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The Importance of Challenge Workouts



Something we do in our boot camp classes are personal challenge workouts. In the first week, we will see how many repetitions we can do in one minute. Then in the last week, we will test again to see how much we have improved.


Last camp we did pushups, squats with weights, and shoulder presses. I was amazed at how far people came in just a few short weeks! Many people doubled what they could do in that first week.


I encourage you to do some sort of challenge workout. You can do this with the exercises I mentioned above, see how fast you can do a mile, how much weight you can lift, or any number of things that go along with whatever goals you are working on now.


There are three main reasons challenge workouts are an important part of any program.


1. You will see how far you have come


Sometimes we can get caught up in the workout grind and forget just how far we have come. You need that reminder, especially if you feel like you have not made any changes. It isn’t getting easier, you are just getting better.


2. Gives you a goal to work for


One of the best ways to stay motivated in your training is to have a performance goal in mind. Most of us have aesthetic goals (lose weight, drop dress size, etc...) but do you have a performance goal? If you don’t have one, get one!


3. Gets you out of your comfort zone


You don’t realize how much you are capable of. Part of getting results is moving the bar of what you think your threshold is. When you think your body can’t go any further is when you need to push a little bit longer. This helps your body redefine your stopping point. It is not comfortable, but it is worth it.


What will your challenge workout be?

Inspiration from the Barkley Marathons


Last night I started watching a documentary on Netflix about the Barkley Marathons in Tennessee. It is an insanely tough race, that many consider to be the hardest race in the world.

Great documentary to check out next time you are lost in the Netflix searching zone. It even has a guy from Huntsville in it.

I loved the quote I heard from the race director, Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell. He said, “You can’t accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.”

I thought that was so awesome! Looking back on your life, what are your proudest accomplishments? Chances are they came with a high chance of failure. We tend to live safer lives the older we get. We also tend to stop growing as people the older we get.


My next question is this: Have you stopped challenging yourself?

When was the last time you did something that you were completely scared to do, but you did it any way? Whether or not you succeed is not the point, it is the intent to step out there and stretch your limitations.

Here is your homework. Write down one goal you want to accomplish that scares you to death.

One that makes your heart race just thinking about it. Did anything just pop into your head?

This goal can involve fitness, your career, family, relationships, or whatever it is that you are scared to do. When you figure yours out, I would love to know what it is. I'm still trying to come up with my next goal.

I look forward to hearing about your new goal!

Your spark can become your flame


Sometimes all it takes is one little spark to ignite a flame. It's the same way with getting started on a healthy lifestyle. One action step at a time. Picking out a specific action and making it a habit. Think about what you would like to change the most. -Your weight? -Your endurance? -Your strength? -Your eating habits? -Your energy level? What is one thing you can do this week to ignite that fire and start conquering your struggles? Here are 20 examples of what that one thing could be:

1. Get the junk food out of your house 2. Set an alarm and stand up for 5 minutes every hour 3. Avoid fast food this week 4. Eat one healthy meal today 5. Take a 10-minute walk 6. Use a foam roller for 10 minutes 7. Floss (it adds 6 years to your life) 8. Stretch for 10 minutes 9. No liquid calories today (soft drinks, alcohol, coffees, etc…) 10. Commit to one workout

11. Turn the TV off and go to bed an hour earlier 12. Take 10 minutes of absolute quiet by yourself to de-stress 13. Find someone who will keep you accountable (friend, trainer, group) 14. Go buy some new workout clothes or shoes 15. Write down your goals where you will see them daily 16. Rather than creating excuses for not getting healthy, create a plan 17. Start a sleep routine you will do every night 18. Eat a vegetable you've never tried this week 19. Take a picture of yourself and do your measurements so you can track the amazing results you are about to achieve 20. Cut ties with a negative person (AKA energy vampire) in your life The list could be thousands of things, but I want you to think of one specific thing you will commit to TODAY to take action on. Pick something you know you can do, keep at it until it becomes a habit, and then target your next goal.

Let's get this fire started.

The dangers of that peanut butter life


Most of these posts I write are lessons I am trying to teach myself and I think others could benefit from. Today’s post is no different.

I have two examples of how hidden calories can become a problem. The first one is one I did to myself, the second was one that I did to my wife.

Both of them involve... peanut butter.

Did that sound really dramatic? I hope so.

I noticed this week that I have a habit that could be dangerous if I was trying to cut down on my caloric intake. Every time I make my son a peanut butter sandwich I give myself a bite of peanut butter for the effort. That can add up considering that 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is 200 calories.

I also make my wife protein shakes on a regular basis. She asked me how much peanut butter I used and I realized it was way more than she does when she makes her own.

