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50 Sneaky Names For Sugar and how to kick the sugar habit in 3 weeks

Sugar   "I'm surrounded by sugar, send reinforcements!"   Have you thought that at all these past few days? The days before and after Halloween are some tough days in the war on fat.   I am good about avoiding sugar, when it is not around. But when it is in my house, it must be taken down and I am very qualified to do so. I am the guy that thinks it would be a little more "fun" if I didn't have to eat 20 tiny Snickers. Just make them bigger please. No self control.   I need to get off this stuff! Who's with me? Then, I want to share the 3 Week Sugar Cleanse from my Fix Fat Forever Weight Loss System with you.  
This simple, but effective process can help you wean off sugar and jumpstart your health and wellness plans. If you stick to this plan you can expect to: -lose weight -gain more energy -increase mental clarity -improve emotional well­-being.   Not too bad right? So, here we go:   For the first week, your main goal is to cultivate awareness and mindfulness. Practice reading labels and identifying all the sources of added sugar in your diet. I typed up a “50 Sneaky Names For Sugar" document to help with the detective work. A fun and slightly disturbing game is to look at the cereal you or your kids eat and see how many you can find in the ingredients.   50 sneaky names for sugar   This is a great way to teach kids to read nutrition labels as well, and most children enjoy being a nutritional detective. Plus kids will hold you accountable. As I have learned over the past few days with a stern 7 year old wondering why Kit Kat supply has dwindled. He knows the exact amount! I thought it was the perfect crime…   For the second week, start increasing your consumption of whole foods. By adding in healthful choices, you will cut out processed and packaged foods.  These foods are often our main sources of added sugar.   Make sure you pay attention to the beverages you consume as well, and, if possible, substitute sugary beverages with water and tea (not sweet tea, sorry). One word of caution: Artificial sweeteners do more harm than good, so you want to avoid diet drinks as well.   For the third and last week, avoid all forms of sugar and no artificial sweeteners either. You may choose to use natural sweeteners very sparingly if you have to and you can also sweeten your food using fruit juices or puree in very small amounts. The first couple of days may be a little tough, but you should be free of your sugar dependency by the middle of this third week.   If you would like to pick up a copy of the Fix Fat Forever Weight Loss System, you can get one here --->Fix Fat Forever Your results are guaranteed or your money magically returns. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

The 6th Challenge-Liquid Calories


Don't judge me dude, I'm thirsty

Were you able to handle the 5th challenge ok last week? One thing that can derail your nutrition program very easily is liquid calories. It is secretly one of biggest things that keeps weight on people.   For instance, there are coffees at Starbucks that have more than 700 calories! 700 unproductive, not helping your body at all, wasteful calories and that is just in a drink!   So your challenge for this week, cut out all those non-productive (usually high sugar content) calories that come in liquid form. So no soft drinks, alcohol, sweet tea (unsweetened is fine), no sugary coffees (regular coffee is fine), etc... I would even include Gatorade and other sports drinks in this category as well. They do have electrolytes, but it also has 250 calories that you don't need. Unless you are exercising for more than an hour, water will keep you hydrated just fine.   Oh and diet soft drink/artificial sweetener drinkers thought you were getting off easy? Not so fast my friend! Little Lee Corso for you. You gotta drop those things too. Studies have shown that when you drink artificial sweeteners it stimulates you to eat more and actually gain weight.   We have all joked about the classic "I will take a Big Mac, supersized fries, apple pie, and a Diet Coke", but this is something different. What happens when your body tastes something sweet it expects calories along with it. When you take in the zero calorie artificial sweetener your body expects caloric payback, so it stimulates your body's hunger mechanism leading to extra calories being taken in that way. Not to mention the mounting evidence that diet drinks can cause several health issues such as: heart diseasedepressiondecreased kidney function, and others.   You're already started drinking so much water after last week, who has time to drink anything else anyway? Stop sabotaging your body with liquid calories and you will get great results in your fat loss efforts.
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