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It’s that time of year…


Did you know that now is when you see the most dramatic drop off in gym attendance every year? For whatever reason the third full week in February is when most resolutions are over.

If you have given up on the goals you have set for yourself, it’s not too late! There is plenty of 2017 to go, you just need to recalibrate.

Your first step is to find out what went wrong. Did you choose a goal that just sounded good, but not one you were committed to? Did you set too many goals? Did you have the right goal, but it turns out you hate working out?

It could be several different reasons why things did not work out. No pun intended.

Your second step is to figure out a new game plan. Don’t think about having to commit to the rest of the year. Set a goal for the next 4 weeks. As legendary SEAL Joe Maguire says, “Don’t look forward to the pain.” More on that in Friday’s e-mail.

Your third step is to figure out the most enjoyable way you could reach your goals. What types of exercise do you actually enjoy? Roller skating, yoga, swimming, hiking, lifting weights, shaking weights? Pick something you look forward to.

The fourth step is to do the same thing with food the next four weeks. Find some healthy foods that you like. They are out there I promise, you may have to do some experimenting. Or if you prefer you can start with the food first, then try the exercise in the fourth step.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to make you miserable. On the contrary it should make you feel energized and excited! You just have to find what works for you, even if it isn’t the typical “go to the gym, eat foods you hate but are super healthy, and look great but hate your life” tract that people get stuck on.


Your best year yet by doing things you aren’t qualified for


Are you a planner? Do you have to have all your ducks in a row before you do anything?


I am married to one of those people. Thank goodness, because I am the exact opposite. Marriage is all about filling in each other’s gaps.


There is definitely a time to plan, get ready, and make sure you have all the bases covered. But it can also be a sticking point.


It becomes a sticking point if it keeps you from taking action. Do you know what science has determined to be the perfect time to start exercising? Now. Now is the best time.


I love this quote I heard from Tim Ferriss: “Don’t be afraid to attempt what you are not qualified to do.”


I also like this quote from Kamal Ravikant, investor and author, “If I only did things I was qualified for I’d be pushing a broom somewhere.”


-Do not be afraid to do your first 5K because you don’t think you are ready.

-Do not be afraid to start Adventure Boot Camp because you think it is too hard or you can’t keep up. Spoiler alert- it's not and you can.

-Do not hold yourself back from reaching your full potential because that lying voice in your head says you can’t.


Go all in this year, put yourself out there, and see what happens. It won’t be easy, it will hurt, but it will be worth it. Don’t go through another year with regrets.


This is the year and now is the time. Take that first step towards change and just keep stepping.


Happy 2017 to you!

Holiday Survival Guide (gift)


Did you know there are some unlucky people out there that are not on my e-mail list? I know, so crazy!


With that in mind, I wanted to make sure if that is you that you still got your free copy of the HABC Holiday Survival Guide. It is chock full of tips, tricks, recipes, and workouts to help you enjoy the holidays but still stay in shape.


You can get your copy here ---> Holiday Survival Guide


If you are more the type who needs hands on instruction, I want to invite you to our last boot camp class of the year. It will start on November 28th and run 4 weeks until December 23rd.


If getting in shape, losing weight, feeling better, etc... are goals of yours, why wait? Start doing something now that will jump start your 2017 and get you off on the right track.


Take advantage of our New Member Special. For $99 you get a month of unlimited classes. That isn't even the best part.

We guarantee that you will get results or you get your money back. You don't see many other people offering that do you?


We can make that claim for 3 reasons:

-We have a proven system of what works -We make exercise fun (you'll keep coming) -We are obsessed with helping people be their best (in a non-creepy, stalker way)

If you are interested, you can sign up for class here --->Life Change

Do you have an exercise personality?

The man was born with an exercise personality. And a deep, orange tan.

The man was born with an exercise personality. And a deep, orange tan.

If you're reading this, I'm assuming your health is a priority. You may have even made exercise a habit already. But is exercise a part of your personality? I saw this quote the other day:


"It takes 21 days to form a habit, but it takes 6 months to make that habit a part of your personality." -Brian Tracy.


I had never heard that and found it really interesting. Too may people look at exercise as just a necessary evil that is just another part of their day they just have to get through. It doesn't have to be like that!


A study named the top reasons people kept going for a group of long term exercisers (people who on average had been working out for 13 years):



-Feelings of well-being

-Pep and energy

-Enjoyment of the exercise

-Making exercise a priority

-Sleeping better

-Feeling alert

-Being relaxed

-Weight management



Those make just about everybody's list. So how do you make exercise part of your personality?


