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“Aw hell no!”


ace Aw hell no!

I would like to give you a peek into what life is like for someone who owns a boot camp business. Overall it is extremely awesome, but meeting new people can be a bit of a challenge.

For instance, I was at a networking event recently in Huntsville. I met a lady, we shook hands, I asked her what she did, she asked what I did, I told her and she said, "Aw hell no!" and walked away. Never to be seen again. That is a true story and I've got a lot more examples along those lines as well.

So I undertand that the term Boot Camp has pretty negative connotations for a lot of people. I make every effort just to get people to come try what we do, so they can find out for themselves that is actually fun and not a yelling, screaming intimidation festival.

For that reason, we offer all of our new clients a new member special where they can get their first month of boot camp at special price of up to nearly 70% off. We have a few open spots for our class that starts in January, reserve yours today at the link below:

Total Body Toning Boot Camp

I have an exciting announcement about the boot camp in our Madison location, that I will share with you on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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Pig Fitness to defeat scammers


Thought I would share a conversation I had via text with a scammer. It is becoming common for scammers to text or call fitness professionals and claim they have a group of women that need to be trained for some event. They are only texting because they are eating impaired. I got so many of these texts, I decided to have a little fun with them.

Pig Fitness may actually be a thing one day.

  IMG 7420 Pig Fitness to defeat scammersIMG 7421 Pig Fitness to defeat scammersIMG 7422 Pig Fitness to defeat scammersIMG 7423 Pig Fitness to defeat scammers
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It’s not bragging if you can back it up


IMG 6360 1024x768 Its not bragging if you can back it up

One of the strongest predictors of happiness is based on what kind of mindset you have. A scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset. This is used in the business world for entrepreneurs to predict whether they will be happy or not.


People who have scarcity mindsets, never think anything is enough. They are constantly worrying about what other people are doing.


These are the "keeping up with the Jones'" type. They don't typically help others because that might help someone get ahead of them! These are what the kids call haters.


People with an abundance mindset, focus on themselves. They will help others any time they can, they focus on being the best at what they are doing, and they know that there is enough to go around. Doesn't matter what anyone else does they know it will not effect them.


When I first started in my business, I definitely had a scarcity mindset. I was worried about what the competition was doing. Worried about trainers stealing my clients. I was always reactive, rather than proactive. Looking at what the competition was doing and thinking about how I could do the same in my business.


Things started to turn around for me when I realized there are plenty of clients for everybody. My business has taken off since I started focusing on being the best at what I can do, not better at what others are doing.


I help other fitness professionals as much as I can, even my direct competition. I refer my own clients to other trainers, classes, gyms, etc... if I think they are a better fit for my clients. The weird part is, almost all of them end up coming back and staying long term with me.


I DO NOT care what other people are doing, because I am confident that nobody can do what I do. It's not bragging if you can back it up ;)

IMG 7064 Its not bragging if you can back it up

I'm a ginger who teaches boot camp in gold pants. I don't think anyone even wants to do what I do.


I'm telling you all of this, to ask you one main question. Which mind set are you when it comes to your body?


Are you constantly wishing you had someone else's body? Or are you focusing on improving your own body?


Do you constantly think about how easy other people have it and how hard you have it? Or do think about how you can maximize your strengths?


Do you help a friend who is struggling with a weight problem? Or do you ignore them because you don't want them looking better than you?


Do you get jealous when a friend loses a lot of weight? Or are you happy for them and use it as inspiration?


Really think about how you react to situations like these and decide what type of mind set you have. You have everything you need right now to achieve whatever weight loss and fitness goals you want to.


Stop wasting energy on things that are out of your control, channel that energy into doing you best, and you will be amazed at what you can do.


"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."

-Oscar Wilde

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How to defeat beer bellies and muffin tops


Apple vs Pear How to defeat beer bellies and muffin tops

Last week I wrote about weight loss plateaus. That is where a person is losing weight, hits the wall, and can’t lose any more weight.


