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10 Tips For Creating Meals In Under 10 Minutes


1. Start the Sunday Night Ritual: Integrate an hour on Sundays to plan and prepare meals. Get your family involved in a fun way to help you prepare the meals for the week. Give everyone (kids and husbands) an appropriate job. For example: Husband BBQ’s chicken breast and kids can wash the vegetables and fruit, and separate into baggies. Put on music, funny aprons, etc.

2. Boil a dozen eggs at a time and refrigerate. Hard-boiled eggs will last at least five days in the fridge, and are a great, compact snack.

3. Cook eight chicken breasts at a time. Grill, BBQ, bake or broil with your favorite seasonings. Great for slicing over salad, or even having half of one as a snack. Keep 3–4 in the fridge, and individually freeze the rest. Take out a frozen breast the night before.

4. Chop up vegetables and store in individual containers. Chop up whatever vegetables you like to eat raw. A good tip for making them last is to wrap them in a coffee filter. The filter will absorb any excess water, so they will last longer.

5. Wash entire heads of lettuce and chop for salads. Store lettuce in an appropriate container. If it is already chopped up, it is very easy to make a salad in the morning.

6. Make a vegetable soup. Make your favorite soup recipes and make enough soup for a week. Store 2–3 servings in the fridge. Put the rest in individual containers and store in the freezer.

7.  Cook a huge amount of vegetable stir-fry. Throw a bunch of vegetables into a wok and stir-fry with unlimited condiments of your choice. Store in the fridge in individual containers, so they are ready to grab. Add a chicken breast to it. This way, dinner is almost ready without having to cook when you get home from work.

8. Pick 1–3 recipes and cook ahead of time. Using the recipes provided, cook and freeze. Take out the meal in the morning, so it will be defrosted by dinnertime. Add a side of stir-fry or salad.

9. Portion out nuts/seeds. Buy your favorite nuts/seeds in bulk and store in containers in the fridge. Portion out your weekly serving amounts into snack bags. This makes it really handy to grab and go.

10. Eat the same lunches and snacks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then switch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Planning to eat the same things on alternate days cuts down on the need to plan, grocery shop and prepare ahead of time. This way, you always know what you are having and can use the leftovers for lunches.

The One Thing to 6 Pack Abs



We live in a multi-tasking world. We are all busy, so it is kind of expected of us. How else can you expect to chase Pokemon characters and still post on Facebook that you are chasing Pokemon charaters?

The problem with multi-tasking is that it just doesn’t work. It feels like we are getting a lot of stuff done, but multiple studies have shown it is not the ideal way to go. We do this with our weight loss attempts too.

I read a great book about this topic called The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The main two directives from the book are:

  1. Start with 1 habit at a time

  2. Do the most important things first


Two simple concepts, but are you currently using them in your life? Yeah, me neither. You look to find the one thing in your life that if you did it, it would make everything easier or even unnecessary.

Here is a great video that breaks down the whole process. The premise is about getting 6 pack abs. You break down your habits so small that you can’t make your habit any smaller. Then eventually a lot of those smaller habits become unnecessary and the rest of the steps become easier.

This is the example from the video. His big goal is to get 6pack abs. His first step is to eat clean 7 days a week, but that is too overwhelming in the beginning. So he begins to break the habits into smaller, more manageable steps.

Here is how far he goes down.

-Eat clean 7 days a week

-5 clean meals prepped daily

-Cook all meals on Sunday for the week

-Create a Sunday cook time from 12pm-3pm

-Grocery shop every Sunday at 10am

-Create a grocery list

-Watch videos and do research on what to eat

-Set aside 1 hour to do research

-Wake up early

-Go to bed early

-Set time to go to sleep every night

-Remove all distractions (such as your cell phone) before bed time

Pretty crazy right? That your first step to 6 pack abs is to turn off your phone before bed time. Eventually the last 6 steps will become unnecessary as they become just a part of your normal routine and the first 6 steps become easier.

So what is the one thing you need to do to reach your goal? Spend some time on this and reverse engineer it so you make the process not seem so impossible.

