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Are you making deposits or withdrawals?


It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day grind of your life. Going to work, errands, social commitments, TV, etc... all take up time, energy, and focus. This leaves you with very little left in the tank to do something very important.


It is absolutely crucial to think about your future.


Will your future self thank you in 20 years for what you are doing now? That steady diet of fast food will probably get a now, while putting all that money into a 401k would get a yes.


Thinking long term also helps you avoid getting caught up in short term fad diets and fad workouts. Are you really going to NEVER have a piece of bread again? Is that crazy workout where you keep hurting yourself going to be part of your routine in 20 years?

This hits home for me because I keep getting hurt doing jiujitsu. Some little stuff like broken toes, up to bigger stuff like tearing a ligament in my knee a month ago. Well someone tore it for me, but I was there when it happened 🙂


My choice now is to quit or change the way I train at jiujitsu. The way I have been doing it is very physical, never wanting to tap out, and win at all costs mentality. Don’t think 60 year old me will be able to do that. I am choosing to train smarter, not harder.


The same thing applies to the way I treat my body overall. Performing more mobility/stretching, getting more sleep, cutting down on caffeine. These are all things I am doing now that will pay off in later years.


A big goal for me is to be that spry old man that can run circles around the whippersnappers in the neighborhood. I want to be strong, fit, and pain free for as long as I possible can.


Look at the choices you are making as bank transactions. Are you making more deposits or withdrawals in your long term health account?

The Feel Good Workout


Some days you just don't feel like working out. There have been times in my life when that day was every day.


Maybe you are sore, or tired, or stiff, or short on time. That is where The Feel Good Workout comes in.

The workout consists of 4 different parts: 1. Cardio 2. Mobility 3. Foam rolling 4. Core

For this particular workout I chose jumping rope, third world squat, foam rolling my thighs, and a plank hold. Each exercise was for 30 seconds, with no rest in between.


The beauty of this workout is that there are infinite combinations you can use. You can go hard to make it more of a workout. Slow it down a little if you are looking to just loosen up your body and get some physical activity in that day. You can also change up the exercises every round. I used this as a warmup for my workout yesterday.


Choose whatever combination works best for you, give this workout a try, and let me know what you think!

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