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The One Thing to 6 Pack Abs



We live in a multi-tasking world. We are all busy, so it is kind of expected of us. How else can you expect to chase Pokemon characters and still post on Facebook that you are chasing Pokemon charaters?

The problem with multi-tasking is that it just doesn’t work. It feels like we are getting a lot of stuff done, but multiple studies have shown it is not the ideal way to go. We do this with our weight loss attempts too.

I read a great book about this topic called The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The main two directives from the book are:

  1. Start with 1 habit at a time

  2. Do the most important things first


Two simple concepts, but are you currently using them in your life? Yeah, me neither. You look to find the one thing in your life that if you did it, it would make everything easier or even unnecessary.

Here is a great video that breaks down the whole process. The premise is about getting 6 pack abs. You break down your habits so small that you can’t make your habit any smaller. Then eventually a lot of those smaller habits become unnecessary and the rest of the steps become easier.

This is the example from the video. His big goal is to get 6pack abs. His first step is to eat clean 7 days a week, but that is too overwhelming in the beginning. So he begins to break the habits into smaller, more manageable steps.

Here is how far he goes down.

-Eat clean 7 days a week

-5 clean meals prepped daily

-Cook all meals on Sunday for the week

-Create a Sunday cook time from 12pm-3pm

-Grocery shop every Sunday at 10am

-Create a grocery list

-Watch videos and do research on what to eat

-Set aside 1 hour to do research

-Wake up early

-Go to bed early

-Set time to go to sleep every night

-Remove all distractions (such as your cell phone) before bed time

Pretty crazy right? That your first step to 6 pack abs is to turn off your phone before bed time. Eventually the last 6 steps will become unnecessary as they become just a part of your normal routine and the first 6 steps become easier.

So what is the one thing you need to do to reach your goal? Spend some time on this and reverse engineer it so you make the process not seem so impossible.

Negativity Detox Challenge #7- Is it me?



Your challenge last week was to think of three things you like about your job. If you couldn't think of at least 3 things, you need to either find a new job or find some ways to relieve stress at work.

I suggest the The Office Chair Workout as a way to get your workout in at work or possibly get you fired and into a new job. (Disclaimer-Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp and Joe Martin claim no responsibility for firings and/or office chair related injuries)

This week, it is time to look at you. Are you a source of negativity?

This week pay close attention how you interact with people.

Are you constantly nagging them?

Are you always putting them down?

Do you ever have anything positive to say?

Are you saying things that put them down, just to lift yourself up?

Are you talking behind their back?

This isn't just face to face, it is especially on things like Facebook, text messages, and e-mail. People will write all kinds of horrible things that they would never say to a person's face. Facebook is probably the king of this, especially between "friends".

Simple rule of thumb: if you wouldn't say it to their face, don't put it in electronic form either.

So this week turn the microscope on yourself. Would you want to be treated the way you are treating others? Are you constantly being negative?

It is time to check yourself this week. The great part is that just be by being mindful of your actions, you will treat people better.

Take up video game to quit smoking, drinking booze, and eating unhealthy food



Have you ever played that game Tetris? The game with the different shapes that you have to make fit.

It seems silly, but it is strangely addicting. Much like Prancercise. Or so I hear…


If you've heard of it, you probably haven't thought about it in years. There must not be much going on at Plymouth University, because researchers there apparently love them some Tetris.

They did a study that measured cravings while playing Tetris for 3 minutes.

The study participants showed a 24% decrease in cravings just from simply playing the game.

What does that mean for you? You can play Tetris next time you get a craving, obviously.  But what else can you do?

Distract yourself in some other way! You need to break the power of the craving by doing something.

Work would be a nice option, but who wants to do that? BORING. Plus, a lot of us can do work and barely have to focus on the task at hand. That leads to minds wandering to cravings.

You need something that makes you really lock into it. It could be a great book, a movie, some pushups, etc…

I don't recommend getting on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram because of all the good selfies on there. "Check out my BLT yo!"

PS- you are probably wanting to play Tetris now. Here you go, a web site where you can play for free --> FreeTetris

How Facebook can help you sleep better, exercise more, and get rid of your depression


If you are on Facebook, you have probably noticed that a lot of people are talking about the things they are thankful for. I love it! Too often Facebook is a place where people go to do two things.

