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A video on how to save calories when eating fast food

Here is my clip on the news about ways to cut calories when you are eating at a fast food place.

Tips for eating on the road and on the run


What the fast food icons really look like now

I know a lot of you are busy and tend to eat out a lot because you are on the road or in a hurry. It is pretty tough, but you have to learn how to eat better away from your safe kitchen. If only you had some handsome, pale man to show you the way. Oh, wait you do!   So here are a few tips for eating out and eating on the run. Some more obvious than others, but the whole point is to get you thinking about what you put into your body:   -Look for foods that have baked, braised, grilled, broiled, poached, roasted, steamed. Those tend to be the better options. -Avoid anything with fried, creamed, buttered, crispy, buttered in the title -Replace fries with baked potato or better yet a sweet potato when possible. wendy's now has sweet potatoes -Get wheat or rye when possible, avoid white breads -At Subway? Pile on as many veggies as possible -Hold that mayo! Mayo is the devil's doing in taste and in fat. If you HAVE to have it, get it on the side and use it sparingly. That goes for any other high calorie sides like dressings, get them on the side. -Order a soup or salad and eat that before your meal -Pretty obvious, but stay away from buffets -At a Mexican place get the fajitas, it is lean protein and veggies. Stay away from the chips and go easy on the sour cream, at least guacamole has good fat in it -Chinese? Stir fry is good -Taziki's, a Greek place on Whitesburg has some healthy and delicious options for you local peeps -At McDonald's? You're screwed. -In the morning, steel cut oats, almond butter on Ezekiel bread/spelt bread, or a smoothie are all quick, filling, have fiber, and protein -Pack some fruits, nuts, and veggies to have with you for "emergencies" -Bring a protein shaker with a scoop of protein in it, just add water, shake it up, and there you go -Drink water not colas or sweet teas -Go by Earth Fare or Fresh Market for some healthier pre-made food options   You're working too hard to throw away all your hard work on crappy food! For the most part it is just a matter of consciously making the smarter decision.   Everybody knows grilled is better than fried, but fried just tastes better so more people get it.   How bad do you want it? You can't keep eating the same foods and get different results.
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