Joe Martin is an experienced and sought after guest speaker for fitness and motivation. He has done a TED Talk, keynote presentations, a recurring live TV show segment, radio, and has emceed several events as well. If you are looking for a high-energy speaker that can motivate, make people laugh, and create an impact please contact Joe Martin at

Watch his TED Talk here:  



  • Beth Miller (5 years)

    I actually sent you a message yesterday but I don’t think it fully submitted. I am a retired RN returning to school pursuing a BS in Sports Management, Wellness & Fitness. I have business class assignment to interview a fitness related business owner and was hoping you would allow me to interview you. The focus of the interview would be on your successes and failures as a business owner, business strategies, vs questions specifically related to being a personal trainer. Thanks for your time and the possibility of being able to interview you. I live in the Huntsville/Madison area so I could meet you anywhere if you will permit me to interview you.
    Beth Miller

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