You have to start with exercise that is fun and interesting to you. Not your friend or what someone else thinks is fun. I have friends that think running 31 miles in the mountains is a fun afternoon. Being airlifted off of Monte Sano is not my thing, so I do other activities. Some things you just can't force.


Next, find a way to exercise among other people. Preferably people you like, but watching someone you don't care for fail miserably at burpees can be good for you too (that's a little excerpt out of my upcoming book Chicken Soup and Burpees For the Soul). Exercising with a partner or in a group will keep you motivated, accountable, interested, and committed.

Find a time that works for you. The two best times are either first thing in the morning or right after work before you go home. An object at rest stays at rest, I believe that is the Hippocratic Oath of Archimedes Pythagorean Theorem. Or something like that, school wasn't my strong point. Either get up and get it rolling or get off work and keep busy until your workout. The couch has magical Star Wars tractor beamesque powers, so stay away. Life is all about momentum, so once you got it stick with it.


Once you fid that time that works, make that YOUR time. For everyone else in the world that hour does not exist to them. You have 23 hours in the day to give to others, just take one for you.


And one last thing, reward yourself! It's ok to pat yourself on the back. I love me some me, so I don't need people to tell me I did a good job because I tell myself that all the time (you can read more of that here---> Yes I can if you're into that kind of thing). Celebrate the small victories in life, not everyone has them.


Your goal is to not only make exercise a habit, but also a part of your personality. Because that leads to long term success.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Awesome (TBT)



I feel so cool participating in Throw Back Thursday (TBT for the cool kids). Yesterday I talked about focusing on habits, rather than resolutions.


It made me think of an article I wrote for my friends at Our Valley Events. It was called "10 Ways To Make Yourself Awesome in 2013".


The article goes through 10 things to help you look and feel better in every aspect of your life. They are:


1. Strengthen your core


2. Do resistance training


3. Have a positive attitude


4. Get out of your comfort zone and stay there


5. Make sleep a priority


6. Do your cardio


7. Fine tune your body


8. Stop smoking


9. Relieve stress the right way


10. Keep showing up


I get into more specifics with each one in the article, but I wanted to list these out for you to help get some ideas forming for what you might need.


The article also has some pretty sweet pictures in there along with extra info, so I would encourage you to check it out. If there are some you have already made a habit, that is great! Now pick out one you need to work on from the list and add it to your routine.


PS-be safe if you are headed out on the town tonight, 2016 is going to be action packed and the world needs you there to be a part of it.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”



Have you ever heard that quote before? It's from American poet Mike Tyson.


This quote applies to this time of year because it is New Year's Resolution time! I have a painful question for you.


How did your resolutions end up last year?


If you're like most of us, your answer is, "Awesome! For the first 2 weeks..."


Most of us are really good about setting the resolutions and getting all fired up about them. The problem is, we plan these resolutions in a vacuum.


We don't take into account the stresses of life. Losing jobs, sick kids, car breaking down, floods, swine flus, and other nasty life events.


This year come up with your If This, Then That plan to go along with your resolutions. I like to call it having a back-up plan to back up, your back-up plan.


A couple examples might be:


I will work out 3 times every week- have workouts you can do at home (sick kids, car won't start) or on the road (unplanned work trip or family emergency).


I will cook dinner at home 4 days this week- have pre-made, healthy Crock Pot meals in the freezer or spend time on the weekends cooking/prepping meals for the week.


I would also encourage you to focus on habits (like I did above), rather than the usual "Lose weight" and "Start working out" goals. Habits are what get you the results you want. Plus you can adjust them up or down based on your success at achieving them.


What habits are you looking to set this year? Respond to this e-mail, let me know what you are wanting to do, and how I can help.


2016 is going to be awesome!


PS- I will send you out TBT post tomorrow that has some different ways to make the New Year your best year.

How to be among the 10% who succeed

Well, at least I know I can get this one accomplished

Well, at least I know I can get this one accomplished

90% of New Year's Resolutions will fail. You may have heard that before, but why is it? Let's take Sally's 2014 as a totally made up example.


Sally tried really hard for a few days and did really good for the first few days. Workouts went good, that broccoli and chicken breast weren't that bad, didn't have one sip of alcohol or soda, etc...


Fast forward to now and life has set in. The hectic schedule is back, stress is back in full force, and everything has gone out the window. Workouts make you sore and cranky, you wish broccoli and chicken had a face so you could punch it, you are mixing alcohol with soda now, etc...


The main thing that happens though, is that the big picture has overwhelmed Sally. "I can't continue to workout 4 days a week and eat right for the rest of my life! I'm not Richard Simmons!!!"

