Too Much Information (TMI)


There is a phenomenon called information blindness that is caused by too much information. When people are faces with too much information, they just shut down and will now act.


Think about a restaurant with an overwhelming menu. What do you do? I just choose something that has a picture.


Or have you ever walked into a library or got onto Netflix with no idea what you wanted to choose? It can cause you to just give up.


Information blindness often happens with diet plans as well. People get presented with all the information for the whole plan up front, they get overwhelmed, and it paralyzes them. I've been there myself.


The idea behind the Lean and Clean Challenge is to give you the information slowly and help you build habits. All of the information is there for people who like a peak ahead, but it is not necessary.


Build the habit, make it stick, and then you will have it long term. There are still spots available if you want to join.


You can join here -->Lean and Clean Challenge


The challenge starts on Monday, February 20 and I would love for you to be a part of it. Join us today!

2017 Lean and Clean Challenge


“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Rohn

“I can predict the long-term outcome of your success if you show me your daily habit.” -John Maxwell

If you can’t tell, I’m a quote guy. I believe they can motivate and inspire, but like the first quote hints at, it is temporary. To be successful, we have to develop good habits. That is especially true with exercise and eating right.

That is why I am so excited to launch the 2017 HABC Lean and Clean Challenge. Fancy name, awesome program.

It is a 6-week program that will give you all the resources you need to develop the habit of eating clean and healthy foods.

Here is what is included:

-Weekly Check-Ins/Progress Tracking to keep you accountable

-Clean Eating Guide (everything you need to know)

-Meal Mapping Template (teaches you how to create healthy meals)

-Ultimate Shake Guide

-Ultimate Breakfast Guide

-Bulk Cooking Guide (great for busy people)

-Facebook Challenges

-Movement Challenges

-Meal Portion Guide

-Access to a free app so all the info can come straight to your phone

-Access to the Private Facebook group specifically created for this challenge to give you extra support and accountability

-Pinterest recipe page


I truly think this has included everything you need physically, mentally, and emotionally to form those all-important habits for long-term success. Two hyphens in one sentence, crazy!

The challenge will start on Monday, February 20, 2017. The cost for everything I’ve listed above is only $39. I guarantee your results or you get a full refund.

Reserve your spot here -->Lean and Clean

PS-The challenge is actually 7 weeks. The first week is to give you the tools and training to prep you for the challenge.

Go for a lifestyle change, rather than a weight loss plan


lifestyle-change Something I preach about constantly is the importance of a lifestyle change, rather than just the “I need to lose X amount of pounds” goal. When all you are focused on is that number on the scale, you let a lot of things fall by the wayside.


Not every pound is created equally. You want to carry as much lean muscle mass on your body as possible. That way you will burn more calories at rest and your goals will be easier to reach.


If you are doing strength training as part of your workout (and you should be), you could add a pound of muscle and lose a pound of fat. On the scale it looks like nothing! But in reality, you are doing awesome.


When you are only focused on weight loss, it makes you more susceptible to fad diets. Here is a hint- if a diet tells you to completely give up proteins, fats, or carbs stay away. Your body needs all 3 of those macronutrients to function properly.


You can fall into the trap of starving yourself to get the weight down. You don’t have to starve to get results! You can eat meals that nourish your body, made up of foods you actually like, and you don’t have to be hungry all the time.


The key is to make your meals more nutrient dense. This will provide you with the energy you need without making you take in more calories than you need.


Focus on the making fitness and health a way of life. Move more (especially outside of your workouts), eat healthier, take care of your muscles, get plenty of rest, and enjoy yourself! Life is too short to walk around feeling unhappy and unwell all the time.


PS- if you want to take the guess work out of what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat I have spots left for my new Weight Management System. You can go to this link below to learn more and to reserve your spot.

----->Learn More

70% better results, guaranteed



We all know that we should be eating better, but do you realize just how important it is for your results? It is estimated that 70-80% of your results come from what you eat and drink.

That is why proper nutrition is so crucial, but it is also the hardest part to figure out. What do I need to eat? When do I need to eat? How much do I need to eat?

Those are all questions that need to be answered to dial in your eating plan. It used to be a matter of trial and error, which usually becomes heartbreak and frustration.

But now you can have the solution right at your fingertips.

This is where Pro Diets Weight Management Software comes in. You are guaranteed to get results with this.


Pro Diets™ is based on perfectly-portioned meals that are instantly customized specifically for you. It calculates your exact amount of calories, exact ratio of proteins, carbs and fats, exact foods… EVERYTHING!


