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Cut The Bull Sit!


Are you sitting down? I have some news for you. Stand up!

A recent study of older women (average age of 79) published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who are sedentary have shorter life spans and are more likely to have high blood pressure, a history of chronic disease, lower physical performance scores, and are more likely to have experienced a fall in the past 12 months. The researchers found that the most sedentary women were biologically 8 years older than their actual age.

Another study in the same journal studied dementia risk in sedentary people. They studied people who were carriers of dementia markers and those who were not. The subjects with the markers for dementia developed dementia more often, but being sedentary greatly increased the risk of getting dementia for those who did not have the markers.

On a non-scientific note, I was talking to a physical therapist about the types of patients he sees. He said that 90% of what he sees is posture related ailments, the majority of them from sitting.

This is scary stuff! But it also means we can take control of our health by addressing the problem.

The first step is obvious- avoid sitting all day long! If you have a desk job this can be a challenge, but make it a priority to get up and stretch, walk around, etc… at least once an hour but the more often the better.

The second option is to address your desk area. There are stand up desks, adjustable desks that go from standing to sitting, sitting on and exercise ball, practicing good office ergonomics, etc…

The third thing to do is to address your posture. This might mean being more aware of your body position or doing more stretches and foam rolling to problem areas.

The fourth thing to look at is your leisure time activities. If you are sitting all day at work, then coming home and sitting on the couch or in front of a computer the remainder of the day that will catch up to you one day.

If you need more in depth instruction on some of these things or you would like someone to come speak at your office and address these topics, I highly recommend Dr. Nancy Harden from Flexibility For Life. I call her the Muscle Whisperer, she does pretty amazing work.

A Gift From My Dad


This past weekend was awesome! Sunshine and 50-60s temperatures in February are ok by me.


My son and I were planning to go for a hike when I got a text from dad asking if he could come along too. Hiking was his passion years ago, but he had not been able to hike in awhile. Of course we picked him up and the three generations headed out to Monte Sano.


Due to multiple surgeries, injuries, and health problems my dad hasn’t been able to walk for very long at all. His plan was to read a book and enjoy a nice day in the woods while we hiked.


But when we got there his plan changed a little. He decided to hike for a few minutes and then come back. Then he wanted to go a little further. Next thing you know he had completed a 3 hour hike!


It was amazing and my son and I were both extremely proud of him. My dad just kept plugging on, resting when he needed to, and hanging in there. It was truly a gift to be out there with him and my son on a perfect day on the trails.


Your heart and passion can take you further than your body tells you it can.


There is absolutely no way he could have walked 3 miles on a treadmill. That would have been cruel and unusual punishment. But get him out in the woods, spending time with family, and telling stories he hung in there like a champ.


When you find some form of movement you truly enjoy you will push yourself further, you will be much more consistent, and those will lead you to much better results. And you also get to have fun! Win, win. Have you found your form of movement yet? If so, keep doing it! If you quit, get back to it.


If you have not found a form of exercise you enjoy, keep searching. I promise you it is out there. Every human was made to move, we just aren’t all wired the same. Once you find it let me know what is, I might like to try it too.

Your best year yet by doing things you aren’t qualified for


Are you a planner? Do you have to have all your ducks in a row before you do anything?


I am married to one of those people. Thank goodness, because I am the exact opposite. Marriage is all about filling in each other’s gaps.


There is definitely a time to plan, get ready, and make sure you have all the bases covered. But it can also be a sticking point.


It becomes a sticking point if it keeps you from taking action. Do you know what science has determined to be the perfect time to start exercising? Now. Now is the best time.


I love this quote I heard from Tim Ferriss: “Don’t be afraid to attempt what you are not qualified to do.”


I also like this quote from Kamal Ravikant, investor and author, “If I only did things I was qualified for I’d be pushing a broom somewhere.”


-Do not be afraid to do your first 5K because you don’t think you are ready.

-Do not be afraid to start Adventure Boot Camp because you think it is too hard or you can’t keep up. Spoiler alert- it's not and you can.

-Do not hold yourself back from reaching your full potential because that lying voice in your head says you can’t.


Go all in this year, put yourself out there, and see what happens. It won’t be easy, it will hurt, but it will be worth it. Don’t go through another year with regrets.


This is the year and now is the time. Take that first step towards change and just keep stepping.


Happy 2017 to you!

Get a jump start on your results


jump-start Are you in a rut? Are you overwhelmed?

Does it seem like you have so far to go, what's the use in even trying?

I've been there my friend, it is a hard place to be in.You know how you get out of that place?

One action step at a time.

Below are 20 examples of what that one thing could be.