Plateaus can be caused by any number of reasons, but we will focus on one that I didn't mention. One of the main factors can be your hormones.


Estrogen (pear shape), insulin resistance (muffin top), and cortisol (beer belly) all cause body fat to be stored in different trouble areas that make it hard to lose. To overcome high estrogen and cortisol levels, try doing short, intense workouts. Cortisol levels can increase when you do long exercise sessions (more than 1 hour of weightlifting or cardiovascular exercise).


A great way to fight insulin resistance is to cut down on the junk carbohydrates (cookies, sodas, alcohol, breads) you are consuming.


Another reason I talked about last week (particularly when you are performing long cardiovascular training sessions) is that your body adapts. You become more efficient at running, biking, swimming, etc… which is great for distance, but it means you are burning fewer calories.


That is why you need to vary your workouts, as well as your intensities. Learn to be well rounded and try different workouts.


If all you have been doing is jogging at the same pace and same duration, you have to switch it up to change your body. Mix in sprints or intervals, and then look to add a strength training component to your workouts. When you begin strength training, perform a variety of exercises, intensities, and equipment used to always keep your body challenged.


Just like you change up your workouts, you need to change up your caloric intake. Don’t eat exactly the same thing in the same amounts every day. You have heard the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results right?


If you really want to nail down the eating part, make an appointment with a dietitian or health coach. Health coaches are excellent if you have trouble with emotional eating.


The bottom line is that you must “trick” your body into making changes by changing your training and eating methods. Doing the same old thing will get you the same old results.

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I lost weight! Then I gained it all back. What happened?


ac8f8624263a01d52945157865df0632554f7bcbbd7e144f7ef9b786c844fffc I lost weight! Then I gained it all back. What happened?

You're going along great, you lost 20 pounds, and next thing you know you've gained it all back. And then some. What happened?


It can be one or a combination of things causing this. See if any of these look familar.


1. Loss of lean muscle mass

If your exercise program consists solely of long, extended periods of cardio exercise this could be why you quit losing weight. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you are burning while at rest. Add strength training at least twice a week, I promise you won't get bulky.


2. Can't keep up the pace

I call this The Biggest Loser effect. If you've never seen that show, the contestants are put through a crazy amount of workouts, fed all the right foods, and they do great.

What do you think happens many of the participants after the show? Many of them gain back the weight they lost on the show because it is so hard to keep up that schedule up.

I see people all the time that put themselves on a crazy exercise and nutrition program. Working out twice a day every day, eating absolutely perfect, etc... They are losing weight, doing great, and then it just wears them down. Challenge yourself and be ambitious, but don't set a pace you can't possibly sustain long term.


3. Frustrated by plateaus

Have you got to that weight or size that you just can't seem to improve? Everybody does and this is where many people get frustrated and give up. It is hard, but you can break through.

This is what separates the people who have short term success from the people who keep making progress. Do not give up just because you reached a plateau. I will cover more ways to defeat the dreaded plateau on Monday.


4. Body adapts

Have you been doing the exact same thing for years? Something has to change. The exercises you do, your pace, the amount of weight you are using, etc...

You have to constantly challenge yourself because your body adapts and becomes more efficient at the movements/exercises you do. When you are more efficient, you will not burn as many calories and the exercise becomes less effective for weight loss.


5. Restricted calories

People who severely restrict calories will lose weight for awhile, but then they gain it all back plus a few more. For one, they lose their lean muscle mass as discussed earlier.

When your body thinks you are starving it, it will begin to store any calories you take in as fat. It doesn't know when you will eat again, so your body wants to keep something for the rough times.

Another reason restricted caloric intake is bad, is because you will not get the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to support your body and any exercise program you might be on. Feed the exercise, you will get better results!

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The exercise you love to hate (video)


You hear people talk about them all the time. They are feared and hated, but admired from afar. They are the Justin Bieber of exercises.

They are burpees.

It is a tough exercise, but many think of it as the ultimate exercise. Personally, I really enjoy watching others do them instead of me.