The Legend

The Legend


I was reading a book Lone Survivor that offers some good advice you can tie into this. The book is about a Navy SEAL who is the only one from his team to survive a mission gone bad in Afghanistan.


There is a part where it talks about the insane amount of mental and physical training you have to go through to become a Navy SEAL. There is some advice in there that will help you tremendously in your long term approach to sticking with your resolutions.


During part of the training a man named Joe Maguire, who is a highly respected SEAL legend came in to give the prospective SEALs advice on how to make it through this enormous task ahead of them. Here is part of his speech:


"Whenever you're hurting bad, just hang in there. Finish the day."


And another part:


"Don't let your thoughts run away with you, don't start planning to bail out because you're worried about the future and how much you can take. Don't look ahead to the pain."


That's great advice for whatever your goals are.


Trying to lose weight? Don't think about the 50 you have to get rid of, it's the first pound you worry about first.


Want to run a 5K for the first time? Don't think about the 3.1 miles you have to cover, just worry about the next step your foot is taking.


Trying to quit smoking? Get through the next 5 minuted without a cigarette.


Signed up for a 4 week boot camp and you can't imagine getting through the whole thing? Get through the next 10 seconds of the exercise you are doing right now.


Break that huge goal down into what you are doing that second and take care of it in the moment. You can't do anything about the future until you get there anyway. It will just intimidate you when you think of how much pain (mental and physical) you will have to go through to get there.


Don't give in, finish the day, and you will get to your goal. Be the 10%.

The Parable of the Publix Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is practically a health food

Carrot cake is practically a health food

All my life I had thought of carrot cake as a subpar dessert choice. Why would you eat that, when brownies are an option?


My world was changed after I tried Publix carrot cake. It was unreal how good it was!

Our classes are like that for a lot of people. They've tried other classes, even other boot camps, but thought it just wasn't the right fit.


When they finally came and experienced what we do in our classes, they were blown away. Offering 3 options for every exercise (low impact, regular, and a way to make it harder, encouraging without belittling, making exercise fun, treating people like family, building a community of people who lift each other up, etc... are just a few of the things that set us apart from how other people do things.


There is an exercise program out there that works best for you. Human bodies were meant to move! That is why you feel so good after a workout, even if it seemed rough during the workout.


Another year starts tomorrow. Don't just set goals this year, have an action plan of how to accomplish those goals too.


A big part of your success in reaching your fitness goals is finding the plan that works best for YOU. If you were miserable doing the gym workout of treadmills and machines last year, you will be just as miserable this year. Find something that you could see yourself doing long term, not just for January.


If you are looking for something different, effective, and fun then consider giving Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp a try. We are the Publix carrot cake of fitness.

Ladies read this, before you join the gym again this year

GymInJanuary   It is that time of year again. The time when many people will get really excited about exercise, sign up for one of the year long gym membership specials this time of year, go hard for 2 weeks, slowly fizzle out, and eventually stop going all together.


  Is that you?   If so, you are not alone. According to the International Health Club Association 90% of people who join the gym in January will stop going within 90 days.   This year I want you to try something different. I want you to try Huntsville and Madison Adventure Boot Camp.   We aren't offering any discounts, there is no special deal. We do offer this though.   Life changing fitness or your money back.    money_back_guarantee   We make exercise fun, but still hold you accountable.   This not be easy, but every workout you will be able to do at your pace and on your level (no matter what your current fitness level is).   You will be pushed and challenged by the other women in your class, but you will also end up being their friends.   If you have tried another way in the past, let this year be different. We believe we offer the best program around, so we back it up with a money back guarantee you won't see at 99% of the fitness options out there.   Adventure Boot Camp For Women, change your life and have a blast along the way.  



Be the 10% this year

  Exercise resolutions are everywhere! But here is the deal that we all know.   Resolutions don't work.   90% of resolutions fail.   Sounds pretty grim doesn't it? I don't know about you, but I'm like the guy in Dumb and Dumber when he is told the odds are one in a million against him.   So you're saying there's a chance!   Why can't you be that 10% that accomplishes everything they set out to do?   Why can't you be like Stephane Stegen who gave up making excuses and started getting results? You can watch Stephane on the news talking about the results she has earned at boot camp.    Super Star Stephane    She's lost nearly 3 FEET off her body! Crazy huh? It's weird how she did it too. -Consistently showing up -Working hard when she got there -Eating healthy foods that nourished her body -Not letting excuses hold her back   I want you to be next. And I want to help you get there. We start a brand new Fat Blasting exercise class that starts on January 7th.   Go to to get started.   Be the 10% this year!  
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