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Weird way to avoid emotional eating



  I was talking to a friend of mine named Mitzi awhile back and she shared something really interesting. Mitzi is a yoga instructor by trade, but is more like Yoda. Give you great insight she can.
Yoda doing Yoga, your mind is blown

Yoda doing Yoga, your mind is blown

We share a client who does boot camp and yoga. Mitzi was talking to this client about the main benefit of boot camp for her. The client said the thing she benefits most from the class is that she can get her anger out. It is something I had not really thought about. As a guy, we are pretty straight forward. Get mad, hit something, move on. Not really the same for women is it? They tend to internalize things and let it eat at them. No pun intended. One of the main things I learned at the Emotional Eating Seminar we had awhile back is that people tend to eat emotionally when a need is not being met. (In case you missed the highlights you can go here --->>>Emotional Eating tips for some other great insights) It is ok to get angry! It is ok release your anger in a healthy manner. You know what does nothing? Going on Facebook and putting a vague statement about what is currently making you angry. What is that outlet for you? For me, it is exercise. Specifically it is intense exercise. It is hard to be angry when you are completely exhausted. Punching bags are incredible for this sort of thing. For others it could be running, yoga, or any form of exercise that gets rid of anger. Find that outlet for you and see if it helps you combat emotional eating. If you are looking to do a yoga class or just need a go to person for yoga questions, visit Mitzi's web site. She is always looking to help people ease into yoga, as well as help people who are interested in becoming yoga instructors.

Rocket City Yoga Week



Have you ever wanted to try yoga? This is the first year I've started doing yoga and I have really enjoyed it. I'm not counting the awful experiences I had with P90X yoga back in the day. To me that yoga was boring AND painful. I can take one or the other, but I can't take both in one workout. And it lasts an hour and a half! Sorry, I was scarred by that DVD. Mitzi Connell, my yoga instructor, is organizing Rocket City Yoga Week as part of Healthy Huntsville 2013. It is a week of all sorts of different styles, instructors, and settings for yoga. The best part is that it is completely free. All you need to bring is a yoga mat and it starts next week, June 17-23. There is yoga for beginners, yoga for teens, hot yoga, flow yoga, restorative yoga. There is even a night of yoga and chocolate. Just putting that out there. These are all classes taught by Huntsville's best yoga instructors, so this is a great opportunity. If nothing else, you should plan on attending the finale of Rocket City Yoga Week.  Yoga underneath the Saturn V Rocket at the Space and Rocket Center. How many times do you get to do that? Should be pretty cool.
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