Maybe an added 100-150 calories here and there does not sound like a big deal, but it can add up. Especially if you do it consistently over time. An extra 150 calories per day would lead to a 15.6 pound weight gain in a year.

Three things to learn from my mistakes.

First, is to watch out for the BLTs. The Bites, Licks, and Tastes that you put into your body. All the little bites you take when cooking, licking spoons, and other taste tests you do count.

Second, is that it matters who prepares your food. That is why it is crucial to prepare your food as often as you can. Restaurants do not have your waistline in mind when they prepare your food. Their main mission is taste, so calories can pile up pretty quick.

Third, is that small changes can work for you or against you. I mentioned above about how they can work against you. But those same pounds you put on, can be taken off by eliminating 150 calories/day. You could eat 150 calories less, burn 150 off, or a do a combo of the two.

PS- Peanut butter is still delicious, I regret nothing.

It’s that time of year…


Did you know that now is when you see the most dramatic drop off in gym attendance every year? For whatever reason the third full week in February is when most resolutions are over.

If you have given up on the goals you have set for yourself, it’s not too late! There is plenty of 2017 to go, you just need to recalibrate.

Your first step is to find out what went wrong. Did you choose a goal that just sounded good, but not one you were committed to? Did you set too many goals? Did you have the right goal, but it turns out you hate working out?

It could be several different reasons why things did not work out. No pun intended.

Your second step is to figure out a new game plan. Don’t think about having to commit to the rest of the year. Set a goal for the next 4 weeks. As legendary SEAL Joe Maguire says, “Don’t look forward to the pain.” More on that in Friday’s e-mail.

Your third step is to figure out the most enjoyable way you could reach your goals. What types of exercise do you actually enjoy? Roller skating, yoga, swimming, hiking, lifting weights, shaking weights? Pick something you look forward to.

The fourth step is to do the same thing with food the next four weeks. Find some healthy foods that you like. They are out there I promise, you may have to do some experimenting. Or if you prefer you can start with the food first, then try the exercise in the fourth step.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to make you miserable. On the contrary it should make you feel energized and excited! You just have to find what works for you, even if it isn’t the typical “go to the gym, eat foods you hate but are super healthy, and look great but hate your life” tract that people get stuck on.


“I’m doing this for you”


Bill McCartney

Bill McCartney was a football coach for the Colorado Buffalos from 1982-1994. He had many great moments as a coach, including winning national Coach of the Year awards 3 times.


I want to tell you about one specific story about him in particular though. One year they were about to play a powerhouse Nebraska team that everyone was predicting would destroy his Colorado team.


He knew he had to come up with something extraordinary to get his team to beat the more talented team. He called all of his players in and told them to do one thing. The players were asked to call a loved one or friend and tell them to watch the game on Saturday because they were playing specifically for that person.


Each person called their mom, grandmother, father, etc... and told them the plan. What happened next was something out of a movie. The underdog, but overachieving Colorado team upset the powerful Nebraska team.


After the game, each player signed a football with the score on it and sent it to the person they had dedicated the game to. I love stuff like that!


Cool story, but what does it have to do with you? I want you to try something similar. I want you to pick out a big goal of yours (run your first 5K, lose 50 pounds, get off your medications, etc...), then I want you to tell someone, “I'm doing this for you.”


Maybe it is your spouse or your child you want to do this for. Pick out a person that means the world to you and would really love to see you reach your goal.


One of my clients did this to quit smoking. She told her daughter, “I’m going to quit smoking because I want to watch your grandkids grow up.” She was able to quit smoking.


You will work so much harder when it is not just about you. Working for something bigger than yourself is just the extra push some people need to reach their goals. Plus it adds an extra degree of accountability.


This may sound corny but I am telling you it will work. It makes the other person feel great that you mean that much to them and will keep you motivated to keep going.

6 Steps To “Think and Grow Thin”



Napoleon Hill is probably the third most famous Napoleon, behind only Bonaparte and Dynamite. Napoleon Hill is best known for his book “Think and Grow Rich”.


Included in the book are his six steps for turning your desire for money into actual money. In reading it, I couldn’t help but notice it is also the perfect plan for weight loss .


Like many things, the mental side of weight loss is often the hardest part. I just changed Hill’s money part into a weight loss goal setting plan.


Try these 6 steps to get your mind right, get a game plan, and to increase your chances for success:


First. Fix in your mind the exact amount of weight you desire to lose. It is not sufficient merely to say “I want to lose weight." Be definite as to the amount.


Second. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the weight loss you desire. (There is no such reality as “something for nothing.")


