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Two Any Time Anywhere Workouts


On Monday I challenged you to get in 90 workouts in the time remaining in 2017. But we all know there are times where you get in a pinch and can’t get the workout in you want.


I wanted to give you 2 workouts you could use for those emergencies. These will all be 20 minutes or less, require no fancy equipment, and can be done in smaller spaces.



5-5-5 Fat Burning Circuit


Summer is a busy time for a lot of people. More travel, kids are at home. When time gets tight, workouts can be the first thing to go.

Next time you are tight on time, give this circuit a try:

 555 Circuit

For the lower body circuit, you can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell. You will do 5 swings, 5 goblet squats, and 5 deadlifts. After the 5 deadlifts, you will start back with the 5 swings. Keep that up for 1 minute straight, rest 30 seconds, and then start the upper body circuit.

The upper body circuit is shoulder presses, bent over rows, and pushups on top of your weights. Same pattern as the lower body with the continual 555s.

Do each circuit for as long as you have time for. It won't take much time, it hits several muscles from head to toe, burns fat, and gets your heart rate going.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

4 Exercises you can do with furniture sliders


Furniture sliders are a fun and inexpensive way to switch up your workout. You can also use paper plates or socks on hardwood floors if you are a risk taker. Below is a circuit you can try that will get your heart rate up, hit muscles all over your body, and is a lot of fun.

PS- thank you again YouTube for choosing the most awkward screen shot possible. Appreciate that.

Quick Workout of the Week (QWOW)


Crossfit has their WOD, I'm starting the QWOW. The Quick Workout of the Week.


This time of year is super busy, but it is even more important to stay on top of your fitness. Keep your energy levels up, stress levels down, and stay in the same size clothes.


Here is a quick lower body workout you can do at home with a kettlebell or dumbbell to torch fat and feel great.

5 Exercises: deadlifts, swings, goblet squats, single leg deadlifts (each leg)


30 seconds each exercise with no rest breaks. You have different options after you go through the list. You can rest in between each round or try to keep powering through.


Make sure to maintain good form throughout. Your goal is to get through 5 rounds. With no rest breaks, you can get a full workout in in 12.5 minutes. With rest breaks every round you can still get a great workout in 20 minutes.


Pre-heat to 400 degrees workout (video)



I had a busy day not too long ago, so I was looking for somewhere to squeeze my workout in. I was getting dinner ready, so I figured I could workout while the oven was pre-heating.

Each exercise is 20 seconds long, no rest, and then you go right into the next one. The exercises are: 1. Goblet squats 2. Swings 3. Squat and press transfer 4. Rows 5. Plank taps

All you need is one weight, a mat, and an oven to pre-heat. Dog is optional.

I never knew it took so long to pre-heat an oven, that was a tougher workout than I was expecting. Give it a try some time!

Ever done The Cone of Silence Workout?


I got a lot of great feedback from the Hotel Workouts I posted awhile back, so I thought I would give you a couple more workouts you can do just about anywhere.

These are quick and effective workouts that don't require any equipment you don't already have access to. Hope they help you!

Cone of Silence Workout 


Set up 4 cones (if you have them or you can use anything to mark a spot) in a square pattern. The cones should be about 10 yards apart if you have space.

First thing I would recommend is that you download the GymBoss app. It is a free app that is an interval timer that lets you know when to go and when to rest, so you're not looking at your watch the whole time.

It also allows you to create your own timers. Create one that alternates 60 seconds with 30 seconds for this workout.

You will do Cone 1 for 60 seconds, then sprint to Cone 2. You then have whatever time you have leftover to recover and get ready for Cone 2's exercise. You will do 5 rounds total.

This is a short workout, but it can be pretty rough. Go all out for all the rounds and don't let your ego get in the way. If you need to go to your knees for the pushups or the planks, that is better than stopping or using bad form.



You need an elevated surface of some kind for this one. It can be a bench, box, fireplace, whatever you can find.

You will do each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds. Go through the whole list 3 times. Here are your exercises:

1. Bulgarian split squats Right leg (Start off with a nice long stride with one foot up on the bench. You can either have shoelaces down on the bench or you can put your toe on the bench. Push that back knee towards the ground like you are doing a lunge, then push through your front heel to stand back up)

2. Bulgarian split squats Left leg

3. Feet elevated pushups (if you get too fatigued, go to regular pushups to avoid breaking your face)

4. Step ups Right leg leading

5. Step ups Left leg leading

6. Hip thrusts (this one looks pretty bad if anyone happens to see what you are doing, but it is an amazing exercise for your glutes and overall strengthening).

Put your shoulder blades up on the bench, feet are on the ground, knees bent. You will let your hips drop down then push up, squeeze your glutes at the top and then repeat.

Basically air humping, there's no way around that.

7. Run or march in place with high knees

8. Burpees (for low impact burpees, use place your hands on the bench or step)



If you are looking for a 3 weeks worth of workouts that you can do, you can pick up my book. This book will cost you less than a dollar per workout and if you don't get results you get your money back.

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