For any exercise, there should be a way to make it harder (progression) and a way to make it easier (regression). The burpee is no different just because it sounds like two bodily functions in one.

There are basically 4 steps to completing a burpee.

1. Squat down

2. Jump your feet back into the pushup position

3. Jump your feet back towards your hands into the squatting position

4. Jump up

In the video, I included 2 ways to make it harder and one way to make it easier/lower impact.

Burpee with a pushup

I made it harder by adding a pushup after I jumped into the pushup position. Because, you know, I was in the pushup position any way. Might as well.

Floppy burpee

The hardest way, was the floppy burpee. Where you skip the squat and "flop" straight into the pushup position. Great exercise for building up the proper strength to do The Worm.

Low impact burpee Start off by placing your hands on a raised, stationary object such as a park bench or a chair. Then all you will do, is jump or step backwards into the pushup position, jump or step towards the stationary object, and then jump up or come up into a calf raise.

I am getting you prepped now for a huge event in August. In August I am helping organize an attempt (and it will be a successful one) to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for most people doing burpees at the same time. Start training now.

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Why (life changing)

military veteran soldier remember veterans wars bfrn315 low Why (life changing)  

A friend of mine retired from the Army last year and he told a very interesting story as part of the ceremony. He got the opportunity to go on an Honor Flight.

Honor Flight is a program that flies our military veterans to Washington DC to see their memorials. The whole day is dedicated to honoring them for their sacrifices.

My friend said that of the 100 veterans on the plane, 50 of them had to be wheeled aboard on wheelchairs. After a full day of flying from Huntsville to Washington DC, seeing all the memorials, and then flying back to Huntsville you would think they would be in rough shape. Of the 50 that were wheeled on, only 25 had to be wheeled off.

The rest walked off that plane on their own.

Have you ever felt physically better after a day of flying? No way! It is an exhausting process that saps your energy, so how were they physically able to walk off of that plane under their own power?

They had a powerful Why.

They didn't undergo some miracle, medical procedure. They underwent a miracle, mental procedure. Much like Simon Sinek's famous TED Talk about the power of why for business leaders, you need to find a powerful Why that drives everything you do.

Think back over your life. Has there ever been a time when something meant so much to you that you were willing to put all your efforts toward it?

Maybe it was getting a college degree, going after a promotion at work, or trying to make a sports team.

Whatever it was, I can guarantee you had a powerful Why to get you through those times when your goal seems so far away. For the times when you felt tired and defeated. You have to have a strong Why to do something extraordinary.

My challenge to you is to figure out your Why. When you do, you will not tell yourself that you are too injured, too sick, too frail, too overweight, too out of shape, etc... to exercise.

Instead, the things you used to use as excuses will just be bumps in the road that you are prepared to roll over on your way to success.

I will leave you with one more example of someone who had one of the most amazing Whys I have ever heard. I used to train a guy named Scott.

Scott was a great guy, stayed very busy at work, and was always talking about getting this "50 pound addition off the front of my house".

Scott would train with me for a little while, then drop off the face of the Earth. He kept up this pattern off and on for a few years.

Then one day, he walked in and I could tell something was different. Scott had on his game face.

Scott walked up to me, gave me a check for a year of training, and said he was going to stick with it this time. Now I like to make money as much as anyone else, but I also like do everything I can to get my clients results.

So I told him I could guarantee him results, but he had to show up for that happen and I mentioned his pattern from the past. I asked him what was going to be different this time. His reason gave me goose bumps.

He told me, "Yesterday I turned 49 years old. My dad died of a heart attack when he was 50 years old and I was 8 years old. I'm on almost the same exact path my dad was on. He worked all the time, he was 50 pounds overweight, and did nothing about it. His death put my whole family though so many hard times you can't even imagine. I've got a 7 year old son and there is no way in hell I am going to let him go through that."

Now THAT is a Why right there!

PS-Scott lost the "50 pound addition" and then some. He is now 56 years old and has kept the weight off.

No reason you can't be the next success story. Find your Why.

