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Stop being a victim and Own It!

Own it
This e-mail might sound a little harsh, but stick with it and I think it will really help you. If you are overweight, out of shape, not where you want to be in life, broke, etc... it is on you.
Some of us have had more opportunities in life than others. Some of us have had bad things happen to us. It's all about how you respond.   I love this quote: Choices   I speak from little experience on this. I've been fat, I've been depressed, I've been in jobs I didn't want to be in. I justified each and every one of those situations, so I didn't have to get out of my comfort zone and change.   It was easier for me to blame my circumstances, other people, the economy, etc... Two words allowed me to change.   Own it.   Take ownership of your life! Don't wait on someone else to change your life, it's not going to happen. Your family can't do it, the government can't do it, even your trainer can't do it.   Other people can inspire you, motivate you, and help you along the way but you have to do it. What you do with the tools and the opportunities are on you.   Are you overweight? Own it Are you out of shape? Own it Always tell yourself you are too busy to exercise and eat right? Own it   The sooner you own it, the sooner you can conquer your obstacles. Don't play the victim, it only digs you into a deeper hole.   Plus being proactive makes you feel so much better! It's in your hands now, you are not helpless any more. Just remember the Triple A saying.    

Action, Alleviates, Anxiety

  Own that saying and you are well on your way.

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I’ve gotten rid of your excuses (video)


Listen to this man, he invented peanut butter for goodness sake!

I asked my boot campers to write down their best excuses for skipping exercise in the past. Here they are for your reading pleasure. Then there will be a video at the end where I get rid of your excuses.
The Great Big List of Excuses
Too cold
Too tired
This is not the Huntsville Happy Hour I signed up for
Joe's minute is not 60 seconds
My fat doesn't want to cry this morning
I'd rather burp and pee on my own time
Kid's activities
Pure laziness
Didn't feel like getting in the car
Takes energy to exercise
Bad knees
Bad back
Don't like it
Happy being fat
Don't see immediate results, give up too soon
Too fat and embarrassed
What's the use, I'll never lose weight!
It's 27 degrees we were supposed to be inside!
Death in the family
Snow/ice in the road
Schedule conflict
I don't feel like it
My dog ate my exercise clothes
I don't feel well
It's been a long day
Baby clings to me every time she sees me
My head hurts
There's too much Internet to read
Housework counts, right?
My heart has a finite number of beats in it. Exercising will speed up my death.
It's too early
It's too late (same person on both of these)
Gravity is too strong
It hurts
Someone will make fun of my shoes
Gyms are expensive
I'm really lazy
The weather is too nice
The weather is awful (once again, same person)
I need to lose weight before I start exercising
I would rather be doing ANYTHING else
 Cheryl's not going
I'm gassy
I can't do it
I'm happy where I am
I have no upper body strength
I'm not losing weight for you (talking about her husband)
I don't want to get muscle bound
Too old
Too young, I can worry about this later
Too boring
Don't have exercise clothes and can't afford to get any
Can't jeopardize my hairstyle, I pay too much money for it at the hair salon (I totally ge that one)
I exercise. I walk to the bathroom, to the break room, and to my car. I'm active.
I will start exercising tomorrow
I hate the gym
Hate exercising alone
No motivation
Too sore
Cant' exercise because I don't have time, money, attire, ability, or energy
That time of the month (this one is like kryptonite to male trainers. Absolutely no comeback)
I don't want to!
Too stressed
It's too dark and I can't find my mace (I took  a mental note on this person and will not make her do any more exercise than she wants to)
I'll do it later
I don't like to sweat
It's not working
I've tried before and failed
Can't find my keys!
Watch the video below to get rid of your excuses!
How to make an excuse smoothie
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