Third. Establish a definite date when you intend to lose the weight you desire.


Fourth. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.


Fifth. Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of weight you intend to lose, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the weight loss, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to lose it.


Sixth. Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. AS YOU READ, SEE AND FEEL AND BELIEVE YOURSELF ALREADY HAVING LOST THE WEIGHT.


You can tell this book was written in 1937, but the principles still stand true today. There is tremendous power in following the steps that he laid out. Give them a try and I guarantee you will get results.

Finding Your Cornerstone Why (challenge)



You have probably heard the term cornerstone before, but have you ever thought about what it meant? The cornerstone is the first stone put in during construction. It is vitally important because every other stone will be placed according to where the cornerstone is put in.

When you place the cornerstone correctly, everything else falls into place.


There is a cornerstone for your health and fitness goals and it is also vitally important. For your health and fitness goals, your cornerstone is your Why.


Why do you want to reach your goals?


It is a critical question that drives everything you do. Simon Sinek did an excellent TED Talk about the finding your Why and using the Golden Circle. First you figure out your Why, that will lead to your How, and then eventually to your what.


“I want to lose 10 pounds is not enough.” Will that get you up in the morning to go to your workout when you are sore, tired, and just plain don’t feel like it? Will it help you prep and cook your meals instead of going through the drive thru when your life gets hectic?


My challenge to you is to find that cornerstone Why, write it down, and look at it every day. Make several copies and put them on your computer, your mirror, your fridge, and in your car so you see them multiple times a day.


Here is a compelling Why that led to success. Jim was a client who would come in and train for a few weeks, then disappear for a few weeks. This pattern kept up for a few months until one day he came in and paid for a year of sessions up front (a big amount of money).


When he was asked what was going to be different this time, his answer gave me chills. He said, “I just turned 49, my dad died when he was 50 years old. There is no way I am going to do that to my kids.” Jim completely changed his life and the lives of his kids in that year he committed to.


What changed? Just one thing, his Why.


Find that cornerstone and let it guide everything else into place.

The best and worst of me in picture form



I took this picture while I was out walking the other day. My wife still makes fun of me every time we drive by this if you need a little foreshadowing.


I had driven by this particular spot hundreds of times in my life. One morning I woke up and said to myself, "Self, we are going to run up that mountain today. Right up those convenient trails made by the telephone lines."


So I drove my happy, little self to that church you see in the picture, parked my truck, and prepared for glory.


I was so excited! Had the little adrenaline surge you get before something awesome happens.


Then everything proceeded to not be so awesome.


What looks like a clear path to greatness from the street is in fact a bramble/thorn filled hell patch of sharp things, rocks, holes, overgrown brush, and other things that people in shorts should avoid.


I was still bound and determined to make something happen though. After an hour of struggling, I decided to tuck my tail and go home. Bad times.


There is a lesson here:


Set lofty goals, but have a smart plan to achieve them.


I nailed the lofty goal part, but had zero planning to go with it. Does that sound like how your New Year's Resolutions have gone in the past? Goals of exercising daily, eating Paleo meally (just go with it), and losing 50 pounds monthly.


If you are ready to reach your goals, our team at Adventure Boot Camp can help you achieve them. We have 2 slots left for the Black Friday Special I sent out on Wednesday.


The deal is if you commit to the Inner Circle for 1 year, you can get a month of unlimited sessions in January 2016 for $1. The deal is good for any location and time. Save money, reach your goals, and have fun along the way.


Be our next success story!

The Parable of the Publix Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is practically a health food

Carrot cake is practically a health food

All my life I had thought of carrot cake as a subpar dessert choice. Why would you eat that, when brownies are an option?


My world was changed after I tried Publix carrot cake. It was unreal how good it was!

Our classes are like that for a lot of people. They've tried other classes, even other boot camps, but thought it just wasn't the right fit.


When they finally came and experienced what we do in our classes, they were blown away. Offering 3 options for every exercise (low impact, regular, and a way to make it harder, encouraging without belittling, making exercise fun, treating people like family, building a community of people who lift each other up, etc... are just a few of the things that set us apart from how other people do things.


There is an exercise program out there that works best for you. Human bodies were meant to move! That is why you feel so good after a workout, even if it seemed rough during the workout.


Another year starts tomorrow. Don't just set goals this year, have an action plan of how to accomplish those goals too.


A big part of your success in reaching your fitness goals is finding the plan that works best for YOU. If you were miserable doing the gym workout of treadmills and machines last year, you will be just as miserable this year. Find something that you could see yourself doing long term, not just for January.


If you are looking for something different, effective, and fun then consider giving Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp a try. We are the Publix carrot cake of fitness.

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