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Are you making deposits or withdrawals?


It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of your life. Going to work, errands, social commitments, TV, etc... all take up time, energy, and focus. This leaves you with very little left in the tank to do something very important.


It is absolutely crucial to think about your future.


Will your future self thank you in 20 years for what you are doing now? That steady diet of fast food will probably get a now, while putting all that money into a 401k would get a yes.


Thinking long term also helps you avoid getting caught up in short term fad diets and fad workouts. Are you really going to NEVER have a piece of bread again? Is that crazy workout where you keep hurting yourself going to be part of your routine in 20 years?

This hits home for me because I keep getting hurt doing jiujitsu. Some little stuff like broken toes, up to bigger stuff like tearing a ligament in my knee a month ago. Well someone tore it for me, but I was there when it happened 🙂


My choice now is to quit or change the way I train at jiujitsu. The way I have been doing it is very physical, never wanting to tap out, and win at all costs mentality. Don’t think 60 year old me will be able to do that. I am choosing to train smarter, not harder.


The same thing applies to the way I treat my body overall. Performing more mobility/stretching, getting more sleep, cutting down on caffeine. These are all things I am doing now that will pay off in later years.


A big goal for me is to be that spry old man that can run circles around the whippersnappers in the neighborhood. I want to be strong, fit, and pain free for as long as I possible can.


Look at the choices you are making as bank transactions. Are you making more deposits or withdrawals in your long term health account?

Wok this way!



I have a new goal in life. To become a master of the wok.

My wife got one for her birthday in September and it just sat there for a couple of months. Then one day I decided to put that baby to use. Heroes don’t always wear capes.

It took me an hour to cure that thing and get it into cooking shape. Woks are fancy like that. But it has been awesome!

I’m a changed man. I’m cutting up vegetables more, looking up recipes, trying new things. I even went into this Asian market that I pass by all the time, but never go in. Some really interesting things happening in there FYI.

My point in sharing this is that you need to find a way to get excited about healthy cooking, just like you do about exercising. A good way to jump start that is cooking using a new method (wok, grill, Crock Pot), trying new foods, eating the same foods with different spices, etc…

It is easy to get into an eating rut where you eat the same things all the time. Branch out and you will find yourself cooking more, spending less on eating out, and saving yourself a lot of unwanted calories.

Nutrition Quiz. How many can you get?



For our boot camp workout on Monday I thought I would switch it up. So I gave my classes a nutrition quiz.


If they got the answer right, the exercise was easier. If they got it wrong, the exercise was not easier. It pays to be a winner.


The main idea was to drive home the importance of reading food labels and knowing what you are putting into your body. A lot of these might surprise you.


You can take the quiz yourself. The answer key will be at the bottom of the page.


Let me know how you do!


1. How many grams of sugar does 2 tablespoons of frosting contain?

A. 10

B. 20


D. 40


2. How many grams of sugar are in one glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 30

D. 40


3. How many calories are in one glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut?

A. 100

B. 150

C. 200

D. 400


4. Which has more calories: a medium sized blueberry muffin or a cupcake?


5. How many calories is one slice of cheese pizza?

A. 200

B. 250

C. 300

D. 350


6. True or False. A basic 8-piece sushi roll is less than 200 calories?


7. True or false: ¼ cup of Ketchup has almost 4 times the calories of ¼ cup of salsa


8. How many calories are in 12 ounces of orange juice?

A. 120

B. 140

C. 155

D. 170


9. True or False: A half cup of grapes is 30 calories


10. True or False: A half cup of raisins is 100 calories


11. A half cup of granola has how many calories?

A. 80

B. 140

C. 180

D. 220


12. True or False: Tofu has more calories than chicken?


13. A can of Coke has the same amount of sugar as this many Hershey Kisses

A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

D. 20


14. What drink at Starbucks weighs in at 640 calories?

A. White Hot Chocolate

B. White Chocolate Mocha

C. Tazo Green Tea Frappucciono

D. Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino


15. What item at McDonald’s has 730 calories, 53 grams of fat, and 1400 mgs of salt?

A. Big Mac

B. McFlurry

C. Hot cakes and sausage

D. Kale salad


16. What item has the highest calories of all at McDonald’s?

A. Large McRib

B. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

C. Big Breakfast

D. Large McFlurry


17. If you ate a ¼ burger, small chili, and medium iced tea at Wendy’s RATHER than eating a Carl’s Jr./Hardees 6 dollar burger, medium fries, and medium soda how many calories would you save?

A. 526

B. 842

C. 1008

D. 1998


18. Yes or No. Would you have more calories by eating the above mentioned Hardees/Carl’s Jr. meal or eating 29 Rice Krispee Treats?