Brag or complain.




Especially the dreaded humble brag. "My Ferrari hasn't been washed since I got back from skiing with Lady Gaga in Vail. LOL!"

This all sounds nice, but what does being grateful have to do with your health? As it turns out, it has a lot to do with your health.

Studies have shown that people who show an appreciation for the things they are grateful in life experience the following benefits:

-less depression

-more optimistic

-less aches and pains

-better sleep

-less anxiety

-exercised more often

Another great thing about having an attitude of gratitude is the effect is has on your brain. When you are grateful it effects the part of that releases dopamine. It feels good to release dopamine, so this helps you continue to have that positive attitude so you can experience that feeling again.

Another benefit is that your brain is not a multitasker. When you are focused on the positive things in your life, you won't be focused on the bad things in your life.

All of you doing the Facebook gratitude thing, keep it up! Or you can keep a gratitude journal if you are a more private type. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.

I recently wrote a letter (by hand!) to a coach I had in high school who helped me. It really did feel good to picture hime reading the how he positively effected my life. It was 20 years ago, but I still benefit from the things he taught me.

Think of ways you can be more grateful and you will feel better. It's science.

The “Whenever You Can” Workout

Not exactly what we are looking for

Not exactly what we are looking for

  I've recently taken on some things in my life that have really cut down on my available workout hours. I'm very lucky that I am able to drop off and pick my son up at school. Family time is not something, I'm willing to compromise on. Getting up earlier is not going to happen either, 4am come early enough.   So what am I going to do? Go back to being fat? No thank you. Although I have to make a confession. I have daydreams of letting myself completely go. Eating like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day if you have ever seen that movie. It's a pretty sweet daydream.

Groundhog Day movie image Bill Murray

  But it ain't happening. Never again is my motto.   Do you have a schedule like that? A schedule where you have 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. That's not enough time to workout!   It isn't enough time if you are trying to run a marathon, but if you are trying to lose fat and get in shape you can make it happen.   Here a "When You Can" workout I did the other day:   1. Got home from teaching my first class: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 8 round. Alternating between pushups and kettlebell swings every round. Took about 4 minutes.   2. Throughout the day: Randomly run up and down the stairs. Also helps break the monotony of working. Dropping down into a plank for 30 seconds here and there.   3. Just before I went to pick up my son: 5 minutes of sprints in the yard   4. Had 10 minutes: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds for numbers 1 and 2 below. 1. Weighted hip thrusts 2. Alternated between overhead presses and squat/upright row.   5. That night while grilling fish: 15 minutes of Goblet squats, barefoot sprints with the little man, and checking Facebook (keeping it real).   All of that adds up. Look through your day, you have little pockets of time where you can do something! This goes for anybody. Even if you workout every day, you still need to become more active overall.   Audit you day and find out where you are wasting time. Eliminate the waste and fit in some physical activity.

Weird way to avoid emotional eating



  I was talking to a friend of mine named Mitzi awhile back and she shared something really interesting. Mitzi is a yoga instructor by trade, but is more like Yoda. Give you great insight she can.
Yoda doing Yoga, your mind is blown

Yoda doing Yoga, your mind is blown

We share a client who does boot camp and yoga. Mitzi was talking to this client about the main benefit of boot camp for her. The client said the thing she benefits most from the class is that she can get her anger out. It is something I had not really thought about. As a guy, we are pretty straight forward. Get mad, hit something, move on. Not really the same for women is it? They tend to internalize things and let it eat at them. No pun intended. One of the main things I learned at the Emotional Eating Seminar we had awhile back is that people tend to eat emotionally when a need is not being met. (In case you missed the highlights you can go here --->>>Emotional Eating tips for some other great insights) It is ok to get angry! It is ok release your anger in a healthy manner. You know what does nothing? Going on Facebook and putting a vague statement about what is currently making you angry. What is that outlet for you? For me, it is exercise. Specifically it is intense exercise. It is hard to be angry when you are completely exhausted. Punching bags are incredible for this sort of thing. For others it could be running, yoga, or any form of exercise that gets rid of anger. Find that outlet for you and see if it helps you combat emotional eating. If you are looking to do a yoga class or just need a go to person for yoga questions, visit Mitzi's web site. She is always looking to help people ease into yoga, as well as help people who are interested in becoming yoga instructors.

Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp Field Day



  If you want to experience a day of fun and fitness, we would love for you to come to the Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp Field Day. Remember how awesome Field Day was when you were in school? That's why we are bringing it back.   Here are the specifics:   What- Adventure Boot Camp Field Day will have all sorts of fun, physical activities. Such as tug-of-war, hula hoop contest, frisbee toss, 100 yard dash, free throw contest, and much more!   When- Saturday August 17th from 9-11am   Where- Weatherly Elementary School at 1307 Cannstatt in south Huntsville   Who- for women, men, children of all ages and fitness levels.   Cost- absolutely free, but please RSVP on the Facebook Event page to help us prepare for how many will be there. Plus we will be providing more details on that page as a way to keep you informed.   Please e-mail for more information.

The benefits of fat loss and how to win a free massage

  I was about to come up with a post about all the benefits of fat loss, then I came across an awesome picture. A picture is worth a 1000 words right? All of that by losing fat! Not just dropping pounds on a scale, but actually losing fat. Pretty cool.   So who wants an hour long massage? We are starting a Facebook contest at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp where you could win one. Take a picture of wearing your boot camp shirt in cool/odd/funny/unusual places and/or situations, then post them on the Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp fan page.   Don't have a shirt? You can still win! You can either purchase one for $10 (email for details) OR you can just hold up a homemade sign with Huntsville or Madison Adventure Boot Camp on it, take the picture, and upload it.   The picture that gets the most likes, comments, and shares (each is worth a point) wins! The contest will end on June 30th.  Post your pictures here ---->Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp fan page   Good luck everybody!

3 Fat Burning Workouts That Take 15 minutes or Less

A photo of the Shake Weight product for sale i...

Not part of the plan

Let's face it, some days you just don't have time to workout. I am a pretty busy guy, so I understand. There is the famous, "I am so busy I can barely breathe, but I will spend an hour watching TV" person. Or the "no way do I have time to workout, I have to update my Facebook status every 5 minutes and make sure no one says anything about me on Facebook" person. Those examples are a little extreme, but we all have more time in our day than we think. If you really break your day down it is a little depressing. Where do your hours go? Start tracking them and I guarantee every one of you can carve 15 minutes out of their day to exercise. 15 minutes that is all you will need for the workouts I have for you. These are not easy workouts just because they are short. If you only have a short time period, you have to make it more intense. Workout 1 You will do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, then move on to the next exercise. Go through the whole list 3 times with the following exercises. -Kettlebell swings (or a dumbbell will work in a pinch) -Pushups -Burpess -Jump squats -Shoulder press It will take you 15 minutes to do the whole workout. Workout 2 Good old Tabatas. If you have never done Tabatas, get ready to live. This workout has only 2 exercises. To perform Tabatas you will work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. You will repeat this pattern for a total of 4 minutes per exercise (8 rounds total). Perform Tabatas with squats, rest 2 minutes, then Tabatas for pushups. 10 minutes and your workout is done. Workout 3 This will be a sprint workout. A sprint doesn't necessarily have to be running. It can be on a bike, rowing machine, Shake Weight. Well maybe skip the Shake Weight. For the sprint go as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest 60 seconds, and then repeat that a total of 10 times. Takes a little over 12 minutes to complete. Make the time then take the time, you won't regret it. Try these out and let me know if you have questions!

$600 worth of stuff just for playing on Facebook?

Who doesn't love an on-line contest? Everybody does! Maybe not the Amish so much, but everybody else does. Here is how it works. Whoever has the most friends post on our Adventure Boot Camp Facebook page WINS a FR.EE Boot Camp and a FR.EE boot camp for the friend of their choice. $600 worth of stuff just to do some clicking! Here's what they need to post: "Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp ROCKS and so does_______ (have them insert your first and last name here so we know you referred them)" And they must "Like" ...our page for their post to count. So we need to find them in our friends. If you don't already Like our page, you can find it by clicking here. The contest starts Friday Feb 11 (tomorrow!) at 8AM and runs until Saturday at 8PM. That gives you a day and a half to round up all your Facebook buddies to help you win. If you are a VIBC (or you're a guy) your friend still gets to win a boot camp, but you get something special. Good luck and let's get to work!
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