All you have to do is answer a few questions, choose what meal plan you would like, and then it sends you 7 days of exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You will also get a grocery shopping list, so you know what to get ahead of time.


If you don’t like something on the list, you swap it out with something you do like. This is not about denying yourself, this is about eating foods that will give you sustained energy and that you will actually enjoy.


One of the coolest features, is that it comes with a free, mobile app. Anything you can do on your computer can be done just as easily from your phone. This app is awesome!

Every meal of every day… Individually customized so that you will eat foods you like and STILL reach your fitness goals.

And it is only $14.95/month

Go here --->Pro Diets to reserve your spot.


Food Journal Fixes



Last Friday I challenged you to keep a food journal for one week. You were supposed to record everything you ate/drank, what time, and also how you felt. The whole point was to see if you had any established patterns we can work on breaking.

Some common things that I see are:

-eating out of boredom -eating habits change based on who you are eating with -the afternoon vending machine trip -the nightly glass of wine or 2. Or 3. Or 4. -mindless eating -eating more than you thought -that maybe you don’t eat as many vegetables as you thought -the calories from liquid calories (soft drinks, coffees, juices, alcohol, etc…)


Do any of those look familiar? The first step is identifying that this is happening on a regular basis. The next step is a plan of action.


It is almost always easier to gradually take something out of your routine, rather than quitting cold turkey. So let’s start with the nightly glass of wine. Sorry if that is a sore point, I enjoy having a nightcap myself. Mainly so I can call it a nightcap.


With wine, the first thing we need to address is the size of the glass. An actual glass of wine serving size is 5 ounces. Most wine glasses are 12-14 ounces. If you are drinking a nightly 14 ounce glass, your first step is to find a 9 ounce glass. Your mind will still perceive that you have a full glass of wine.


Then if you are having a glass of wine 5 nights a week, you cut back to 4 glasses per week. You continue working your way down until you are at a level that you are happy with.


What patterns did you see develop or that you struggle with? Please e-mail me at and I will help however I can.

The Processed Plan



Had one of those days yesterday. We had been out of town all weekend, got back in town, had a meeting at church, and then went straight to a football coaches’ meeting. A lot of running around and not much meal planning.

We ended up eating a broccoli and cheese casserole with chicken cordon bleu. Sounds fancy right? All stuff from the freezer section my friend.

I ended up eating way more of that stuff that I probably should have. Seemed like I just could not get full! That is an issue with processed foods like the stuff you find in the freezer section.

A great start to cleaning up your eating habits is to start cutting down on processed foods and drinks. The more you can eat, whole, natural foods (stuff that comes from the earth not a factory) the better off you will be.

In fact the lead researcher in a study printed in Journal of the World Public Health Nutrition Association claimed:   “The rapid rise in consumption of ultra-processed food and drink products, especially since the 1980’s, is the main dietary cause of the concurrent rapid rise in obesity and related diseases throughout the world.”

That’s motivation enough for me to do better. Your action step for today is to replace one processed food you were going to eat today with a whole, natural food item. Can’t get it in today? Start tomorrow! The main goal is to start. After that you can slowly start replacing more and more of the processed foods in your life.

A Weight Loss Blueprint



There are some days that the only reason I workout is so I can have a protein shake afterwards. Whatever gets you through the day right?

My protein shakes never taste the same even though I use very similar ingredients every time. There is an excellent reason for this. I’m lazy.

The only thing I measure is the scoops of protein. Little bit of this, little bit of that, and blend.

I have a similar situation when I make scrambled eggs. No fancy mixing bowls or measuring for me. Crack them right into the pan, throw in some pepper and Himalayan sea salt, and scramble.

You know what both have in common? No predictable outcome.

I can’t figure out why sometimes it tastes really good and sometimes it just tastes ok because I don’t track what I’m doing.

If you are having trouble losing weight it is the exact same thing. If you don’t know how much you are eating, what types of food, when you eat, etc… it is tough to nail down why you are losing or gaining weight.

That is why food journals are so effective. They can give you a blueprint of why you were so successful or can help point out where your struggles are.

Here is your assignment: For one week, keep track of everything you take in that has calories. Mark down when you ate/drank and how you are feeling. After one week, look through your journal and see what patterns are developing.

Once you identify the patterns, then you can begin developing strategies to overcome them. Do your best and let me know how I can help along the way!


Nutrition Quiz. How many can you get?



For our boot camp workout on Monday I thought I would switch it up. So I gave my classes a nutrition quiz.


