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Getting in shape in one minute


In my last post I talked about using the Kaizen method to form good habits. I used some examples that were shockingly small.

But research has shown there is a way to pack 45 minutes of exercise into 1 minute. It sounds like a product that you would see on late night TV with 8 Minute Abs and something that makes Ramen Noodles cook EVEN faster.

Researchers compared a group of young men who were to perform moderate cardiovascular exercise versus a group of young men who would perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The wanted to see if there were changes in aerobic fitness, how well they could control blood sugar, and muscle function at the cell level.

The first group did a 2-minute warm-up, rode 45 minutes on a stationary bike, and then did a 3-minute cool down. The other group warmed up for 2 minutes, went as hard as they could for 20 seconds, went 2 minutes very slowly, and then repeated that sequence for a total of 3 sets in 10 minutes. Both groups exercised 3 days per week.

Both groups ended up with:

-20% increase in cardiovascular endurance

-improved insulin resistance

-great increases in cells that produce energy and oxygen in the muscles

Would you rather exercise for 27 hours or 6 hours (with only 36 minutes being hard) to get the same benefit? That’s a pretty easy choice for me.


But, there is always a but, HIIT is not easy! It is also not the only way I recommend you exercise. There are some days you are just not in the mood for intense exercise. Going for a long run, hike, swim, bike ride, etc… at a leisurely pace is still great for your body as well as your mind.

In my next post I will put up a HIIT workout similar to what we do in our boot camp classes.

That time I thought I had diabetes (embarrassing)

My clients win big time awards, like Thighmasters because I'm a baller.

My clients win big time awards, like Thighmasters because I'm a baller.

As an example, I will tell you the story of the time I thought I had diabetes. In my defense, please keep in mind that I had a newborn son at the time and sleep was not in abundance.


I woke up one morning, used the bathroom, and noticed that my urine smelled sweet. My genius brain perked up and said to me, "OMG Joe I think you have diabetes, you've got excess sugar in your urine!"


My brain talks like a 12 year old girl. I chose to ignore it, like you do when you have a possible, serious disease. It seemed to go away, until I got home from work that night and the sweet smell was back!


To make a long story short, my wife had put some sort of automatic toilet bowl cleaner thin in the toilet that emitted a sweet scent every time someone used the bathroom. No wonder I didn't notice it while I was at work...


Now I'm pretty smart, this only took me THREE DAYS to figure out! My wife, who is a nurse, still reminds me occasionally about this high point in my life.


I knew just enough information to totally freak myself out and be totally wrong.


This happens a lot in the fitness and nutrition industry. Dr. Oz is probably the best known example of someone who hypes up "miracle" pills. A study in the British Medical Journal found that only half of the products Dr. Oz recommended had evidence to back up their claims.


I grew up seeing commercials for 8 Minute Abs and Thigh Masters. More recently there were the Shape Up Shoes that not only could not back up their "shaping" claims, but were also injuring people and messing up their balance.

8minuteabs ShapeUpShoes

When you see a miracle cure or an easy fix you should be very skeptical. There are absolutely supplements that can help you. And there are lots of exercise videos and pieces of equipment that can helps as well. But there is no magic bullet or potion.


Try this instead:


And if you decide to do any toilet cleaner additions, alert the slower people in your house.

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