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How sleep deprivation can cause you to gain 3 pounds in 11 days


haha omg you didnt sleep and messaged the wrong becky haha omg so funny and cute false that is neither funny nor cute sleep deprivation lowers life expectancy by 30.jpg How sleep deprivation can cause you to gain 3 pounds in 11 days

You know how I can tell I'm getting older? I brag to my friends if I get a really good night of sleep.

My life is a thrill a minute.

But I love to sleep! I am great at napping. The main reason I like sleep so much is because I need more of it.

Can I get an amen on that?

Do you get enough sleep?

It is tough to get up at 4am and get enough sleep. You have to go to bed at a ridiculous hour, you want to eat dinner at 4pm, and you can not understand people who call at 815pm. It's the middle of the night!

Being tired is a signal from your body telling you to change something. Get more sleep, exercise, eat better are the top 3 you have control over.

If you are sleep deprived, this study found that you can gain 11 pounds in just 3 days. That is nuts!

Other studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause:

-you to snack more after dinner

-you to eat more carbs

-your fat cells to age making you more likely to gain weight and get diabetes

-a decrease in alertness and increase reaction time, making you more likely to be in a traffic accident

-you to be more stressed, angry, sad, and depressed

The bottom line is, if you are interested in your long term health you will make it a priority to get enough rest. There are situations, new born babies come to mind, where it just isn't possible. You are excused.

The rest of us, we just need to make it a priority. This could be the missing piece of the puzzle for you.

Do you feel like you are right on the edge of getting into shape and then something derails you?

If you are interested in more tips on how to get better quality sleep, you can check out this article I wrote last year: Get that good sleep

The main thing is start making sleep one of your top priority's today.

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12 (10 Days) of Fitness!

10685527 917541244931333 2594351718525059219 n 12 (10 Days) of Fitness!  

lululemon Huntsville is helping promote local, fitness businesses by presenting free fitness classes for the next several days. I sent this out a little late for the first two, but plenty of classes left to check out.

We will be offering a free boot camp on Saturday from 830-930am at Weatherly Elementary School. All you need to bring is a mat and some water.

I can't guarantee that I will be rocking lulus, but I can guarantee you will get in a great workout and have fun while doing so.

Take advantage of these classes!

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Triple Threat

396476 10151389488848448 1079204529 n Triple Threat

Super Star


Here are a few of the highlights from my career:

-fouled out in 2 minutes

-played a total of 13 seconds one game

-scored 12 points against a team that was down to 4 players by the time I got in

Ok, so maybe football was more of the sport for me. My son is playing basketball now and I volunteered to help coach his team. I am a amazed at how much I don't know about basketball.

Despite not playing much, I practiced for so many hours and ran so many drills you would think I could retain a lot of that stuff.

Not so much. There is one thing that I remember.

Triple Threat

Blake Griffin in the triple threat position on media day 2009 Triple Threat

Anyone whoever played for Ronnie Stapler (here are a few other things I learned from Coach Stapler) knows all about Triple Threat. I went to school with his daughter and she would each lunch in the Triple Threat position.

Triple Threat is a position you get into when you get the ball so that you can easily dribble, shoot, or pass. To this day I get into Triple Threat whenever I catch a ball.

My point of all this b ball talk is to get you thinking about what Triple Threat could be for you in regards to fat loss and getting in shape. After you've been exercising and eating right for long period of time, you have the tendency to forget what worked for you.

The basics will always work, sometimes they just need tweaking. Think back to a time when you had success with losing weight, getting in shape, etc... What were you doing then?

Chances are you were exercising at least 3 days a week; you were cooking more, eating out less, and being conscious of what types of foods you were eating; you were doing the extra things that mattered like sleeping enough, being more active in every day life, and getting rid of harmful stress.

Bring back the Triple Threat. Exercise, Healthy Eating, and the Little Things That Matter.

You don't have to start doing all of them today, just pick out the easiest one for you to start and then start! If you are having trouble getting started, reach out to me and I will help get you going.

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