19. Which of these chain restaurants has a dish that is 3660 calories?

A. Cheesecake Factory

B. Red Lobster

C. Outback

D. Steak ‘N Shake


20. Which of these beers has 180 calories?

A. Harpoon IPA

B. Killian’s Irish Red

C. Guinness Extra Stout

D. Samuel Adams Boston Lager


Answer Key

  1. B – 20

  2. A- 10 

  3. C- 200

  4. Muffin 300 to 200

  5. B- 250

  6. False- 300 

  7. True 60 vs 16 

  8. D- 170 

  9. True 

  10. False- 220 

  11. C- 180 

  12. False 4 ounces of chicken is 120 calories, tofu is 100 

  13. C- 16 

  14. A- 640

  15. C- 1150 

  16. D- 

  17. Yes 2618 calories vs 2610 for rice Krispee treats 

  18. B- 3660 calories 

5 Ways The Irish Avoid Gaining Weight


Proud To Be irish

In honor of our group marching in the Huntsville Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday, I wanted to share a little about my experience in Ireland.

When I was 21 years old, I moved to Ireland for the summer. Didn't really have a plan and I didn't know anyone there. It was just something that I had always dreamed about doing.

It was a great experience and I learned a lot of things. One being that there should be more of a heads up when a hostel has co-ed showers.

Something else I learned is that you do not see very many overweight Irish people. My scientific research turned up 5 ways that they manage to keep excess weight off.

1. Lots of walking

Everybody walks! I'm guessing it is because the people that drive are on the wrong side of the road. Crazy people. Think about how many calories you would burn if you walked 1-2 hours a day. Not to mention avoiding a lot of the trouble brought on by excess sitting.

2. Slow eating and drinking

I went to a job interview for the highly sought after short order cook position. During the job interview process, they gathered all the candidates together and gave everybody a Guinness.

Everything was going along great until the owner looked at me and said, "That's the problem with you Americans you do everything so fast!" I looked around at everyone who had taken tiny sips of their beers and I was almost done. I'm task oriented, what can I say?

I didn't get the job if you wondering.

This was something I observed a lot. Irish meals would be drawn out over music, laughter, conversation. They would eat smaller amounts of food, but would feel full because they gave their brains the time to tell their stomachs that they and eaten enough.

The focal point of their meals was the company they were with, not the food itself. This was pre-smart phones, so it may be different now.

3. A lot of the food is terrible

Seriously. Hard to eat to much when you don’t enjoy the food. I made the mistake of wandering into McCary’s (thinking it was a McDonald’s). Had the golden arches and everything, but I'm pretty sure the burger was made of ground leprechaun. Bad times.

The thing I started doing is just using food as fuel, not a way to make myself happy. It was a mind set shift for me. Food should be enjoyed, but it's not a way to alter my mood.

4. Avoiding fast food

Whenever I went into a fast food place (I was desperate! Have you ever seen blood pudding?) it would be 99% tourists. The locals would not eat there.

A co-worker put it simply "We don't eat it it's because the food is addictive and it will make you fat."

Weird how "outsiders" can see that so easily, but we Americans keep right on keeping on with fast food.

5. Access to affordable, fresh produce

I was making the equivalent to about 4 dollars an hour. Not much in a big city like Dublin, but I could still afford to get fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmer’s Markets they would have scattered throughout the city.

I'm not asking you to eat terrible food, but: adding more walking and vegetables; eating and drinking slower; and avoiding fast food are all habits you can start adding that will be a tremendous help.

This is how to avoid SADness

Are you on the SAD eating plan? If you are then you fit right in with many of the people in America.
SAD=Standard American Diet
The SAD is characterized by:
-processed foods
-sugary drinks and desserts
-very little fruits and vegetables
-large amounts of refined grains
Sound familiar? If you are eating lots of fast foods and other "convenience" foods, then this is the types of foods you are taking in.
As you can guess, obesity is a major side effect of eating SAD. But it comes with a whole host of other problems:
-Cancer (especially colon cancer)
-Death from heart disease
-Kidney and gallbladder issues
Scary stuff right there. It's what one of the main reason I got involved in Isagenix. It is not perfect, but it is a whole heckuva lot better than the typical burger and fries meal!
A study from 2004 found that 3 out of 4 meals eaten outside of the home were fast food meals. Not many healthy options there. If fast food is a regular part of your nutrition plan, you have to change that. Period.
Get a game plan together for your meals, especially where you are at your weakest. Look at your eating habits throughout the week. Which meals do you struggle with the most? Start there, fix that first, and you are well on your way to not being SAD any more.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

