you get back so much more than what you give. It is hard to have negative thoughts when you are focused on helping others.


Kind of like it is impossible not to smile while you are skipping. Try it some time, it's scientifically proven.


Mental floss offers 7 reason why you should help others. They are:


1. It helps you live longer

2. It is contagious (think of when someone pays for your order at a drive thru)

3. Makes us happy

4. Some studies show it helps with chronic pain

5. Lowers blood pressure

6. Promotes positive behavior in teens

7. Gives us a sense of purpose and and satisfaction


My job is to keep you accountable. So let me know what you decide to do this week and I will share whatever I end up doing as well. I guarantee this will work.

3 Cyber Monday Deals



Not going to lie. I almost sent you a video of me doing The Robot and called it my Cyber Monday Special. But since I didn't want you to murder me I refrained.

So let's get to the deals!

Deal 1

I wanted to make an offer that I truly believe could change your life. It is our most popular boot camp package and the people who join it make amazing progress.


Wouldn't it be awesome to have your fitness blueprint already setup for 2017? That is why I wanted to make this offer.


If you are not currently in our Inner Circle program you can get a month of unlimited boot camp in January for $1 (or for this month if you are ready).


Then in February you would be entered into our Inner Circle program. It is a year commitment, that gets you 25% off every month. I could go on and on about the benefits you would get, but I mainly wanted to make one guarantee:


If you are not in a better place physically, mentally, and emotionally after a year with us I will give you your money back.


I'm talking about every dollar you have spent money back guarantee. Sweat, laughter, and positivity is the perfect recipe to make your life better. I have seen it with every member of our Inner Circle, so I feel completely confident making this offer.


Deal 2

But maybe you are not ready to commit for a year and that's ok, it is a scary thing to do. We are also offering a 3 month package deal as well. You can get 3 months of unlimited classes for $525. Saves you almost $400!


Deal 3

And then a final deal will be more on the nutrition side of things. That is where most people struggle because trial and error becomes heart ache and frustration.


That is what I like about Pro Diets. It tells you exactly what to eat and it is completely tailored to your goals, tastes, and lifestyle.


It is normally $14.95/month, but you can try it at no cost for a month. No contracts, no commitment just give it an honest ry and see if it works for you.


Space is limited on these, so e-mail me as soon as possible if you want to take advantage of this deal. E-mail me at and I will set everything up for you.

Holiday Survival Guide (gift)


Did you know there are some unlucky people out there that are not on my e-mail list? I know, so crazy!


With that in mind, I wanted to make sure if that is you that you still got your free copy of the HABC Holiday Survival Guide. It is chock full of tips, tricks, recipes, and workouts to help you enjoy the holidays but still stay in shape.


You can get your copy here ---> Holiday Survival Guide


If you are more the type who needs hands on instruction, I want to invite you to our last boot camp class of the year. It will start on November 28th and run 4 weeks until December 23rd.


If getting in shape, losing weight, feeling better, etc... are goals of yours, why wait? Start doing something now that will jump start your 2017 and get you off on the right track.


Take advantage of our New Member Special. For $99 you get a month of unlimited classes. That isn't even the best part.

We guarantee that you will get results or you get your money back. You don't see many other people offering that do you?


We can make that claim for 3 reasons:

-We have a proven system of what works -We make exercise fun (you'll keep coming) -We are obsessed with helping people be their best (in a non-creepy, stalker way)

If you are interested, you can sign up for class here --->Life Change

How to be awesome on Thanksgiving



So yesterday I pulled up to my 530am class and was preparing to deliver a world-class boot camp workout that included a bed pan delivery exercise and a getting up out of the floor with a drink exercise, when it hit me. I had completely forgotten to write an e-mail for Wednesday.


Seems like a small thing, but I have been writing an e-mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 5 plus years. That might be a sign that life is too busy right now.


Anyway, on Monday we talked about the health benefits of having a positive attitude. And one of the best ways to spark a positive attitude is to help someone else.


Adventure Boot Camp is looking to do some good for the community and we would love if you could help too.


On Thanksgiving morning, November 24th, at 9am at Weatherly Elementary School (1307 Cannstatt in south Huntsville)we are hosting a boot camp for the whole family. Women, men, and children of all ages are invited to come enjoy a fun workout and help a good cause.


The workout does not cost anything, but we are asking for donations of toilet paper, hygiene items, and soup for Manna House. Those are the main items that they needs, but any donation of non-perishable food items, new (or like new) clothing items, and cash or checks would be greatly appreciated as well.


If you can’t make it to the workout, I encourage you to help a cause close to your heart. It will benefit those you help, but the greatest benefit will be to you. Thanks for being awesome!