If they got the answer right, the exercise was easier. If they got it wrong, the exercise was not easier. It pays to be a winner.


The main idea was to drive home the importance of reading food labels and knowing what you are putting into your body. A lot of these might surprise you.


You can take the quiz yourself. The answer key will be at the bottom of the page.


Let me know how you do!


1. How many grams of sugar does 2 tablespoons of frosting contain?

A. 10

B. 20


D. 40


2. How many grams of sugar are in one glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40


3. How many calories are in one glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut?

A. 100

B. 150

C. 200

D. 400


4. Which has more calories: a medium sized blueberry muffin or a cupcake?


5. How many calories is one slice of cheese pizza?

A. 200

B. 250

C. 300

D. 350


6. True or False. A basic 8-piece sushi roll is less than 200 calories?


7. True or false: ¼ cup of Ketchup has almost 4 times the calories of ¼ cup of salsa


8. How many calories are in 12 ounces of orange juice?

A. 120

B. 140

C. 155

D. 170


9. True or False: A half cup of grapes is 30 calories


10. True or False: A half cup of raisins is 100 calories


11. A half cup of granola has how many calories?

A. 80

B. 140

C. 180

D. 220


12. True or False: Tofu has more calories than chicken?


13. A can of Coke has the same amount of sugar as this many Hershey Kisses

A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

D. 20


14. What drink at Starbucks weighs in at 640 calories?

A. White Hot Chocolate

B. White Chocolate Mocha

C. Tazo Green Tea Frappucciono

D. Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino


15. What item at McDonald’s has 730 calories, 53 grams of fat, and 1400 mgs of salt?

A. Big Mac

B. McFlurry

C. Hot cakes and sausage

D. Kale salad


16. What item has the highest calories of all at McDonald’s?

A. Large McRib

B. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

C. Big Breakfast

D. Large McFlurry


17. If you ate a ¼ burger, small chili, and medium iced tea at Wendy’s RATHER than eating a Carl’s Jr./Hardees 6 dollar burger, medium fries, and medium soda how many calories would you save?

A. 526

B. 842

C. 1008

D. 1998


18. Yes or No. Would you have more calories by eating the above mentioned Hardees/Carl’s Jr. meal or eating 29 Rice Krispee Treats?


19. Which of these chain restaurants has a dish that is 3660 calories?

A. Cheesecake Factory

B. Red Lobster

C. Outback

D. Steak ‘N Shake


20. Which of these beers has 180 calories?

A. Harpoon IPA

B. Killian’s Irish Red

C. Guinness Extra Stout

D. Samuel Adams Boston Lager


Answer Key

  1. B – 20

  2. A- 10 

  3. C- 200

  4. Muffin 300 to 200

  5. B- 250

  6. False- 300 

  7. True 60 vs 16 

  8. D- 170 

  9. True 

  10. False- 220 

  11. C- 180 

  12. False 4 ounces of chicken is 120 calories, tofu is 100 

  13. C- 16 

  14. A- 640

  15. C- 1150 

  16. D- 

  17. Yes 2618 calories vs 2610 for rice Krispee treats 

  18. B- 3660 calories 

Low Fat Is Wack



If you have been following my writing for awhile, this will probably not come as a surprise. But here it is- low fat diets do not work.


That is not just my opinion, this study shows that low fat diets have "been a complete failure tackling obesity". So what do they recommend instead?


Here are some guidelines from the study:


-Focus on portion sizes

-Rather than avoiding carbs and fats, avoid processed foods

-Don't fear all fats, there are healthy fats you should eat


I really like their advice. Any time you get back to eating foods in their natural state you are on the right path.


This week take a look at how you eat every day. Which of the 3 recommendations from above can you start applying this week?

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”




I've been re-reading Michael Pollan's book "In Defense of Food". The title of this blog is basically a summary of the entire book.

I just saved a few hours of your time.


He does get more in depth and gives his food algorithm for eating Not necessarily telling you exactly what to eat, but more how to make choices.


This article from WebMD did a great job of summarizing the eating algorithm into 7 rules:


1.Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.


2. Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can't pronounce.


3. Stay out of the middle of the supermarket; shop on the perimeter of the store.


4. Don't eat anything that won't eventually rot.


5. It is not just what you eat but how you eat (eat slowly until you are 80% full)


6. Enjoy quality meals with the people you love and cut back on snacking.


7. Don't buy food where you buy your gasoline. (In the U.S., 20% of food is eaten in the car)


If you are interested in reading the book (it is excellent by the way), you can read the entire book on-line here -->In Defense of Food

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