1. Get the junk food out of your house

2. Stand up for 5 minutes every hour

3. Avoid fast food this week

4. Eat one healthy meal today

5. Take a 10 minute walk

6. Use a foam roller for 10 minutes

7. Floss (it adds 6 years to your life)

8. Stretch for 10 minutes

9. No liquid calories today (soft drinks, alcohol, coffees, etc…)

10. Commit to one workout (I know a great boot camp if you need it)

11. Turn the TV off and go to bed on time

12. Take 10 minutes of absolute quiet by yourself to de-stress

13. Find someone who will keep you accountable (friend, trainer, group)

14. Go buy some new workout clothes or shoes

15. Write down your goals where you will see them daily

16. Rather than creating excuses for not getting healthy, create a plan

17. Start a sleep routine you will do every night

18. Eat a vegetable you've never tried this week

19. Do your measurements so you can see how far you are about to go

20. Get negative people (AKA energy vampires) out of your life

Pick out one thing from this list (or come up with one that resonates with you) and do it today. Sometimes all it takes is a little positive momentum to start something great.

The Elevate Workout


I'm really excited about this weekend because our boot camp family is marching in the Saint Patrick Day's Parade! Always a good time with great people.

Got an e-mail about the parade telling people to make sure they are wearing sunscreen. When you have a high concentration of gingers you can't mess around.

So I will need to get my workout done early that morning so I can be ready to look good in my gold pants. If you are looking to do a quick, effective workout this weekend I have a good one for you.

I call it Elevate because it sounds like a fancy restaurant.

You need an elevated surface of some kind for this one. It can be a bench, box, fireplace, whatever you can find.

You will do each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds. Go through the whole list 3 times.

Here are your exercises:

1. Bulgarian split squats (Right leg)

(Start off with a nice long stride with one foot up on the bench. You can either have shoelaces down on the bench or you can put your toe on the bench. Push that back knee towards the ground like you are doing a lunge, then push through your front heel to stand back up)

2. Bulgarian split squats (Left leg)

3. Feet elevated pushups

If you get too fatigued, go to regular pushups or hold the pushup at the top to avoid breaking your face.

4. Step ups (Right leg leading)

5. Step ups (Left leg leading)

6. Hip thrusts

This one looks pretty bad if anyone happens to see what you are doing, but it is an amazing exercise for your glutes and overall strengthening.

Put your shoulder blades up on the bench, feet are on the ground, knees bent. You will let your hips drop down then push up, squeeze your glutes at the top and then repeat. Add weights to make it harder.

7. Run or march in place with high knees

8. Burpees

For a low impact option, squat down and place your hands on the bench or step, jump or step your feet back so you are in the pushup position, jump or step back to where you started, stand up or jump up to standing position. Make it harder by going flat on the floor.

So many chances to get fit



Lots of exciting things going on in the health and fitness world these days. Here are some upcoming events you can participate in:


August 15 (tomorrow)- Fundraising Boot Camp

Tomorrow at 8am at Weatherly Elementary School (1307 Cannstatt) we are raising funds for the Smallwood/Sokolowski family. This is the family who was effected by the horrible murder of 5 family members and then having their house burned to the ground. This class is open to women, men, and children of all ages. Just bring some water and an exercise mat.

I can't imagine what they are going through right now. They have a GoFundMe account if you would like to donate online or you can drop off donations at any Redstone Federal Credit Union branch.


August 22- Breaking a world record

Haven't you always wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records? Now is your chance! At 12pm at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, you can be a part of the largest group of people doing burpees at one time.

It is a part of the Rocket City Tailgate Challenge. Lots of cool events going on all day, including me teaching a class from 11:15-11:45am to get you ready for burpees. We are collecting school supplies for Free 2 Teach that day too.


August 29- Move Better Workshop

From 8:00-10:00am we will be hosting a Move Better Workshop taught by Dr. Nancy Harden from Flexibility For Life. Dr. Harden is my physical therapist and I call her The Muscle Whisperer. What she does is amazing!

Imagine if you could be pain free when you moved? Despite injuries, joint problem, and other physical limitations. Dr. Harden will be focusing on pushups, squats, and fixing "desk posture".


21 Day Detox Release

Putting the finishing touches on a new 21 Day Detox Program and will be releasing it soon. This will change how you look at nutrition, which is the single biggest factor for long-term success. It does not include pills, powders, or potions nor does it starve you to death. It will teach you to eat the way your body was made to eat to maximize results and decrease risks for chronic diseases. Pretty excited about this one.

How to exercise at your desk


The-Office-Workout-Hour How many of you are trapped at your desk for 8 plus hours a day? Are there a lot of days you don't even get the chance to take a lunch break, much less take time to workout?

The American Heart Association recommends that you get 30 minutes of physical activity, 5 times a week at a minimum.

Pretty hard to do that when you work an exhausting and time consuming job. This is where the office chair workout comes in handy.

