The Wellness Code

  The Wellness Code hit the best sellers list on Amazon in two different categories. Cracking The Wellness Code has been on our minds for a long time! Quotes on 'wellness' abound through the ages: The part can never be well unless the whole is well ~ Plato Mankind has aspired to long life throughout the ages. He has long recognized that without 'sound mind' and a satisfactory 'quality of life' long life is not an attractive prospect. Philosophers and sages - including the unknown cynic who stated that 'Good health is merely the slowest way to die!' - have offered numerous solutions to this long-standing predicament. This is where this collection of top fitness professionals looks to shine light on the subject. This book documents the fact that healthy bodies and healthy minds are key ingredients to cracking The Wellness Code. In our lives, there are many different routes to "Wellness" for each of us. There is no panacea. Consequently, this book focuses on the most relevant areas, including: nutrition, diet and exercise, physical and mental health, medical considerations, career wellbeing and healthy habits. In the search for "Wellness" this panel of experts discuss healthy living from the standpoint of balance, lifestyle and mindset. When you read this book, you will find numerous topics of interest written by those who have experienced positive results. The leading coaches in their subject matter have poured out their best tips that clients invest thousands of dollars to glean. This subject matter is set in a contemporary setting for twenty- first century relevance, so read and enjoy................ Mens sane in corpore sana. ~ Juvenal (A sound mind in a sound body)   ***Product available immediately through digital download.***

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