What to do with excess Halloween Candy



Candy is awesome. There I said it!


Most fitness pros won’t admit that. They like to act like they eat chicken and broccoli all day long. I do that too, but I finish it off with a Snickers...


The problem is when there is too much candy. Maybe you were expecting a ton of Trick Or Treaters and none showed up. Or maybe you went grocery shopping when you were hungry and now you are feeling candy guilt.


The guilt where you don’t want to eat all the candy, but you don’t want to throw it away either. Then I have the solution for you!


I am participating in Operation Gratitude. We are helping them collect excess Halloween candy to send to our men and women who are serving overseas. We are taking donations starting today and then the last day will be November 11th.


If you are in the Huntsville, Madison, Harvest area you can come enjoy a free class on us and drop off your donation. Or you can arrange a time to drop your candy off at another location. You can provide a little taste of home for someone who is far away from theirs.


You can also search for locations near you at this link:


------>Operation Gratitude

Please help with our scholarship giveaway!



I pride myself on giving back whenever I can. It is a blessing to wake up every morning and do what you love. Not very many people have that privilege and I don’t take it lightly.

One small thing we do is give scholarships to our classes to people that can not afford to come, but desperately want to. They get a month of unlimited sessions to any of our locations and times. We have seen some extraordinary results from past scholarship winners.

We saw tremendous physical results, but the coolest part is what happened from there. Every single person who has won in the past has ended up getting a job shortly after completing their 4 weeks with us. Man of these winners had been out of work for several months too.

It is amazing the confidence boost you can get when you begin exercising and feeling better about yourself.

I need your help finding the next applicant. Maybe it’s even you! Please spread the word to someone you know who might be interested in a scholarship.

To apply, all they need to do is send a short e-mail (200 words or less) to and simply say why they would like to be awarded a scholarship. Thanks for the help and thank you for being a part of helping me live my dreams!

The small print stuff:

Scholarship will be awarded on Sunday, July 3rd. The scholarship will be for the Tight and Toned Camp that starts on July 5th. You can choose Huntsville or Harvest. Huntsville has 530am, 830am, and 530pm classes. Harvest has 530am (although we will be adding an evening class soon).

Teachers get 75% off this summer!



Teachers have always held a special place in my heart. Many of my family members are teachers, including my mom.

At one time in my life I was going to become a middle school PE teacher. Then I had an epiphany one day that I was going to have to teach kids ALL DAY LONG! I knew I wasn't tough enough to handle all that.

Teachers have played a special part in my son's life as well. Shout out to Mrs. Reside from Chaffee Elementary, you made a huge difference!

As a way of giving back to our teachers, we are doing a Teacher Special this summer. Teachers can train all summer at 75% off.

If you have a special teacher in your life, I would really appreciate if you could share this special deal with them. They can access the special at this link --->Teacher Special

Boot Camp Scholarships available now



On Wednesday I talked about the health benefits of gratitude. Today I want to put my money where my mouth is.


We recently started offering a New Member Special where first time clients get a month of unlimited classes for $99. That's a great deal, seeing that it is almost 70% off.


But for some people, $99 is still too much. Times are tough these days and I don't want money to be the only thing holding people back from benefitting from what we offer.


For people in that situation, we have Boot Camp Scholarships available.


If you or someone you know would like to attend boot camp, but does not have the money to pay for it they can apply for a boot camp scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, have you or your family/friends e-mail, and tell me why you would like to attend boot camp.


You can use this scholarship in Huntsville, Madison, or our brand new Harvest location.

The health benefits of gratitude



As I was walking to pick up my son from school yesterday it hit me just how blessed I am to be able to walk with him every day. Not many dads have that luxury.

Even though it was really hot, I had stuff I needed to get done, I was thirsty, and my Goldendoodle woke me up from my nap I was thankful to be healthy, alive, and walking.

Enemies of nappers everywhere

Enemies of nappers everywhere

Side note- forget I said anything doodle related.

Do you ever stop and focus on things in your life that you are grateful for? Here are a few benefits people experience when they focus on the good things in their lives:

-less depression

-more optimistic

-less aches and pains

-better sleep

-less anxiety

-exercised more often

Another great thing about having an attitude of gratitude is the effect is has on your brain. When you are grateful it effects the part of that releases dopamine. It feels good to release dopamine, so this helps you continue to have that positive attitude so you can experience that feeling again.

Another benefit is that your brain is not a multitasker. When you are focused on the positive things in your life, you won't be focused on the bad things in your life.

What are some ways you can be more grateful? Try it out and you will feel better. It's science.

PS-on Friday I will tell you what I am doing to be more grateful and give back.

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