Before we move on, just know that you have to meet 2 requirements to do this workout:

-you have the freedom to move around a little bit

-You don't mind people thinking you are the crazy person in the office

This workout is assuming you work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. It also assumes you have a chair with wheels on it, just stick with me. This workout will not always be feasible, but a little something always beats a whole lot of nothing.

Here is how it works:

Set an alarm to go off every 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes you will do the exercise for 1 minute, changing exercises every hour.

Hour 1- Jumping Jacks.

As an alternative, you can do chair jacks. Just do the upper body part of the jumping jacks. Don't be surprised if people think you are drawing attention to yourself.

Hour 2- Squats.

Use your chair as a guide. Feet shoulder width apart, push your hips back, keep your knees out, sit away from your knee caps, and slowly lower yourself down towards your chair. Lightly tap your chair, then stand all the way up.

Hour 3- Chair Plank.

Place your forearms on the seat of your chair, walk your legs out until your body is in a nice straight line. Hold that position, make it harder by rolling the chair back and forth with your forearms

Hour 4- pushups.

You can do the pushups on the floor, hands on your desk, hands on the wall, knees on the floor, hands on your chair, any option will do.

Hour 5- Push back/walk in.

This is mainly where the wheels on the chair come in. Place your hands on the edge of your desk, hands shoulder width apart, explosively press backwards (if you are on carpet, don't push quite as hard if you are on hardwood floors). Next, you will dig your heels into the ground and walk yourself back to your desk. Great hamstring workout.

Hour 6- High knees.

Run or march in place getting your knees up as high as possible.

Hour 7- Reaches.

Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, lift your right heel, pivot, and reach your right arm across your body to the left side, repeat with your left arm. Make sure to pivot each time, letting your belly button lead you to the side. Make it more challenging by holding a lower squat.

Hour 8- Basketball shots.

Knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart, we will start with the right hand being the "shooting" hand. You will pivot and step to your left, reach out with both hands, and grab the invisible ball, step and pivot back, then shoot the invisible basketball.

If you have ever seen a 3 point competition, that is what you are mimicking. Alternate the shooting hands each minute, so both sides will each get 2 sets in. If you want to make it a little more interesting, this is a great way to get rid of all the balled up papers and trash around your desk.

This will net you 32 minutes of exercise every day at your desk. You can start working in crazy stuff like foam rolling, stretching, yoga, etc... later on after you fully break your co-workers in. If there are thing that are not feasible in your office, adapt t what you can do.

You will find that you are more productive, energetic, and a lot of your back pain will subside due to the decreased amount of sitting. Please report back co-worker observations of your activities.

Diamonds are a boot camper’s best friend



I think we can all agree that diamonds are pretty awesome, right? Just nod your head yes. No one is looking.

And saving money on boot camp is pretty awesome too, right? Nod again.

So let's say you put diamonds together with discounted boot camp. That would be a nearly unstoppable combination wouldn't it?

So let's make it happen! We have worked out a deal with JV Diamond Center. If you sign up for our VIBC program (unlimited workouts for 1 year or 6 months at nearly half off regular price), JV Diamond Center will give you a $200 gift certificate to their store.

You can sign up for the discounted boot camps here --->VIBC program


An Out-of-Gym Experience. The magic of Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp


Comfort zone

I was really honored to have an article about our boot camp published recently. The article really captures why we do what we do and how we go about doing it.

An Out-Of-Gym Experience

The article also talks about what I consider the 5 most important things you need to focus on in an exercise program. If you are taking care of these five things, you will reach your goals.

Strength and Honor


A friend of mine retired from the Army last week and he told a very interesting story as part of the ceremony. He got the opportunity to go on an Honor Flight. Honor Flight is a program that flies our military veterans to Washington DC to see their memorials. The whole day is dedicated to honoring them for their sacrifices.   My friend said that of the 100 veterans on the plane, 50 of them had to be wheeled aboard on wheelchairs. After a full day of flying from Huntsville to Washington DC, seeing all the memorials, and then flying back to Huntsville you would think they would be in rough shape. Of the 50 that were wheeled on, only 25 had to be wheeled off. The rest walked off that plane on their own.   What changed? Have you ever felt physically better after a day of flying? No way! It is an exhausting process that saps your energy, but they were walked proudly off that plane. How awesome is that?   So my question to you is, what's holding you back? Is it really that you are too injured, too sick, too frail, too overweight, too out of shape, etc... to exercise? Have you been feeding yourself negative thoughts for so long that your body now believes it?   This may not apply to you right now, but one day it might. I will send out more about negative and positive thoughts later on, but for now take stock of your situation. Is it really something physical holding you back or is it mental? If I can help you find a way to stay active through whatever you have going on, please let me know.
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