Don’t let it soak



One of my go-to moves in the kitchen is to cook something and then let the pan soak afterwards. You ever do that? Oh man, no way can I clean that right now it HAS to soak!


My wife just laughs and shakes her head. She knows the real reason is I’m being lazy and don’t feel like cleaning that thing right now.


I was listening to Eric Thomas (AKA ET or The Hip Hop Preacher) and he talked about when he tried to pull the soaking move on his grandmother. She told him, “Don’t put that off. If you put that off, you will start putting everything off.”


It makes sense to me. When you get into a certain mindset, it is easy to keep that mindset with everything. If you tend to do things right when the opportunity arises, you tend to do that with everything. If you tend to put things off, you do that with everything.


Your homework this week is to do one thing right away that you would normally put off. It is hard work overcoming your habits! But you can do it.


A few suggestions could be: -planning your meals for the week -get your workout clothes ready for tomorrow so you aren’t running behind in the morning -cutting up some vegetables and fruit for easy, grab-and-go snacks -planning your workouts or sign up for class and I will do it 🙂 -get on your foam roller that you have ignored for 3 months


A lot of times in life, the last thing you feel like doing is the first thing you really should be doing. Start making it a habit to do those hard things first.


Whether it is something on my list above or one that you know you need to do, do it today!

8 Minute Weight Loss Plan



Meal planning may seem monotonous (because it is), but the pay off is worth it. Think about what happens when you do not have anything planned a meal, time gets short, and you are hungry?


Fast food, pizza deliveries (that was me last night), microwave salt licks. (No, Lean Cuisines are not a health food).


What if instead of spending 8 minutes a week looking into a fridge hoping healthy food would magically appear, you spent that time productively? Take some advice from dietitian Keri Glassman's article "Change Your Life in 8 Minutes".


Here is what she suggests doing with your 8 minutes:

-Write out your challenges for the week (birthday celebration, Mexican food, girls' night out, etc.) and then write down a plan to overcome the challenges.

-Plan your dinners at home around your schedule for the week and then create a grocery list to go with them.

-Write a list for work snacks, and add them to your grocery list.

-Schedule exactly when you are going to go to the grocery store and then follow through.


If you notice, not one of those is the actual food prep or cooking we all dread so much. This is formulating a food game plan for the week. It will save you time, money, and calories just by having some kind of plan.

If you do have time left in your 8 minutes, you Glassman suggests you could:

-Make a pitcher of iced lemon water to store in the fridge. -Chop the veggies you have around. -Mix a healthy salad dressing to keep in your fridge. -Portion out healthy snacks, like nuts, into little bags.

Nutrition is just like working out. When you have a game plan of what you are going to do, you get much quicker results without wasting your time. Make that plan today!

The Truth About Crunches

Not this kind, but glad it caught your attention

Not this kind, but glad it caught your attention

Every now and then one of my clients will ask me why we don't do more "abs" in class. So I thought I would address that today.

Quick question for you.

How many crunches does it take to lose a pound of fat?

500? 2000?

What do you think?

It takes 250,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat (3,500 calories).

That is crazy! So if you started doing 685 crunches every day, this time next year you will have burned off that pesky pound of fat.

Not too efficient is it? But crunches are still a go to exercise for people trying to get six pack abs.

Instead of taking 15 minutes to do several hundred crunches, here are 3 ways you would make much better progress towards getting rid of belly fat.

1. Use that time to prep and cook some healthy meals.

You have to get rid of the fat surrounding your stomach to see progress. Proper nutrition will get you there the quickest.

2. Spend that time doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Go hard for 30 seconds, then slow down for 30 seconds. Pick out 3 exercises and do 5 minutes of this pattern for all three exercises.

3. Do this workout

Set a timer for 15 minutes, every exercise is 15 repetitions, and you will do as many rounds as possible for the following exercises:



-Bodyweight squats

-Shoulder press right

-Shoulder press left

-Squat and row

-Pike pushups

-Mountain climbers

Or you can view the video we did for Healthy Huntsville last year
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