GetComfortableBeingUncomfortable   "Get comfortable being uncomfortable" is a phrase I have always liked. When it applies to other people 🙂 It's always a little rougher when you are talking about yourself.  
We live in a world where every convenience can be taken care of.   Want some water when you get thirsty? It is everywhere!   Hungry? Try to drive 5 minutes without seeing a fast food place, grocery store, or convenience store that carries food.   Houses and cars are heated and cooled. My wife's car even has those sweet bun warmers in her car.   We aren't uncomfortable very often.   So when we do become uncomfortable, it freaks us out a little and makes us back away. When you are running, do you stop because your legs would not move any further or because you were very uncomfortable? Same with lunges, squats, presses, etc...   I want you to redefine your limits. Chances are, you already know where you are weak. Start there.   For me, it is the running part. I'm not a big fan of it. So that's what I will be working on the most. What is it for you? The best way to become strong is to work on your weakness.   One of my weak spots in life has always been public speaking. It wasn't a problem when I was working for other people doing one to one personal training. All I had to do was show up and train.   For any business owners out there, you know that you are your business. You have to be out in the public eye to grow your business. I will go speak in front of any group, any time anywhere now.   I'm not comfortable doing it, but I am comfortable being uncomfortable so I do it.   I still get nervous. I still feel like I am going to throw up. But I know that it won't kill me, despite my dangerously high heart rate.   This weekend I am even teaching a fitness dance class for charity. Talk about being out of your comfort zone... This one might actually kill me, but it's for charity so I'm in.   Are you comfortable in your workouts? I'm not saying they are easy workouts, but are you comfortable? Can you finish every set you do? Do you always feel like you had something left in the tank after a run? Are you going through the motions in the class you are taking?   If so, I challenge you to pick it up a little. Use heavier weights, run a little further, try that class that scares you.   You know what happens after that? You see it was not as scary as you thought. Then you will continue to conquer your goals and redefine your limits.   It will not be easy, sometimes it's not much fun, you won't be comfortable, but it will definitely make you improve.   Get comfortable being uncomfortable and the sky is the limit.

How I learned to be skinny in Ireland


Ireland Forever

I moved to Dublin for a summer without knowing a soul and barely having a plan. My plan was to stay in a hostel, find some kind of awesome Irish job, and then laugh all the way to the bank. So shortly after that I am stacking kegs and carrying pint glasses for a living in an Irish pub. Not the sweet job I had hoped for, but working was much better than staying in my hostel room with 20 Europeans who did not frequent the co-ed showers. Yeah, the co-ed shower part was not in the brochure. Quite the jolt early in the morning.
  So besides all the crazy things I got to do and see, I learned a few things about why you don't see many overweight Irish people. I hear things have changed since I was there, but in 1998 here is what I observed. 1. They walk everywhere I don't blame them, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road! Plus, Dublin is a very walker friendly city.  Want a weight loss secret? Move more than you sit. 2. They eat slow Not that they chew slow, but they are usually busy actually conversing. Laughing, telling stories, singing, etc... Meals take a lot longer and are a whole lot more fun. 3. A lot of the food is terrible Seriously. Hard to eat to much when you don't enjoy the food. I made the mistake of wandering into McCary's (thinking it was a McDonald's). Had the golden arches and everything, but I think the burger was made of ground leprechaun. Yuck... The thing I started doing is just using food as fuel, not a way to make myself happy. 4. They drink Guinness Guinness used to be given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and post op patients because they it was high in iron. An old Irish dude told me "There's eating and drinking going on in this pint." Not too sure about all that, but Guinness has been proven to reduce heart attack risk by preventing heart clots. Also, it is lower in calorie than you think. 5. Fast food not as often Whenever I went into a fast food place (I was desperate! Have you ever seen blood pudding?) it would be 95% tourists. The locals were immune to the horrendous, boiled things being served so they didn't need to escape from that nastiness. 6. Access to affordable, fresh produce I was making the equivalent to about 4 dollars an hour. Not much in a big city like Dublin, but I could still afford to get fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmer's Markets they would have every few blocks.   What's the take away? You have to bloom where you are planted. Look for a way to live a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are. No excuses, if you want it bad enough you can figure it out.

A good reason to avoid McDonald's

I have to admit it. I occasionally take my son to eat at McDonald's just like you do. But unlike you I am forced to park at other establishments because my vehicle is a shining advertisement for exercise and fitness.
Advertising for fitness. And crazy women...
My thought is, what's the harm? It is a rare treat we hardly ever go there. Can't be that bad right? The video below may have changed my mind a little. Pretty disturbing stuff.

Adam Carolla and your health

I was listening to Adam Carolla one time and he made a point about unhealthy eating habits and airplane travel that stuck with me. You may have heard of Adam Carolla he was on The Man Show, Dancing With the Stars, Loveline on MTV,  has a unibrow, and he rides a unicycle. He was talking about people self medicating with junk food. His point was that people suffer a trauma (in this case airline travel) and turn to food to soothe themselves. Not obvious trauma, but the trauma we all know from traveling these days. All the waiting in line, groping from security, cramped conditions, BO, crying babies, the dude with the huge “I’m backpacking across Europe” backpack as carry on, etc... After you’ve been through all that you feel like you’ve EARNED some grease and/or alcohol. So how do you get around this?  First thing is being aware of what you are doing. Are things really that bad? Do you think the food is going to make you feel better? You will probably feel worse, truth be told.  The other thing is to plan ahead. Bring some healthy snacks to keep you from going crazy on the bad stuff. Apples, bananas, nuts, protein bars, healthy things that are portable can go a long way. Chewing gum is not only good for clearing your ears from the pressure (burping is not as socially acceptable as it should be), it can help keep your mouth busy and your brain occupied so you don’t fixate on Budweiser and bean dip the whole flight. Anything to keep you from getting a Cinnabon and a Big Mac and your way out of the airport.
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