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Is it possible to go 21 days without complaining?


I was speaking to a group at a college a few years ago and I came to the potentially dangerous "Are there any questions?" part of the talk. I have had some blush inducing moments there, so I always get a little nervous.


But this time, it was not blush inducing. It was more anger/frustration inducing. He actually had a comment and he said "Well, this is good information, but we can't all be successful."


What??? Why not? It drives me crazy when people say stuff like that. You may not be able to get 6 pack abs when you are 60 years old or run a 5k in 15 minutes, but you can do better than you are now. You can improve at any age if you are willing to put in the work.

If you start with that attitude, then I guess you are right. You won't be successful if you are walking around with a self defeatist attitude all the time. Things are not that bad, buck up buttercup!


My wife is a nurse and she mainly deals with older patients. But she met a patient one time that had let herself go to the point that she will probably be bed ridden for the rest of her life. This person is not that old, but she is facing what I would consider a nightmare because she neglected her health for so long.


Don't you think she would trade anything she has to be in a body that could move? A body where she can take care of herself? I'm sure she wishes she would have taken a few more walks and made better food choices, while she still had it in her to do so. I feel so horrible for her because she is a prisoner in her own body and it was totally preventable.


Don't let that be you.

Are you healthy enough to move? Then you can be successful and you can reach your goal. Someone in a hospital bed is wishing they could do the things that you take for granted. Stop doubting yourself and start helping yourself!


Here is your action step. Go 21 days without complaining about anything that relates to your health and fitness.


As a way to keep yourself accountable, use this technique I learned about from minister Will Bowen. Put a bracelet (or a rubber band) around one wrist. Every time you complain, you move the bracelet over and your complaint free streak starts back to zero.

Are you up for the challenge? I hope so because it will absolutely be worth it.

This man stopped my whining in its tracks

Complaining word with a line   Stinking allergies. Anybody else feeling the wrath of the incoming allergy season?   All the feelings of being sick without the light at the end of the tunnel that you will feel better in a week or so.   I HATE not feeling 100% as I'm sure you do, so it was starting to effect my mood.   I can't breath very good. I'm light headed. Working out is much rougher.   Woe is me, my life is so rough.   Do you see where this is going? Sometimes we need a little kick in the pants to get right.   I got kicked swiftly and efficiently on Saturday.   Saturday afternoon I went to meet with a guy from my church who needs some help exercising. He is 81 and has severe Parkinson's.   He is still sharp as a tack, but he has speech problems along with a wide array of physical problems. Walking the 10 feet to his kitchen with his walker takes so much out of him he is drained from it. He has someone come every morning to feed and bathe him.   Every little thing that I take for granted is a battle for him. Makes my little allergy thing, look like the tiny issue it is.   Are you taking your health for granted? If you have the physical ability to exercise and you are not, I strongly urge you start today.   You were made to move, exercise, and be active. You may not be able to do as much as you could when you were younger, but you can do more than you are doing now.   Start small, stay consistent, keep challenging yourself, and you can make a huge amount of progress in a few short months.
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